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"Fireplace, mood music, cozying up in the same bed", I believe the boy(s) (neither fat, ugly, nor girls), and not Jacko's high-paid liars. As for Liz, "too much prescription medication over the years", methinks. As for the Sensitive Case Unit of L.A.'s Department of Children & Family Services (DCFS), just another "black agency", thankful to be at the "neverland kingdom" with the "king of pop" who seems to assert a sort of "sovereign immunity", and reluctant to call a "spade a spade". Even the boy's parents believe him and are fighting for custody (of the expected money).

Report: Michael Jackson Paid Another Accuser
Allegedly Paid $2 Million To Son Of Neverland Employee
Sep 2, 2004 5:28 pm US/Eastern
LOS ANGELES (AP) Michael Jackson allegedly paid $2 million to the son of an
employee at his Neverland Ranch in 1990 to stave off an accusation of child
molestation, according to a broadcast report.
The television news magazine did not disclose its source for information about the
reported payment, which was the subject of a segment to be broadcast Friday
night. In that segment, retired Santa Barbara County Sheriff Jim Thomas, now an
NBC news analyst, said his office investigated Jackson in 1993 in connection with
one boy's claim and came upon the second accusation.
The first boy reportedly was paid $15 million to $20 million by Jackson to avoid
charges he thought would damage his career even if proved untrue.

Michael Jackson Bombshells

Shocking Details Revealed In Vanity Fair

POSTED: 7:14 PM PST January 28, 2004 - Access Hollywood
UPDATED: 7:03 PM PST January 29, 2004

Two weeks before Michael Jackson's attorneys return to court, an explosive Vanity Fair article makes some strong Jackson claims, including his stint in rehab.

Back in '93 while facing his first child molestation accusation, Michael checked into to a rehabiliation center for a painkiller addiction. Author of the Vanity Fair report, Maureen Orth, revealed to Access a more recent stint in rehab.

"I've been told that, 'Yes, he has a recurring drug problem,'" said Orth. "I was told by one of his closest business advisors that he had a big problem with Demerol and Morphine pain killers. And both in Korea and in Germany, doctors were dispatched to try to help him rid himself of the habit."

Also according to Orth's report, Michael Jackson allegedly refers to white wine as "Jesus juice," and red wine as "Jesus blood." He allegedly drinks the wine out of soda cans so it doesn't appear as though he's consuming alcohol. Michael's 13-year-old accuser, according to Orth, claims that Michael gave him wine in Coke cans on a flight from Florida in February 2003.

"Now the boy in this case alleges that he was given 'Jesus juice,' and so was his brother," Orth told Access. "Michael told the kids, 'If Jesus drank it, it must be good.'"

Orth also states that Santa Barbara prosecutor Thomas Sneddon has already contacted Jackson's 1993 accuser about testifying in this case. Michael asserted innocence then, despite settling a civil case based on the allegations, and has pled not guilty to the current charges.

More potentially damaging news for Jackson is that ABC News has obtained a series of letters from the accuser's mother's former attorney to Jackson attorney Mark Geragos demanding that all direct threats to the family be stopped. There was allegedly a pattern of harassment from Jackson's camp after the Bashir interview aired.

Watch Access Hollywood for more details!

As his song goes, and I quite agree, 'Jacko the Wacko' is bad.

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