SHORT TITLE:  Peia v. Bankruptcy Court, Coan, et als


     Court of Appeals Docket No. 02-6138 


     Court Below: U.S.D.C. District of Conn.

                      Docket # 3:00CV2310(PCD)  


Plaintiff/Appellant’s Letter/Certification Request for   

 Permission to Waive 6 Minute Oral Argument





Dear Sir(s)/Madam(s):


  I, Albert L. Peia, plaintiff/appellant herein, hereby certify under penalty of perjury as follows:


  The within 1 original and 10 copies of this letter/ certification is


Plaintiff/Appellant’s Request for Permission to Waive   

6 Minute Oral Argument.


  As a courtesy to the Court, I have provided three CD-Rom’s for the three Judge panel (I can make more copies if you or they would like) to facilitate their review of my filings herein. In light of the “grave reason” requirement for adjournment, the brevity of the time allotted for argument given this busy Court’s presumed heavy caseload, and the likelihood that a request for adjournment owing to the lack of funds sufficient to either travel to the aforementioned Court or the Second Circuit Video Argument Centers (I have exactly $89.26 before copies hereof, and am on general relief) would be unfavorably received, I have made the instant request with the presumption that the same will not militate against me for so doing in light of the meritorious action involved herein, the clarity of liabi-lity of defendants as set forth and documented, along with the clear predication for criminal prosecution of the subject defendants. 


  I have initiated calls to both the Office of the U.S. Attorney General Ashcroft (it should be reiterated that former Senator Ashcroft and now Attorney General Ashcroft had been and is in receipt of probative documents warranting criminal prosecution of the subject defendants and liability thereof), and pursuant to their direction, the office of the U.S. Attorney for the District of Connecticut, who directed me to Ann Nevins, toward the end of hopefully resolving through financial settlement this very clear case involving RICO predicate, particularly, and other culpable acts. I have not received even one returned call (of several to Nevins) from Nevins despite the fact that criminal prosecution is warranted of defendants within her district, among others. I am the attorney on this case and I do believe the same to be a violation of attorney ethics (although to anyone reviewing this case or from outside the “profession” it is clear that “attorney ethics” are but a fiction in America today). I am solely interested in the financial resolution of this case consistent with a meaningful rule of law which should be an imperative for America (and courts) today given this country’s insistance upon same from other nations. I have refrained from updating my most current of websites, viz., 




having initiated said calls and as I discern whether the instant case can be resolved consistent with a meaningful rule of law and in light of the imminent exposure to “harms way” of the U.S. troops (quite separate from the bureaucrats) for whom I have the highest personal regard and back 100%. Finally, it should be noted that the exhibit to plaintiff’s reply to brief of defendant USA concerning assistant U.S. Attorney Robert Lester before J.Matz and USA’s default has not yet been scanned into the web site.


  Also, as a further courtesy to the Court, I reiterate that I have under the hyper-text link, Plaintiff/Appel- lant’s Appeal [scroll down the links (click to view) frame], set forth the subject filings herein at the following web sites (I have had to get new web sites owing to hacking and other not unrelated problems. I continue to include more than one inasmuch as defendant USA/operatives, “interested parties/defendant”, etc., frequently have “hacked” same, ie., delete my index html (or other) file(s) on the server, etc., requiring my constant attention thereto) to facilitate review thereof; viz.,













  I hereby certify certify the foregoing to be true under penalty under penalty of perjury.


Respectfully Submitted and Signed by:



                Albert L. Peia, Plaintiff/Appellant, Pro Se  

                            P.O. Box 370434

                         Reseda, CA 91337-0434      


Dated: 3-  -03




  I, Albert L. Peia, hereby certify that copies of the foregoing Plaintiff/Appellant’s Letter/Certification Request for Permission to Waive 6 Minute Oral Argument and one CD-Rom of plaintiff’s filings have been served via first class U.S. mail, postage pre-paid, on this _____ day of March, 2003 upon the following: 


                                Ann M. Nevins, Esq.

             U.S. Attorney’s Office, Dist. Of Conn.

             915 Lafayette Blvd., Room 309

             Bridgeport, CT 06604


             Timothy Miltonberger

             Coan, lewendon, Gulliver, & miltonberger

             495 Orange St.

             New Haven, CT 06511




                 Albert L. Peia, Plaintiff/Appellant Pro Se