Bungler Ben Who Fed Fed’s Failure



What can the Federal Reserve do? With the U.S. economy at risk of a double-dip recession, the central bank lacks tools to do anything. (Washington Post) [ Oh I’d say they’ve done quite enough … wouldn’t you? … Is Bernanke Failing His Fed Mission Or Just Delusional? at Forbes Robert Barone [ How ‘bout both! I mean, come on! This catering to fraudulent wall street was a loser ab initio! That so-called ‘wealth effect’ market froth was used previously by senile ‘maestro’ greenspan and failed miserably except for the frauds on wall street who commissioned up and down; and, make no mistake, those computer-programmed high-frequency trading volumes have now been maximized for nation-economy-draining profits for the frauds like never before and have never been higher. The QE and dollar-debasement policies were always predictably inflationary, ultimately hyperinflationary, particularly for stocks; that ‘feel good’ obfuscation that was but in reality good only for the frauds on wall street. No, there is no modern day alchemy that spins worthless paper into gold except fraudulently for the frauds on wall street who’ve literally oftimes done exactly that; ‘cashing out’ for hard currency and gold, precious metals, at everyone else’s expense including main street. ] In his June 7 speech, Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke stated, “the best way for the Federal Reserve to support the fundamental value of the dollar in the medium term is to pursue our dual mandate of maximum employment and price stability, and we will certainly do that.”

.. Bernanke’s results .. since Ben took the reins:

Feb ’06 – April ’11

Items in a Typical Budget

% Change

Food and Beverages


Water and sewer and trash collection services


Rent of primary residence




Fuels and Utilities




Medical Care


Gasoline (all types)




Tuition, other school fees, and childcare




 ..  The standard unemployment rate most often used by the Fed is currently at 9.1%, up 90% since Bernanke started.  The more inclusive (realistic) U6 number stands at 15.8%, up 75% in the same period.  The Civilian Participation Rate has declined 2.87% to 64.2%.

This is the lowest level the U.S. has seen since March, 1984.  The decline amounts to 8,946,844 fewer Americans in the labor force.  Had they not dropped out because of a lack of jobs, the “official” unemployment rate would be significantly higher.  While we can debate the meaning of the term maximum employment, it is clear that the jobs data has deteriorated considerably since Bernanke took the reins at the Fed.  ..

In conclusion, it is evident that Ben Bernanke is failing his mandates.  We believe it must come down to one of the following reasons:

1.       Bernanke does not know how to achieve his mandates;

2.       The policy tools employed don’t work;

3.       He does not have the ability to implement policies that would work;

4.       He is not trying to achieve his mandates;

5.       He has goals other than his legal mandates;

6.       He does not look at the data, and believes he is succeeding.

Matt Marcewicz &  Robert Barone, Ph.D.

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