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Wobama’s Choom Gang Bangin’ { This brief video (11 mb) is well done and worth a watch!  }



What in the World Has Happened to the FBI/DOJ?  FBI Nazi Bikers Bust FBI Nazi Group         http://albertpeia.com/fbinazibikersbustfbinazibikers2.htm

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Completely Surrounded By Psychopaths And Sociopaths As We Approach The Edge Of Societal Collapse



{ Think about this! By wobama’s own criteria in his last total b***s*** campaign, he should be stepping down; having failed on all counts and then some. He also promised to cut the nation’s deficit in half by the end of his term; yet, he has increased the nation’s deficit by a record amount greater than all the presidents since Eisenhower COMBINED ($5 trillion). He has done this to help cover up his unequivocal failure by any standard by which you measure a presidency, including his own. People in america must show the Washingtonians they are not doormats! They must stand up and let these politicos know that results count; particularly promised results. Absent positive results as with unmitigated failure, choom-gang-banger wobama, they get the boot. President Romney deserves the 4 years he’ll have to turn this disaster called america around. If President Romney doesn’t cut the mustard in 4 years as promised, then he will be out. Results Count! I believe that people in the final analysis will choose self-respect; that is, choose NOT to be wobama’s doormat. Despite and contrary to wobama’s spin/propagandameisters’ desperate spin/outright falsity which addresses anything but wobama’s clear record of failure, President Romney is smart enough, flexible enough, and with a record of concrete results behind him as compared to wobama choom fantasy/b***s***, President Romney will be a hands-on President to the entire nation in the most positive sense. As such, I believe people will choose self-respect, reality, real results which will make President Romney’s election a substantial margin blowout victory!


Friday Humor: "I Am Pledging To Cut The Deficit We Inherited By Half By The End Of My First Term In Office"  ZeroHedge.com Tyler Durden    ( The Real Obama Budget Deficit For 2011: 5 Trillion Dollars   http://albertpeia.com/2011realobamabudgetdeficit5trillion.htm (Related: 34 Shocking Facts About U.S. Debt That Should Set America On Fire With Anger  http://albertpeia.com/34shockingfactsofusdebt.htm  ) America’s debt woe is worse than Greece’s News (CNN) — ‘Our government is utterly broke. There are signs everywhere one looks…The government’s total indebtedness is $211 trillion ) Obama's Five Trillion Dollar Lie  http://albertpeia.com/obamas5trilliondollarlie.htm  }




Buchanan: 'Obama has steadily diminished both himself and the office he holds'...  { Indeed he has; and, that’s putting it mildly! }  ‘…In an ad produced by the super PAC Priorities USA, Mitt Romney is charged with moral, if not material, complicity in the cancer death of the wife of a Missouri steelworker. Speaking straight into the camera, Joe Soptic, 62, charges Romney with coldly shutting down the plant where he worked and cutting off his health insurance. This, says Soptic, left his wife without insurance to pay for her care, until, falling ill, she went to a doctor, who discovered stage 4 cancer, which killed her in 22 days.Soptic implies a causal connection between Romney’s decision to shut the plant and his wife’s death. The ad is a premeditated attempt to murder the reputation of Mitt Romney. And from start to finish, it is a deception. The truth. Mitt Romney gave up leadership of Bain Capital in 1999. The steel plant was closed in 2001. Soptic lost his health insurance, but his wife was still working and had hers. She lost her job and insurance in 2003. Her illness and cancer were discovered in 2006, when Romney was ending his fourth year as governor of Massachusetts…’  { It’s really quite amazing: everything but the facts/truth from wobama et als. Actually, wobama has a real tax evader in his ranks; viz., tiny tim geithner who asserted the statute of limitations to get out of paying taxes that were rightfully due. Should President Romney as a rational business man whose record at Bain was conceded by Bill Clinton to have been sterling have instructed his accountants to forget all they know about accounting/taxation and do a bad job (now doing a bad job is something that failed president wobama can identify with and knows something about). Then there’s dirty harry: Drudgereport: HARRY REID HELPS CHINESE SOLAR FIRM REPRESENTED -- BY HIS SON!
PAPER: It's time to fight back against Dirty Harry...
Wife: Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. getting treatment but 'still very depressed'...
Ethics investigation continues...

BIASED MEDIA BASH: 86% of Romney coverage NEGATIVE... Friday Humor: (obama last campaign) "I Am Pledging To Cut The Deficit We Inherited By Half By The End Of My First Term In Office"  ZeroHedge.com    ( The Real Obama Budget Deficit For 2011: 5 Trillion Dollars   http://albertpeia.com/2011realobamabudgetdeficit5trillion.htm (Related: 34 Shocking Facts About U.S. Debt That Should Set America On Fire With Anger  http://albertpeia.com/34shockingfactsofusdebt.htm  ) America’s debt woe is worse than Greece’s News (CNN) — ‘Our government is utterly broke. There are signs everywhere one looks…The government’s total indebtedness is $211 trillion ) Obama's Five Trillion Dollar Lie  http://albertpeia.com/obamas5trilliondollarlie.htm  [ the economy is  already in depression in real terms when taking into account real inflation numbers. Financial Crisis Phase II Is Ahead at Forbes Bert Dohmen ‘ In late 2007, I wrote the book Prelude To Meltdown, predicting the global crisis that occurred the following year.  I now see a similar confluence of events .. “the new recession has started.”… Over the past 33 years, we have called the start of every recession..Currently, the GDP deflator is 1.8%, which hardly reflects the true rise in prices. Therefore, what is counted as “growth,” is actually price increases. Actual inflation..is now more than 11%. Using that to adjust GDP for inflation, would show that the economy is now in a very sharp contraction…’] }  Boehner: Obama has 'never even had a real job, for God's sake'...
REPORT: Warnings ignored in Solyndra loan...
{ In the final analysis, I truly believe americans will prove they are not that dumb; that they are not going to be shamed by being fooled twice (fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me); that they will let politicians everywhere know that results count! Keeping campaign promises counts! Hope and change…can you believe that wobama et als are actually saying that again? The audacity…eh, what the heck…he’s just a typical jive-talking black…cut him some slack…pathetic…The only reality for hope and change is hope that wobama changes. That’s not likely! He’s gotten by on b***s*** his entire life and is a desperate and total fraud! I believe this will be a reality-based high-margin blowout victory for President Romney! }




Janet Napolitano’s Little Love Nest at DHS

Prisonplanet.com | The Thomas More Law Center has announced that it has filed a federal lawsuit against Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano.

Shocking Federal Lawsuit Against DHS Napolitano: Big Sis Favored Her Gal Pals, Treated Male Staffers “Like Lapdogs,” Her Female Staff Tormented Male Employees with “Sexually Charged Games”   { Whoa! Lapdog to Napolitano! Whew! Ew! Wow! Yuck! After all, jano almost makes mo reno look like a beauty queen! I’m starting to get dry heaves! …In the suit Hayes also accused Napolitano’s chief of staff at ICE, Suzanne Barr, of repeated 'sexually offensive behaviour' intended to 'humiliate and intimidate male employees'.On one occasion, Barr called a colleague in his hotel room and screamed using sexually explicit language, telling him she 'wanted his c*** in the back of [her] throat' (of course, this impressionable lesbian must have seen ‘deep throat’; maybe she really thinks there’s a possibility she has a clitoris in the deep recesses of her throat…or not…just kidding). Might this be behind (pun) the sadistic groping of TSA. Pretty sordid stuff, indeed!  }  Hayes claims he 'felt that he was being targeted because of his gender' and witnessed Barr repeatedly picking on men. She 'created a frat-house type atmosphere that is targeted to humiliate and intimidate male employees', according to court papers. In 2009 she 'removed the entire contents of the offices of three male employees, including nameplates, computers and telephones, to the men’s bathroom at ICE headquarters'. Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2186507/Janet-Napolitano-favoured-woman-long-relationship-job.html#ixzz23ERN7rMx  } 


11 Things That Can Happen When You Allow Your Country To Become Enslaved To The Bankers

http://albertpeia.com/nationalconsequencesofenslavementtobankers.htm   { I really have to tell you, I’d rather be enslaved by bankers than … Jano, see supra … Just kidding! Neither, is my real answer! }



Insider Exposes Bin Laden Death Book Hoax

Infowars.com | A book of lies geared to cover up more lies.





Obama campaign unleashing 'the Big Dog' in battleground states { Riiiiight! The big dog…who found a way to poop up the presidency after being gifted with a huge end of cold war peace dividend courtesy of predominantly Reagan. Yes, on route to blowing the job, despite his support for NAFTA, he did get quite a few…blow(n) jobs… http://albertpeia.com/bigdogpoop.htm  }



1.4 BILLION Spent On The Obamas In 2012 – British Taxpayers Only Spent 57.8 Million On The Royal Family   http://albertpeia.com/grifterobamaslivinglargeontaxpayerdime.htm  { Yeah! These are typical, mooching, failing (but fun-lovin’/party animals), unproductive niggers; and non-niggers should be outraged!  } While most of America is suffering through one the worst economic downturns in U.S. history, the Obamas are living the high life at your expense.  During 2011, U.S. taxpayers spent an astounding 1.4 billion dollars on the Obamas.  Meanwhile, British taxpayers only spent 57.8 million dollars on the entire royal family.  Does anyone else see something wrong with this picture?  So where did the 1.4 billion dollars go?  That money paid the salaries of their staff members, it paid for their transportation and housing costs, it paid for entertainment and vacations for the Obamas, and $102,000 was even spent on a "dog handler" for the family dog Bo.  In his new book entitled "Presidential Perks Gone Royal: Your Taxes Are Being Used For Obama's Re-election", author Robert Keith Gray reveals some absolutely shocking details about the enormous amounts of U.S. taxpayer money that are being…’ 




New Threats to Riot if Obama Loses Election...  [ The threats alone are a reason sufficient for backing President Romney. If left unchecked, the nigger terrorists will be even further emboldened to their already egregious criminal, terroristic ways. No man, woman, or child will be safe if the lethal black cancer grows. The 4 years of O have been complete, utter failure and no amount of wobama b***s*** and nigger intimidation can change that fact! Quite simply, niggers are inherently criminal terrorists: Examples of what people are saying include the following;

If obama dont get re-elected & romney wins .. on life every white persons getting pistol whipped and im startin a riot. (SOURCE)

If Obama dont win lets start a riot so Romney know what hes getting himself into. (SOURCE)

You know you aint shit if you gotta MAKE Mafukas vote for ROMNEY ! . Mannnn OBAMA better get back in office . Or BLACK FOLKS will riot. (SOURCE)

If Romney wins im goin on a rampage. (SOURCE)

If Mitt Romney wins the election I think its our duties as Black folks to riot and fuck shit up. (SOURCE)

If every action IS met with an equal and opposite reaction ..what should workers do to employers if Romneys elected? #Riot in the streets!! (SOURCE)

If Romney becomes president lets all start a riot. (SOURCE)

I Heard Mitt Romney , Tryna Take Away Food Stamps , If He Do .IMA START A RIOT , IMA START A RIOT. (SOURCE)

If romney wins, imma start a mf’n riot! Rns.” (SOURCE)  ]

[ Will The Election Results Cause Massive Riots To Erupt All Over America?
http://theeconomiccollapseblog.com http://albertpeia.com/massiveriotsinamerica.htm  { Ah, yes, says the optimist who sees the opportunity in every calamity and not vice versa. Indeed, President Romney’s election based upon american people’s survival instincts and an awakening from the wobama b***s*** slumber of decline will provide the opportunity to incarcerate the niggers who will use such as an excuse to do what they’re inclined/predisposed to do anyway, and in one lawless form or another, are already doing. Prison or sub-saharan Africa are the only places suitable for niggers. Let no man, woman, or child fall prey to their intimidation and uncivilized violence. http://albertpeia.com/blackonbrowncrime.htm     http://albertpeia.com/blackonyellowcrime.htm    
   VIDEO: Black Student Becomes Enraged In Evolution Class, Threatens To Kill Professor...  http://albertpeia.com/blackthreatenstokillprofessorstudentsoverhersimianancestry.htm    http://www.albertpeia.com/whitesvictimizedbyblacks.htm 
}  ]

Farrakhan warns forces trying 'to keep America white'... { Another nigger threat! }
CHICAGOLAND: For second time, grandmother learns a grandson is shot to death...
5 dead, 25 wounded over weekend...
{ Just another day in niggerland! }




Obama's Lucky Charms: A Hindu God In His Pocket, A Masonic Emblem, And A Ring That Says "There Is No God Except Allah"   http://albertpeia.com/ohowweird.htm  Why do our politicians have to be so weird?  { Why? Because in, ie., O’s case, he is weird. Homo/hetero, Muslim/Hindu/Christian, for Wall Street/against Wall Street, prosecute/no prosecute, war/no war, say one thing/do another, truth/no truth, etc.. wobama’s gotten’ by on b***s*** and ‘special consideration’ alone, never having done anything of substance in his entire life. Indeed, even his so-called ‘auto-biographies’ are works of what appear to be ‘choom-gang’ induced fantasies which reveal a psychogenic/dissociative amnesia that works well in the continuing ‘narrative’ devoid of fact on his ‘more b*** s*** campaign trail’ littered with the cowpies of stark reality. People owe themselves and their children more than this grifter’s con which in numbers measures more than the increased deficits of all the presidents since President General Eisenhower combined to obfuscate his unequivocal failure. Drudgereport: UPDATE: Obama gives himself an 'incomplete' grade...   { Wow! The audacity! The unmitigated gall! This from the record holder for fundraisers, 151 and counting. Then there’s the 100 plus rounds of golf in addition to being famously over-vacationed while in office. Did wobama expect that these things would in choom fashion magically come to fruition while he was ‘workin on his tan’, golf swing, or shootin’ hoops on the taxpayer dime? http://albertpeia.com/wobamaschoomgangfantasy.htm 

The point is that you don’t have to love Romney but you at least have to like yourself in saying ‘NO!’ to more wobama b***s*** which is all that he is. Have some self-respect. His grade is unequivocally ‘F’ for failure, having failed to do as promised which coincidentally is a direct cause among others of this debacle called america’s dark obama years. All the talk/b***s*** cannot change that reality.   }http://albertpeia.com/10waysobamakillingjobsinamerica.htm    Wobama’s Choom Gang Bangin’ { This brief video (11 mb) is well done and worth a watch!  } http://www.albertpeia.com/wobamaschoomgangbangin.wmv      Friday Humor: "I Am Pledging To Cut The Deficit We Inherited By Half By The End Of My First Term In Office"  ZeroHedge.com Tyler Durden    ( The Real Obama Budget Deficit For 2011: 5 Trillion Dollars   http://albertpeia.com/2011realobamabudgetdeficit5trillion.htm    }    You can tell a lot about a person by the jewelry that they wear and by the things that they carry around in their pockets, and Barack Obama's "lucky charms" include a Hindu god, a Masonic emblem and a "wedding ring" that has the phrase "there is no god except Allah" inscribed on it.  So what do these things tell us about Barack Obama? …’  ,  1.4 BILLION Spent On The Obamas In 2012 British Taxpayers Only Spent 57.8 Million On The Royal Family   http://albertpeia.com/grifterobamaslivinglargeontaxpayerdime.htm   

Dave’s Daily:  http://www.etfdigest.com   ‘JOBLESS CLAIMS SNAFU  10-11-12 You can almost hear Jack Welch’s “I told you so” after Thursday’s Jobless Claims data was released…’

Jack Welch: I Was Right About That Strange Jobs Report

WSJ | The 7.8% unemployment figure released by the BLS last week is downright implausible.

{ How pathetic, desperate, corrupt and dishonest is the wobama et als latest manipulation 10-11-12  Kass: " Labor Dept said one large state didnt report additional quarterly figures as expected, accounting for a substantial part of the decrease." }

http://ransquawk.com News Headline Summary

Several factors have been attributed to the lower than expected US initial jobless claims number, including the following:

- The US Labor market noted that one state accounted for the entire drop.


Al Peia   (posted to Yahoo News)  What large state? Nobody seems to care. That state's going to pay for the scam/fraud/corruption.  What state?! 10-18-12 Eureka-The failed obama welfare state, banana republic California!



50 Crazy Things That Obama Supporters Are Threatening To Do If Romney Wins



{ The question is do americans have the courage to stand up to the uncivilized terrorist niggers by giving the deserved boot to an egregiously failed president obama who has proven himself to be a typical jive-talking b***s*** nigger himself! Or, are americans going to cower in fear of the nigger threats and prove to the world they are but cowards of a failed nation. }

[ Will The Election Results Cause Massive Riots To Erupt All Over America?





{ Ah, yes, says the optimist who sees the opportunity in every calamity and not vice versa. Indeed, President Romneys election based upon american peoples survival instincts and an awakening from the wobama b***s*** slumber of decline will provide the opportunity to incarcerate the niggers who will use such as an excuse to do what theyre inclined/predisposed to do anyway, and in one lawless form or another, are already doing. Prison or sub-saharan Africa are the only places suitable for niggers. Let no man, woman, or child fall prey to their intimidation and uncivilized violence. http://albertpeia.com/blackonbrowncrime.htm     http://albertpeia.com/blackonyellowcrime.htm     http://albertpeia.com/blackonwhitecrime.htm
   VIDEO: Black Student Becomes Enraged In Evolution Class, Threatens To Kill Professor...  http://albertpeia.com/blackthreatenstokillprofessorstudentsoverhersimianancestry.htm    http://www.albertpeia.com/whitesvictimizedbyblacks.htm 


EPITAPH FOR AMERICA: Nothing quite succeeds like failure in america. I had tried to help underdog (and outsider and former missionary and hard worker and straight shooter) Mitt Romney by coming out early and unequivocally in support of him and change in the disastrous direction of america, unequivocally in decline. Importantly, that also gave me 'license' to say what needed saying but what everyone considers politically incorrect, impolitic, or brutally honest and/but are afraid to say. The key(s) to the election debacle here were the threat of riots and violence by the typical uncivilized niggers. After all, americans generally are without doubt an inherently cowardly people and war-mongering bullies as indicated by past and recent history. I saw this first hand by particularly that screaming old lady lying on the ground, blood streaming from her mouth, purse stolen by the nigger who calmly walked away as whites among others walked, passed her by in fear (see immediately infra). Truth be told, I bit my tongue and cringed at every Romney link to corrupt, venal war criminals/criminals/mobsters bushes, cheney, trump, kean, (republicans alito, et als) etc., who have substantially damaged me (along with referenced democrats, to be fair). Then there's that contra-indicated love-fest with war mongering/war crimes nation, illegal nuke totin' israel (almost more than I could bear). On the positive side, trusting in GOD only as I do, I must confess I was happy to see the destruction of the jersey shore and appropriately, rockaway beach, queens, new york (jersey mob and gambino crime family connection). A lesson to all, Romney particularly, never trust a half-breed sicilian former federal government slug; that rotund humpty dumpty christie of jersey infamy. Amazingly, the very people who've been and will prospectively be damaged by nothing more than a mentally troubled fraud, grifter, jive-talking b***s***/con artist obama, gave him the blind support he needed to prevail regardless of his unequivocally failed four years of prior broken campaign promises, reality, and rationality. Self-destructive, mentally challenged/troubled losers? That fits! That america is a hopelessly failed, bankrupt nation in decline, there is no question!

MSNBC Yet Again Implies Criticism of Obama Is Racist Paul Joseph Watson | General Electric-owned (49%) network is earning its federal bailout money. [Yet, it's holder / wobama who're the racists ... Robinson: King's dream remains unrealized (Washington Post) [ Yeah! That 'content of their character' thing's a b***ch to live up to ... just don't measure up! What's a white person to do, especially when black atty. General Holder with fellow black Obama's tacit approval is racist himself (themselves) UPDATE: MORE CLAIMS OF RACE BIAS AT JUSTICE...'ignore cases that involve black defendants and white victims '. Drudgereport: 'Mob' beatings at WI state fair... 'Hundreds of young black people beating white people'... [ Typical ... ] Fairgoers 'pulled out of cars'... 'They were just going after white people'... Heightened security...

[ .. (the following incident is my personal experience: black perps, white victims)' ... while walking through Military Park (a sliver of a 'park' - more a pedestrian thoroughfare/cement walks) in newark, new jersey on the way to the bank during lunch hour, I heard the clearly audible screams/cries of what turned out to be an old lady on the ground with blood streaming from her mouth. I ran toward the sound of the cries, the source of which I could not see because there were so many people in and about this thoroughfare so as to block any vision of the source of the cries. When I came to the woman, on the ground, blood streaming from her mouth, I asked what happened, to which she responded she had been hit in the mouth and knocked to the ground, her purse stolen/put inside her shopping bag, and she pointed out the criminal casually now walking across the main street. Nobody stopped to help her, many having passed her by. I slammed the thug to the ground so hard that, in light of all the blood and confusion (limbic system / adrenalin flow) I thought I had been stabbed (the blood was from his elbows hitting the pavement so hard - no one helped / a crowd gathered / an undercover cop happened along). When I testified at the Grand Jury Proceeding I made sure his threat on my life was set forth in prima facie fashion so as to maximize the DA's position with both felonies ( he went to prison - pled out ). The other case I wrote about here ( This was included on my website in the Psychology forum discussion of 'bystander effect' / diffusion of responsibility. ) - Having had occasion to have run down a mugger in newark, n.j. who apparently had followed a girl from the bank on her way to the bursar to pay tuition, though in pretty good shape, I was astounded by how totally exhausting such a pursuit was, how much like rubber my arms were when I traded punches with the perpetrator, and truth be told, if I had a flashlight on my belt, I have little doubt that I would have probably used it to subdue the perp (a police officer here in California was the object of intense criticism for having used a flashlight to subdue a criminal after a long chase so I included that here) . The girl was not that seriously injured, did get her pocketbook and tuition back, and the criminal went to jail (where they belong). The other thing about such a pursuit that amazed me was that no one else assisted the girl or me despite being in a position to do so. I was also mugged by 4 blacks and 2 hispanics in an incident here in Los Angeles, CA. But, to be fair and balanced, the RICO litigation involves those uncivilized who consider themselves 'whites' http://albertpeia.com/ricosummarytoFBIunderpenaltyofperjury.pdf (predominantly but not exclusively jews / romans-italians / mobsters / government slugs). http://www.albertpeia.com/112208opocoan/PeiavCoanetals.htm     http://albertpeia.com/fbimartinezcongallard.htm ]

Barack Obama: The Naked Emperor Shocking but true revelations from David Icke (a must read) | Vast numbers of people across the world, including many who should know better, have been duped by the mind-game called Operation Obama... (excerpts) Obama has been the chosen one for a long time, a fact known only to a few in the deep inner circle, and his relationship with Brzezinski almost certainly goes back to the start of the 1980s when he attended the Ivy League, and big-time Illuminati, Columbia University where Brzezinski was head of the Institute for Communist Affairs. Obama simply will not talk in any detail about this period. He has been covertly funded and supported ever since by the Trilateral Commission and its network of foundations connecting into the Ford Foundation, for whom Obama's mother worked. And a question: Does anyone really believe that someone, a 'man of the people', would simply appear from apparently nowhere to run the slickest and best-funded presidential campaign in American history? He was chosen long ago by those who wish to enslave the very people that Obama says he wants to 'set free'. The sources of Obama funding read like a Wall Street Who's Who - Goldman Sachs, UBS, Citigroup, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, J.P. Morgan Chase, Morgan Stanley, and so on. No wonder he went back on his pledge to accept the limitations of public funding for his campaign and instead took the no-limit option of 'private fundingThen there is the Jewish financier, George Soros, the multi-billionaire associate of Brzezinski and closely involved with the funding and marketing of Obama. Soros is a former board member of the Illuminati's Council on Foreign Relations and funds the European Council on Foreign Relations. In short, he is a major insider' You can certainly see the Soros/Brzezinski techniques in the Obama 'revolution' in the United States. It was the complex and secretive network of Soros foundations and organisations, connected to the intelligence agencies of the US and Israel, that trained and funded students in the Ukraine, Georgia and elsewhere in the art of mass protest and overthrowing governments. These manufactured protests were sold to the world as peoples' revolutions, but it just so happened that when they were over and the old regime was removed the new leaders were those waiting in the wings all along - the puppets of Soros, Brzezinski and their associated networks. Obama is just more of the same, a big smile with strings attached, and controlled completely by the Illuminati networks that chose him, trained him, sold him and provided his record funding. It was they who kept his many skeletons under wraps, like the gay sex and crack cocaine allegations of Larry Sinclair (from affidavit: 1. Who is Ron Allen that claims to be with your Presidential camp, who is alleged to claim that someone claiming to represent me called asking for $100,000, to keep me from coming forward about our (Obama and I) November 1999 encounter of sex and cocaine use?), and they will continue to do so as long as he jumps to their bidding. Obama is just another Banksters' moll prostituting himself for fame and power, and that's why he supported the grotesque bail-out of the banking system and why he will always put their interests before the people. His financial advisors are straight from the Wall Street 'A' list, including Paul Adolph Volker (Trilateral Commission, Council on Foreign Relations, Bilderberg Group), the head of the Federal Reserve from 1979 to 1987 and Illuminati to his fingertips. Obama has made him head of the Economic Recovery Advisory Board, which is dominated by insiders, including its staff director and chief economist, Austan Goolsbee, a close Obama associate from the University of Chicago. Goolsbee is an initiate of the infamous Illuminati Skull and Bones Society at Yale University, which also includes Boy and Father Bush. It was Goolsbee who told the Canadian government not to worry about Obama's attacks on the economic effects of free trade agreements because his words were just to win votes in the election campaign. Another Wall Street insider, the Zionist Timothy Geithner (Bilderberg Group, Trilateral Commission, Council on Foreign Relations), was appointed by Obama to be his Treasury Secretary. Geithner was the President of the New York Federal Reserve Bank, the most powerful in the private Federal Reserve cartel that masquerades as America's central bank, and he is a former employee of both the Council on Foreign Relations and the appalling Kissinger Associates. Obama's Treasury team locks into the inner circle around the Zionist Robert Rubin, the Director and Senior Counselor of Citigroup, co-chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations, and economic advisor to Obama. Rubin, a member of the Illuminati Bilderberg Group, was the man behind Citigroup's strategy of expanding its risk in debt markets which forced it to be rescued by taxpayers' money. The very people who caused the financial crisis are being appointed by Obama to decide how to respond to it (more taxpayers' money for them and their friends)


Thousands Of Shocking Threats Of Violence By Obama Supporters On The Eve Of The Election
{These dumb niggers/losers (that includes ‘the white folks’ et als self-destructively supporting unequivocally failed, jive-talking grifter, nigger obama) are nothing less than terrorists and should be treated accordingly; unless the so-called ‘war on terror’ was but a diversion from the incompetence and failure of this and prior administrations! }




1.4 BILLION Spent On The Obamas In 2012 – British Taxpayers Only Spent 57.8 Million On The Royal Family   http://albertpeia.com/grifterobamaslivinglargeontaxpayerdime.htm  { Yeah! These are typical, mooching, failing (but fun-lovin’/party animals), unproductive blacks; and non-blacks should be outraged!  }

Lakers hire Mike DAntoni as coach, passing on Phil Jackson  Phil Jackson was asking for the moon, according to a source familiar with the situation. Mike D'Antoni's Lakers contract is three guaranteed years at $12 million  { Phil was just being nice. He certainly doesn t need the money; and, I must say, I would have lost a lot of respect for him had he done a deal with them. After all, given all hed done for the lakers, the way they (ie., jerry west bad mouthed him, ie., lifestyle, beliefs, choice of location, etc.) bad mouthed him, I personally would have told them to go f*** themselves [ I essentially did as  much with my two largest jersey clients who asked that I return to representing them after the split with them, which would have meant long-term mob affiliation (and as per their thinking/protocol an obligation), albeit tacitly; although I must say I hadnt anticipated fully the pervasive clout of the mob in jersey and infiltration of the equally corrupt federal system there and elsewhere and the dire consequences they contrived for me thereafter- la/ca better, but not much- and, though California was deservingly rated lowest recently among all places in the states to live, Malibu excepted, I would put jersey lower than california; and, prospectively, theres disaster in a big way rivaling/exceeding jersey shore/rockaway beach queens new york in proportion a-coming. ] You cant take it with you. In the end, all you really have is your spirit, dignity/integrity, self-respect, all of which are sorely lacking in america generally, and california/new jersey/new york/connecticut/virginia especially. The recent election also confirms this very american trend of corruption, decline, and abject failure. Phil Jackson will always be a winner, a champion! }


The failed banana republic/welfare state of california, for wobama with eyes closed, a corruption/fraud/crime-ridden state desperate to help 4 year failure obama by whatever fraudulent/corrupt means:

‘…Business Insider's Henry Blodget claiming that "Well, we're glad to say that we've finally gotten to the bottom of what happened" and that the state in question is none other than California (supposedly as opposed to Illinois to shut up those wacky conspiracy theorists). Turns out the site known best for its slideshow presentations (which will soon double down as advertisements) may have once again fibbed just a little, following an official demand by none other than California state Employment Development Department direct, Pam Harris (the typical lying nigger), that BI retract its article. To wit: "Reports that California failed to fully report data to the U.S. Department of Labor, as required, are incorrect and irresponsible... It’s unfortunate this ‘reporter’ and others who repeated the article’s erroneous statements chose to speculate rather than report, failing to confirm this information with EDD." Sure enough, the 'reporter' in question replied, and it appears that Business Insider is better informed than California when it comes to matters such as these, and has refused to retract…’



  ‘…The culprit: California. The nation’s most populous state appears to have shown a smaller number of claims than usual two weeks ago. The seeming shortfall was probably made up for in the most recent data. Since California is the state with the highest number of overall claims, it can have a big influence on the weekly U.S. report. The number of people who apply for benefits each week in the Golden State is roughly equal to New York, Texas and Illinois combined. A message left with the employment development department of California wasn’t immediately returned…’


What can you expect from niggers...0! The niggerization of california:   10 states stealing California's population { Stealing? I don’t think so. There’s really nothing positive to say about california as a (w)hole! Only jersey is worse!  http://albertpeia.com/calihole.htm  And, as recently as the Reagan ‘80’s that was not nearly the case concerning california which has fallen far and fast. }   ,   What Do California And Detroit Have In Common? (Hint: niggers, etc.) http://albertpeia.com/californiadetroitdeclineincommon.htm   Failed Wobama model illustrated: 16 Reasons To Move Away From California  http://albertpeia.com/16reasonstomoveawayfromcalifornia.htm   Pro 0 New York’s  not much better with their trillion dollar wall street frauds/drain.





Bob: I'm 100% behind law enforcement in their ever more increasingly difficult task of law enforcement, in this ever more lawless nation, particularly in meaningfully lawless new jersey. Unfortunately, when I went to vote, I was asked to grant facebook broad 'authority' which as a matter of internet policy (to prevent a multitude of problems, hacking, etc.) I don't do (facebook's very politicized in a pro-wobama way and hooked into those goldman frauds et als, on fraudulent wall street). Since wobama people do it, you can put in an extra vote on my behalf. I'm currently stonewalled awaiting a formal reply from the fbi inasmuch as I must account for my time wherever I ultimately locate. Below is some recent posted commentary and a response to Congresswoman Roybal-Allard as per her request (I did not receive a reply from Sen. Feinstein regarding the aforesaid matters). Hope you and your family are well.






Dianne Feinstein: No need to debate Republican opponent... { Riiiight! Things are going so swimmingly (as in drowning) for the nation and california particularly. Actually, I responded to a ‘generic’ email / facebook request from her with my subsequent request that she help to elicit a formal response from the FBI as promised regarding the RICO matters (the other incompetent, failed perennial senator barbara boxer actually had ‘made her presence known’ in the corrupted process regarding usdcj matz/lester and the default of the u.s. which missed the filing date which error was compounded by the misstatement of the rule in court on the record by asst. us attorney robert i. lester); but, no response... http://albertpeia.com/selfdefense.htm   [ One thing is certain from my own direct experience { The unfortunate reality is what I’ve alluded to in the context of my own direct experience; viz., america’s ‘legal system’ is an illegal system used to cover-up crimes, arbitrarily enforce laws to apply pressure, etc., and essentially run by the inmates of this collective criminal entity called america: http://www.albertpeia.com/112208opocoan/ricosummarytoFBIunderpenaltyofperjury.pdf       
http://www.albertpeia.com/112208opocoan/PeiavCoanetals.htm      http://albertpeia.com/fbimartinezcongallard.htm   }   ; despite enormous amounts of taxpayer money poured into the ‘federal system’, there’s relatively/proportionately very little real significant results (an example would be the brutalizing of Martha Stewart over a $45 thousand transaction while wall street frauds in the trillions by the biggest players have gone unprosecuted). I believe reasonable diligence requires self-reliance more than ever before in this nation’s history; particularly when political correctness in some states prevents calling a spade a spade to the substantial detriment of law enforcement! ]

11-5-11 Dear Congresswoman Roybal-Allard:

The Keynesian (economic) approach, if ever a wise prescription for ‘economic doldrums’, euphemistically speaking (there are articles/studies/data that dispute the purported effectiveness of the widely hailed ‘Keynesian remedy’ during the prior great depression), the ‘Keynesian way’ is certainly no longer a prudent approach today in light of the insurmountable debt levels of nations worldwide and in america particularly along with the concomitant over-printed, debased ‘paper currencies’ to finance same. Quite simply, there simply is not enough real value being created for redistribution, a situation exacerbated by the parasitic lightening fast, computerized churn and earn high frequency trading programs on fraudulent wall street (they should be prosecuted, jailed, fined, and disgorgement imposed for extant frauds in the trillions now marked to anything as per misguided legislated FASB rule change). [ America’s debt woe is worse than Greece’s News (CNN) — ‘Our government is utterly broke …The government’s total indebtedness is $211 trillion’. 43,454,601,693,238 Reasons Why The World Is Broke – Presenting The Interactive Global Debt Clock Zero Hedge October 17, 2011 http://www.economist.com/content/global_debt_clock ] .This is the consequence of a structural shift fed by greed and misguided policy and cannot be undone (transfer of productive capacity to ie., China, etc., ‘the bell cannot be unrung’). That said which militates against such an extension, this is an election year which probabilities suggest makes highly likely the passage of the extension. I favor your co-sponsored legislation and before the holidays simply in the name and spirit of Christmas and for no other reason whatsoever. Below is a recent comment to Opinion Writer Krauthammer’s ‘more war spending (Keynesian) position’ and an article regarding the folly of same. Immediately following is from my prior post to you concerning something of such manageable proportion and well within the government’s ability to resolve (if the government can’t accomplish this consistent with law and long overdue, then there isn’t anything the government can accomplish), along with other comments to you for ease of reference:

‘…As previously noted in a prior message to you, I had previously spoken to FBI Agent Bill Lewis in Washington who was recently promoted to the FBI Headquarters Office (D.C.) from the FBI office here in LA, and who was to be out of the office for the two weeks past. I’ll be contacting him given a reasonable time for him to ‘catch up’, from being out of the office. While independent contractor richard coan is ultimately the one to bear the burden of damages (there’s insurance and a surety covering same), coan might allude to the prior default of the u.s. government (assist. u.s. atty. robert i. lester miscounted / miscalculated the time for filing an answer / response to the complaint upon service thereof, also misstating the rule in open court before corrupt judge matz who ‘schmoozed’ things over (they both have the same employer), however incorrectly according to the ‘law’. I ordered / bought a copy of the transcript of that rather pathetic proceeding (posted in part on my website). In any event, regardless who pays me, the amounts so paid would ultimately be recovered from coan, his insurer/surety which amounts might even exceed the amount I’m willing to settle at. [There is also a judgment (referenced in the correspondence to FBI ADIC Martinez infra) that had been entered in my favor in the case, United States District Court Case #3:93cv02065(AWT)(USDCJ Alvin Thompson), worth approximately now in excess of $300,000 remains unaccounted for and which would benefit Los Angeles, etc.; and then, of course as well, the substantial damages. ] I’ve waited far too long for this matter to resolve, what should have been resolved in accordance with clear law long ago; and, which would have been resolved if not for typical u.s. corruption in the process; and, which is well within the government’s ability to resolve. In my world and way of thinking, results do count! I’ve included prior correspondence for ease of reference…’


Albert L. Peia

America also leads in the illegal drug trade.  In fact, many researchers reveal that the war on drugs is only utilized to control and monopolize the illicit drug trade.  The US government has been caught multiple times shipping in cocaine [ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bQvbdiWgwsA , http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UQNSoOX-dcw&feature=related , http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gG1Id2qpSOE&feature=related , http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tIEUhpxeuP4&feature=related , http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DyM43Sw2OVc&feature=related ] , colluding with certain cartels [ http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2011/08/does_mexican_drug_cartel_have_deal_with_us_government.html ] to control the industry, and now openly protects and transports opium from Afghanistan [ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ElEciFI0Pew ] .  In fact, Global Research points out that in 2001, “according to UN figures, opium production had fallen to 185 tons. Immediately following the October 2001 US led invasion, production increased dramatically, regaining its historical levels.”  This month, the U.N. announced that Afghanistan now provides 93% of the world’s opium production [ http://www.nytimes.com/2011/10/12/world/asia/un-reports-sharp-rise-in-opium-production-in-afghanistan.html?_r=2&ref=world ] ; up 61% compared to 2010 to a whopping 5800 tons.  Although the empire tries to keep it secret, they can’t hide the hypocrisy forever. [ website archived links http://albertpeia.com/uscocainedistributionfiles.htm


Drug war hypocrisy: drug trafficking’s big money benefits Big Brother and corrupt banksters PF Louis | The hypocrisy of the war on drugs is centers on the amount of drug trafficking that benefits the CIA and international banking system. Natural News February 1, 2012 [ [ http://albertpeia.com/americangovernmentdrugtrafficking.htm http://albertpeia.com/americascorruptiondrugtrade.htm http://www.albertpeia.com/112208opocoan/ricosummarytoFBIunderpenaltyofperjury.pdf       http://www.albertpeia.com/112208opocoan/PeiavCoanetals.htm    http://albertpeia.com/fbimartinezcongallard.htm
http://albertpeia.com/stansberrycorruptiondeclineofamerica.htm ] ‘The hypocrisy of the war on drugs is outrageous when compared to the amount of drug trafficking that benefits the CIA and international banking system. The son of a convicted notorious mobster, John Gotti Jr, when asked in court if the family still dealt drugs cracked, “No, we can’t compete with the government.”


Guest Post: The West Has Just Become A Giant Banana Republic  Legal precedent means nothing. Rule of law means nothing. Free speech means nothing. Their own treaties mean nothing. Its unbelievable. Anyone in the west who honestly thinks hes still living in a free society is either a fool or completely out of touch. If that seems too radical an idea, consider that ECUADOR is now the only nation which stands to defend freedom and human rights against an assault from the United States, the United Kingdom, and their spineless allies. The west has just become a giant banana republic. Have you hit your breaking point yet? If not now when?  { { Im really constrained to interject my own direct experience with the FBI here; and, I must say I do so lamentably. If you want no real results vis-à-vis organized crime which now extends to the upper reaches, highest levels of the corrupt u.s. government, go to the FBI. I discounted the new jersey FBI as just typical corrupt, mob infested jersey which thinks in terms of discos/casinos. But, truth be told, they never ask the tough questions of the biggest criminals; ie., the biggest wall street frauds, cia connected illegal drug ops (opsriiiiight), federal judges ie., trump barry, shiff, alito, etc.; but, they did go after Martha Stewart in a very big way over a $45,000 transaction. Wow! You cant make this stuff up. I also dont believe their (understated) crime stats for even a second. Im beginning to feel foolish for having even put my full faith and trust in them, much less the federal (judicial) system who share the same employer; and, despite my antipathy for the mob, probably would have fared more fairly with the mobsters directly who seem to have at least some sense of the magnitude of the fraud involved and the pervasive corruption of the system and government and maybe a semblance of honor in this nation of protracted decline. It never would have occurred to me back when for me, such a choice/decision was clear-cut and simple. Such a course as mine I no longer could recommend inasmuch as there is little difference between state/government sponsored crime/corruption and that perpetrated by other criminal elements, from my direct experience with both, infra:  Debauchery: An American specialty In the land of Lindsay Lohan and Snooki, some federal workers reflect our culture all too well. (Washington Post) [ Lindsay Lohan? Come on Mr. Milbank, hands off the low hanging fruit. Shes totally harmless. Jersey italian snooki? In mob infested new jersey, who knows (one of the properties in my proceedings for which surplus funds are unaccounted for was a top floor balconied 2 bedroom 1 and 1/2 bath condominium (beach/boardwalk front w/indoor pool/sauna) in seaside heights, n.j. 10-31-12 Post Sandy: Im wondering if its still there. ). But debauchery an american specialty? Another rare instance wherein I agree with Mr. Milbank completely. 25 Signs That America Is A Seething Cesspool Of Filth And Corruption http://albertpeia.com/25signsamericacesspooloffilthcrimeandcorruption.htm . Review of flawed forensics held close to vest EXCLUSIVE | Documents and interviews show FBI and Justice Department officials took steps to control information uncovered by a task force designed to examine cases involving discredited agents. Many defendants were never notified of flaws in cases. Simply unconscionable (Washington Post) [ Well, I really have to say this. Im awaiting word from the FBI as to resolution, one way or the other, concerning the RICO matters which have been systematically and corruptly covered up by the government (executive, legislative, and judicial branches of the pervasively corrupt, defacto bankrupt u.s. government http://www.albertpeia.com/112208opocoan/ricosummarytoFBIunderpenaltyofperjury.pdf       http://www.albertpeia.com/112208opocoan/PeiavCoanetals.htm ) . Never in my wildest dreams would I have believed the level and extent of corruption and criminality within the ranks of the u.s. government before embarking upon this costly quest for justice and simple fairness consistent with clear law (infra, regarding the u.s. governments direct involvement in the illegal drug trade). In this civil RICO matter, there are no innocent bystanders; but rather, perpetrators, accomplices, and co-conspirators. When the fbi agent initially assigned to this matter (Connecticut) abruptly resigned/retired shortly after a conversation, though not central to my case, wherein I had said that rudy giulianis father had been an (convicted) enforcer for the mob (served 12 years? in prison, aggravated assault/manslaughter?) and then sent him documentation owing to his disbelief. Though ultimately ineffectual vis-à-vis my case, he was a likeable guy for whom I had and still have regard. I then spoke with FBI Agent Jeff Rasey upon the aforesaid agents departure who somewhat plaintively (my call being a burden) told me that he was a Ford, and I was a Ferrari, which he didnt explain further. Could anyone tell me what that means? Initially, at new jerseys FBI office, I was greeted by an FBI Agent who sarcastically asked me whether I was going to the disco that night (the documents including sworn statements delivered to then u.s. attorney sam alitos office in the same building disappeared twice along with the initial assistant u.s. attorney Jonathan Lacey with whom I had reviewed the documentary evidence, documents and their probative value http://www.albertpeia.com/112208opocoan/ricosummarytoFBIunderpenaltyofperjury.pdf   . We all can infer sam alitos reward / quid pro quo for his cover-up by his current position on the u.s. supreme court.  There was never a question as to maryanne trump barrys interest in corrupting the judicial process as related to her brothers (trump) casinos. Jersey city boy louis freeh, labeled by former Prosecutor Larry Klayman as the most corrupt FBI director ever (see infra, mueller seems no different, and certainly holders impeachable actions and corrupt behavior/cover-ups fit the mold, ie., fast and furious, race bias favoring blacks, etc.) apparently covered up the RICO violations as sent to him, and, with italian citizenship and lucrative insider deals fits the bill. The FBI Agent Jeff Hayes of the Long Beach Office with whom I reviewed the RICO documents and confirmed same as indicative of (drug) money laundering was transferred shortly after meeting with him, as has been so of FBI Agent Bill Lewis (promoted to Washington FBI headquarters) with whom I discussed the RICO matter and case disks/dvds sent to the LA FBI office (they printed the documents thereon, as per Agent Lewis), Steven Martinez, ADIC, here in Los Angeles (see infra). So, as regards FBI flaws, coverup, etc., I have to believe it based on my own experience and reasonable inference. Im currently being stonewalled by the LA FBI office since the departure of FBI Agent Bill Lewis.





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It should be emphasized that the wobama favored contraindicated QE’s and fiat paper currency printing/debasement IS a policy for the wealthy that’s destroyed/is destroying the middle class! Wake up! That’s reality!  


It’s Not a “Fiscal Cliff” … It’s the Descent Into Lawlessness

Posted by: George Washington

It’s Not a Tax or Spending Problem … It’s a Devolution Into Lawlessness


{ That’s certainly been my direct experience; and I’ve been warning and ‘yelling from the rooftops’. Nobody listened! Now it’s time to pay the piper! :   Chief Justice John Roberts Bowed To Political Pressure And Changed His Vote On Obamacare  http://albertpeia.com/nolegalsystem.htm   { The unfortunate reality is what I’ve alluded to in the context of my own direct experience; viz., america’s ‘legal system’ is an illegal system used to cover-up crimes, arbitrarily enforce laws to apply pressure, etc., and essentially run by the inmates of this collective criminal entity called america: http://www.albertpeia.com/112208opocoan/ricosummarytoFBIunderpenaltyofperjury.pdf       
http://albertpeia.com/fbimartinezcongallard.htm     }


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The start of the 100-year bear   Marketwatch  Paul B. Farrell  Here are 5 dangers ahead that could tip the stock market into a long decline. Which hits first?  http://albertpeia.com/100yearbear.htm  ‘…Many other Dr. Dooms predict new 2008 crash, long bear market  Today, Prechter is in great company, one of many other well-known Dr. Dooms who have long-term visions, in a myopic world. Youll see Prechter alongside such other great Dr. Dooms as Hong Kongs Marc Faber ... celebrity economist Nouriel Roubini ... Nobel economist Joseph Stiglitz, author of Freefall ... $100 billion money manager Jeremy Grantham, who says our GDP is On the Road to Zero Growth ... Forbes columnist Gary Shilling, who sees the S&P dropping 45% to 800... historian Niall Ferguson, author of Colossus: The Rise and Fall of The American Empire ... hedge fund genius Nassim Taleb, author of Black Swan ... former IMF chief economist Simon Johnson, co-author of White House Burning and Doomsday Cycle ... billionaire trader George Soros, who just made a billion shorting the yen ... economists Carmen Reinhart and Kenneth Rogoff, whose classic This Time is Different: Eight Centuries of Financial Folly says it all ... anthropologist Jared Diamond whose Collapse warns us that throughout history civilizations fail because leaders fail to plan and act in time ... and other Dr.Dooms were tracking. So yes, Prechter and his Dow 400 and 100-year bear-market predictions are in good company. And we even have to include Pimcos Mohamed El-Erian, who manages a $2 trillion portfolio along with Bond King Bill Gross. El-Erian recently warned investors about the New Normal: Low Growth, Few Jobs.”…’


Dot-com bubble lessons  Marketwatch  The 13th anniversary of bursting of Internet bubble to be marked alongside the bull market's fourth birthday.


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Guest Post: All Is Well

        Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored. Aldous Huxley

The entire system is corrupt to its core. Both political parties, regulatory agencies, Wall Street, the Federal Reserve, and mainstream media are participants in this enormous fraud. They grow more desperate and bold by the day. The lies, misinformation and propaganda being spewed on a daily basis become more outrageous and audacious. They are using the Big Lie method on a grand scale. They frantically need to lure the muppets into the stock market and the housing market to keep the game going a little longer. You can sense we are reaching a tipping point. The system they have created is mathematically unsustainable. Therefore, it will not be sustained.


Heffernan: Microsoft is back — Why the dorky Apple rival is suddenly cool { Forget cool, when it comes to computers/computing, I’m more concerned with stability and performance. As a critic of Microsoft beyond their breakthrough Windows 2000 (professional) and Word offerings, I felt compelled to comment here. XP was a dog and deserving of  criticism (innumerable problems including acting as a ‘virus magnet’). Quite by ‘accident’, I plugged in an old apple usb mouse and my problems with vista (sic), Windows 7, literally disappeared (I then ordered a new usb mouse for right-click, scroll capability). Vista…Whoops, my mistake…I meant to say Windows 7 (not thinking there’s a difference; obviously I haven’t followed their recent past misguided exploits closely)… Windows 7 is by far and away superior to xp (and Vista) in every way. It apparently was the legacy mouse and problems created thereby (with ram, resources, cache/processor, etc.) that impaired stability and performance and I’m happy to say thus far, Windows 7 (with updates to date) is a solid successor to 2000 and microsoft’s best operating system to date (I had  a minor problem with cache/memory which required a work-around and elimination of a program ‘shortcut’ … not a fatal error, but not good either, and no such problems since). I’m now nearly 100% Hewlett Packard (2 desk tops/2 laptops) and really must say that’s a big credit to Hewlett Packard (in 1999 I bought a Compaq laptop for $1,200 new, and it didn’t even boot. To Office Depot’s credit, they gave me my money back – no small task in america today. I thereupon regretfully bought a Sony VAIO – I’ve always had high regard for the late, brilliant Morita – and although windows millennium can be faulted somewhat, I was not able to upgrade to windows 2000 professional for whatever proprietary reason. Computers are just not Sony’s thing. The new HP laptop has windows 8 which I can’t evaluate fairly since the touchscreen capability is not available for this laptop –built into the price however- but it seems stable as is so of windows 7, supra, and the HP laptop a very good value. }


Federal Reserve Money Printing Is The Real Reason Why The Stock Market Is Soaring



Germany Just Fired a Warning Shot at the Fed



Social Decay + Illegal Immigration + Poverty = Open War On The Streets Of America






{ We’ve never, in the entire history of economics, finance, markets seen the disconnect from economic/financial reality and fundamentals as pronounced and as great as now. The reality of modern-day computer programs/algos/frauds at lightning computerized speed and sheer desperation on fraudulent wall street whose ever larger protected frauds are literally cheered by failed american leadership at every level. Right now, though contraindicated, the superstitious January effect is in play and manipulated to meet faux bullish expectations. Then too, without doubt, what will be their excuse to not ‘sell in May and go away’ which really should be the mantra at present, now, beyond the hot air, smoke and mirrors, fraud and b***s*** we’re once again seeing in large measure, encouraged and received with ebulliently poised irrational exuberance on wall street and in washington.  Remember the ralleys in sympathy with Apple exuberance, all of which we now know to have had a foundation of little more than ‘apple sauce’. Total b***s***! What’s the next b***s*** story/sizzling fraud? The ‘money’ being cashed out by these frauds has to come from someplace (the real economy) and has already found a way into understated/underreported  inflation rates (for a multiple of staples including food prices), lower margins through higher costs thereby manipulated somewhat by currency manipulations, all of which will be ‘coming due’ in a very big way to the downside, reality-based blowout around the corner. }



37 Statistics Which Show How Four Years Of Obama Have Wrecked The U.S. Economy




A MeSSaGe To THe BuNDeSBaNK FRoM BeNDiTo BeN...   http://albertpeia.com/germangoldgone.htm 



50 Shocking Questions That






What Do German Central Bankers Know That We Don’t?




U.S. Government Claims – Just Like the Nazis – that the Truth Is Too Complicated and Dangerous to Disclose to the Public  by: George Washington   http://albertpeia.com/usnaziapproach.htm


It’s Not a “Fiscal Cliff” … It’s the Descent Into Lawlessness

Posted by: George Washington

It’s Not a Tax or Spending Problem … It’s a Devolution Into Lawlessness












What in the World Has Happened to the FBI/DOJ?






Ignoring These Two Warnings Could Cut Your Portfolio by a Third

March 13, 2013 http://gainspainscapital.com

Could Merkel Pull the Plug on the Euro?

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Private Prisons: The More Americans They Put Behind Bars The More Money They Make




Every "Record" Dow Jones Point Costs $200 Million In Federal Debt


How Many Billions Of Drug-Laundered Money Does It Take To Shut Down A Bank? 


Eric Holder: Some Banks Are So Large That It Is Difficult For Us To Prosecute Them Bill Gross Gets It  { Gets what? Why is this surprising? With $4 trillion gone missing (still) at the ny fed, americans should not trust the ny fed. Germanys move is totally rational  (A MeSSaGe To THe BuNDeSBaNK FRoM BeNDiTo BeN...   http://albertpeia.com/germangoldgone.htm  ). How can anyone trust fraudulent, thieving americans with their money or gold, particularly in the fraud capital of the world, new york city    Michael Savage: Don't trust feds on flu shot...{ Or anything else, for that matter. Indeed, from my direct experience, the actions/inaction of the feds are geared toward making one reliant/dependent upon them (ie., food stamps, faux disability, unemployment comp extensions, protection from rampant, blatant crime or not,  etc., despite americas defacto bankruptcy and the unaffordability of same), despite their unequivocal incompetence and venality. In fact, stepping back, I have seen first hand those siding with/benefiting from (and the encouraging of more crime), ie., RICO defendants et als, actually rewarded by the pervasively corrupt/defacto bankrupt american system (ie., trumps, alito, fed slugees, etc., essentially a combination of and tantamount to what is essentially hush money, bribes, etc.). Pervasively corrupt, defacto bankrupt america is a failed meaningfully lawless nation of marauders/thieves that no longer even remotely resembles what it purports to be and arguably once was. Replaying Chris Christie's Epic Anti-Boehner Meltdown ZH http://www.albertpeia.com/112208opocoan/ricosummarytoFBIunderpenaltyofperjury.pdf         http://www.albertpeia.com/112208opocoan/PeiavCoanetals.htm      http://albertpeia.com/fbimartinezcongallard.htm   }While it is widely assumed that the too-big-to-fail banks in the US (and elsewhere) are beyond the criminal justice system - based on simple empirical fact - when the Attorney General of the United States openly admits to the fact that he is "concerned that the size of some of these institutions becomes so large that it does become difficult for us to prosecute them," since, "it will have a negative impact on the national economy, perhaps even the world economy," one has to stare open-mouthed at the state of our union. It appears, just as the proletariat assumed, that too-big-to-fail banks are indeed too-big-to-jail.  The Government Has It Bass-Ackwards: Failing To Prosecute Criminal Fraud by the Big Banks Is Killing NOT Saving the Economy Posted by : George Washington Post date: 03/06/2013 - Failure to Prosecute Fraud Causes Economic Downturns



The Last Time The Dow Was Here...

"Mission Accomplished" - With CNBC now lost for countdown-able targets (though 20,000 is so close), we leave it to none other than Jim Cramer, quoting Stanley Druckenmiller, to sum up where we stand (oh and the following list of remarkable then-and-now macro, micro, and market variables), namely that "we all know it's going to end badly, but in the meantime we can make some money" - ZH translation: "just make sure to sell ahead of everyone else", just like everyone sold ahead of everyone else on October 11th 2007, the last time stocks were here...

GDP Growth: Then +2.5%; Now +1.6%

Regular Gas Price: Then $2.75; Now $3.73

Americans Unemployed (in Labor Force): Then 6.7 million; Now 13.2 million

Americans On Food Stamps: Then 26.9 million; Now 47.69 million

Size of Fed's Balance Sheet: Then $0.89 trillion; Now $3.01 trillion

US Debt as a Percentage of GDP: Then ~38%; Now 74.2%

US Deficit (LTM): Then $97 billion; Now $975.6 billion

Total US Debt Oustanding: Then $9.008 trillion; Now $16.43 trillion



The Inflation Secrets Your Broker Wont Tell You About





President Obama Dark Money Secrets The White House is For Sale! http://www.wealthdaily.com  President Obama embraces special interest lucre in everything from campaigning to curbing gun violence... http://albertpeia.com/whitehouseforsale.htm


Founded By Geniuses And Run By Idiots

H. L. Mencken correctly observed: "Government is actually the worst failure of civilized man. There has never been a really good one, and even those that are most tolerable are arbitrary, cruel, grasping and unintelligent." The following 14 rhetorical questions should provide food for thought as they suggest... "you might live in a country founded by geniuses but run by idiots."






50 Signs That The U.S. Health Care System Is A Gigantic Money Making Scam That Is About To Collapse



Europe’s Fine… Just Ask Depositors Who Saw Their Savings Go to ZERO



The Big Dogs On Wall Street Are Starting To Get Very Nervous


{ Not widey publicized is the fact that dogs eat their own feces. I shockingly saw this first hand of a pedigreed german shepard before learning the fact that such is a dog trait. Cats certainly do not (eat their own feces)! No wonder dogs are considered in america to be ‘man’s best friend’. Yuck! }


How Corrupt is Goldman Sachs? { Short answer … VERY! } Goldman Clients Get the Shaft... AGAIN  http://www.wealthdaily.com  FEB 20 - BRITON RYLE The latest example of Goldman's profit-mongering deceit is so blatant, so downright perverse, it's almost comical. Almost. Analyst Briton Ryle explains... { Prosecution, disgorgement, and jail is where they belong!


Who Tells Us What To Think? Does The Mainstream Media = The Matrix?



Show This To Anyone That Believes That “Things Are Getting Better” In America


Money Is A Form Of Social Control And Most Americans Are Debt Slaves



Is It Fair For People On Food Stamps To Buy Prime Rib And Lobster While Working Families Barely Survive?




From: "Adam Green, BoldProgressives.org" <info@boldprogressives.org>
To: Albert Peia <albert_peia@yahoo.com>
Sent: Wednesday, February 13, 2013 10:36 AM
Subject: Social Security & Xavier Becerra

Albert...Overnight, 40,000 people became citizen supporters of Congressmen Alan Grayson and Mark Takano's letter against cuts to Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid benefits.


{ That said, it's no mystery that john boner is not a bright man, a fact that's not lost on anyone including his (rusted, rust-belt) home state of ohio which lamentably was carried by wobama who should be impeached. It doesn't matter what wobama says, but rather what he does that counts. First, start with prosecution/disgorgement from the huge frauds in the trillions, protected on capital hill, including the likes of wobama contributor, jon corzine et als. Second, fraud in social security disability is rampant and must be eliminated. Term limits and paycuts for congress are appropriate owing to egregiously failed performance, along with cuts to budgetary allotments to the wasteful government employee slugs and bureaucracy. People should be educated on the notion of 'utility' of, ie., a dollar to a rich man relative to a poor man, which argues for progressive rates of taxation; and hence, as supported by warren buffet, higher taxes in relative and absolute terms on the rich without gouging or gorging them (most wealthy people in america are either overpaid, ie., ceos relative to other countries, or are criminals in deriving their fortunes, as ie., wall street, trump, other mobsters/mafia, etc., and as I've alluded to from my direct observation and experience, immediately infra (that's all for now as I must get back to finishing my backup tasks which are nearly complete.

This probably is indicative of their (congress’s) acknowledgement of their concerted, failed money-printing/over-spending modus operandi and the inevitable hyperinflation to follow