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Full Moons, Fraud, and Lunatics. What More Can Be Said.


Wall Street Lunacy, 2nd Quarter, 2011 Archive

Wall Street Lunacy, 1st Quarter, 2011 Archive

Wall Street Lunacy, 1st Quarter, 2011 Archive

Wall Street Lunacy, 1st 5 Months, 2010 Archive (If You Didn't Sell In May and Go Away - Don't Be a Lune / Sell In June)

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Wall Street Lunacy, 1st Quarter, 2009 Archive

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Wall Street Lunacy, 3rd Quarter, 2009 Archive

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Wall Street Lunacy, 2008 Archive

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[ This link to a somewhat more cumulative blog posts page will precede current days news since most all topics remain current in terms of impact and longer-term effect and can be searched by topical index term more easily. The same is provided since the blog site http://alpeiablog.blogspot.comhas just been censored by google which is typical for google as nsa / cia / govít shill as more are becoming aware of. Iíve closed that blog / link. The same is true for microsoft, another co. thatís seen their best days and relies on the government to maintain their monopoly. Up to now the better page provided for ease of formatting and clarity thereby while the Washington Post page is the real deal but has changed and is without elaborate formatting†† srv/community/mypost/index.html?plckPersonaPage=PersonaComments&plckUserId=alpeia&newspaperUserId=alpeia(Only up to 3-11-11-you must be logged in -(Washington Post) [ Comments  COMMENTS ARE CLOSED WHILE WE UPGRADE OUR SYSTEMS] the comments are no longer archived on their site).†† The following is the cumulative archive ofblog posts / topics for 2010††††† or PDF formatted version††††††††††††† as the new year starts anew (and archived cumulatively by quarter††††††††††† ){ 6-11-11 -I archive malicious, fraudulent emails sent to me, including some purporting to be from the FBI, even Mr. Mueller himself. I foolishly in haste archived a fraudulent email which was embodied as a zip executable file which while attempting to scan with my antivirus promptly crashed my computer / hard drive which required (to be extra cautious on the safe side) a new hard drive Ö lesson learned Ö so in case I cut too much from my backup file , this archive is available for continuity††††† . }]