By: Ted Lang

What more evidence is needed to confirm the astounding power that the American-Israeli Public Affairs Committee [AIPAC] has over American government, American foreign policy, the Pentagon and the American people, than the rapid disappearance of this major news event from the radar screen of the "American" mainstream corporate media?

This control of information by our government will successfully bury what is easily the greatest espionage scandal in our history, second only to the Rosenberg spy conspiracy wherein nuclear secrets were transferred to the Soviet Union, enabling our Cold War enemy to expedite greatly their acquisition of the atomic bomb.

The current spy scandal, however, isn’t as much about intelligence breakdowns that allow the passing of secret weapons technology as it is about the takeover of our Pentagon now committed only to the interests of Israel. This is the real threat, a threat greater than the Rosenbergs’ selling US out with atomic bomb secrets. The current AIPAC scandal shows America’s vulnerability in terms of being manipulated as the possible initiators of World War III, causing the deployment of the very same nuclear weapons technology the Rosenbergs transferred to the Soviets.

In the 1967 war, Israeli Air Force butchers attacked a United States Navy ship, the U.S.S. Liberty, killing 34 American sailors and wounding 171. "American" liars, then-President Lyndon Johnson and then-Secretary of Defense, Robert McNamara, covered up the incident so as not to alienate the American people from Israel. The attack was no mistake – the Israeli fighter planes attacked over and over with the sole intent of sinking the American spy ship that was documenting the Israeli slaughter of Egyptian soldiers. Once again, the political prostitutes that make up our government sold out the American military for the interests of Israel, just like they are doing today to justify a totally unnecessary war with Iraq.

As Professor Juan Cole has offered, AIPAC Zionists derive their wealth from American Jews, and magnify their marginal power via support from Christian Zionists. Zionist Jews hide behind all Jews when the Israeli atrocities to which they contribute and lobby to bring about are abhorred and publicly criticized, and then scream "anti-Semitism" to stifle both investigation and debate. If Israel is our friend, why does it support AIPAC spying and then manipulate our government and our military, such that 1,000 of our war fighters have just been sacrificed?

Not only does our government and its corrupt politicians cover for Israeli plots against US – the Zionist-owned and operated media manipulates news events in Israel’s interest as well. The Jewish-Zionist Sulzberger family owns The New York Times, and it is well known that the Times almost totally controls the content of all three major TV network news programs. Recent differences between the Times and CBS News have culminated in two news scoops by CBS: Abu Ghraib and the AIPAC spy scandal. It can also be pointed out that Sumner Redstone, CEO and the head of Viacom which owns CBS, is also Jewish.

But the problem isn’t only the bias from Zionist Jews and regular Jews in the media that support Israel. As Cole has pointed out, the real leverage Zionist Jews have comes from Christian Zionists, who can be characterized as having a mental aberration, just short of insanity, that relies upon a fundamental interpretation of biblical passages which support the derangement that equates the state of Israel with the nation of Jewish people all over the world. And of course, not all Jews support Israel and its double-crossing, backstabbing, murderous politicians; and yes, many such Jews also reside in Israel.

One standard mode of behavior that can be observed not only in humans, but in virtually all life’s creatures, is curiosity and exploration that trespasses increasingly beyond prior established limitations and boundaries. Politicians and criminals increasingly go beyond the limits and boundaries set by law, and will continue to do so until caught and punished. This explains both Israel and AIPAC’s progressive transgressions against our supportive nation.

They are taking advantage of our desire to compensate them for their victimhood at the hands of the Nazis. And now, many people, who originally reacted positively to the expectations that Jews have communicated to the international community to "make things right," are beginning to see through the fraud, the backstabbing, and the connivance displayed by Zionists as they will sacrifice anyone, including that nation that is Israel’s greatest benefactor, for the cause of Zionist imperialism and its barbaric extermination of Arabs and Muslims.

Vociferously protecting Zionism’s increasingly bold incursions into American society and our ideals, are biased Christian Zionist benefactors, who permit progressively bolder attacks on Americans favoring Israeli interests over our own. And one glaring example of this bias and unnatural favoritism on the Internet is the "news and opinion" website, The site is owned, operated and edited by Mr. Joseph Farah, an individual admitting to his Arab heritage. Farah has also confessed that he is a former Presbyterian.

Emboldened by Holocaust victimhood and his own obvious professional and personal success, Jewish radio broadcaster and WorldNetDaily journalist, Dennis Prager, decided to launch an attack upon my church, the Presbyterian Church, U.S.A., for renouncing its ties to the state of Israel because of the latter’s policies of mass murder and apartheid against the Palestinians. Shortly before that move, the World Court also renounced Israel for building a Soviet-style Berlin-type wall to separate Israelis from Palestinians. The Presbyterian Church pulled its $7 million annual support of the Zionist state because of its atrocities against Mankind. It was a bold, courageous and moral rebuke of a bloodthirsty murderous state.

But Prager didn’t like it, and then attacked the entire Presbyterian Church, which includes me. Journalistically speaking, I am a non-entity. My Internet columns are written gratis, and I have only recently started my own website. I never intended to be involved with my own site – why should I go through all that trouble to operate a not-for-profit website for no pay? And considering the numerous Internet alternatives to the left-liberal, pro-Marxist bias of The New York Times and network TV news, websites such as Farah’s WND once offered an alternative. Several pieces I had submitted were indeed turned down for publication, so the Christian Zionists at WND could point out that this rant is merely "sour grapes." But, I’ll rant, and you can decide!

I tried to rebut Prager, but WND editor Tom Ambrose, who replied to me stating that he too [like Farah] was a former Presbyterian, told me that my rebuttal wouldn’t be up to WND’s "professional standards" and wouldn’t be of interest to his readers. Apparently, WND has a big problem with the Presbyterian Church. But nothing had ever ignited their hatred for Presbyterians more than when the Church divested itself from the foreign state of Israel. Shortly after replying to Prager elsewhere, Farah himself attacked the Church as well, just for good measure.

My apologies for the digression and the discussion of personal issues with, but it serves to set the stage for what is to follow. To help prove my point, there is something you can do right now. Go to the site right now, and try to find articles covering the AIPAC-Israeli spy scandal. Go ahead – do it right now – I’ll wait! Back already, huh?

Aren’t truth and facts great fun things?! They cannot hide their bias!!! This is a classic example of Israel-first-America-second Christian Zionist bias that empowers traitors against America. This is a classic example of Professor Cole’s observation that actually defines Christian Zionism as a much greater danger to America than are the tiny number of American Jews that might put Israel first over US.

Other websites, my own included, have carried several articles reporting the facts and the truth, and explaining the dangers of a foreign nation controlling our Pentagon, our Congress, and our president! But Christian Zionism is most destructive when it obstructs the public’s view of this dangerous situation.

Joe Farah and’s low-keying of the AIPAC-Israeli spy scandal, which is almost tantamount to an out-and-out spiking of the story, will indeed help our corrupt and for-sale government to sweep this dangerous crime under the rug. But then review how Farah and WND whine and complain about the bias of what they judge to be their nemesis: The New York Times. As an unpaid, not-for-profit commentator and website operator, I think I should be allowed to vent my spleen in precisely the same way Joe Farah’s WND, a paying and for-profit-operation, vents theirs and attacks another kindred source of biased journalism. And at the end of each year, Farah and WND provide their loyal fans, which I once was, with a list of spiked news stories the "liberal" [read Zionist] mainstream press refused to report.

The issue with WND is simply this: only three articles can be found on the AIPAC-Israeli spy case at the time this is being written. One article ridicules the investigation, another documents Israel and Ariel Sharon’s denials, and only the article by Patrick J. Buchanan airs the truth. WND Opinion Editor, Thomas Ambrose, when curtly responding to me, offered that WND does offer balanced commentary, specifically referring to professional journalist and former presidential contender Buchanan as presenting an opposing opinion. But I choose to believe that it is Buchanan’s "star power" and his credentials that are of use to WND, and not his intellect or opinion that are being sought by this Christian Zionist propaganda web site.

More in line with the Zionist party line of Farah, Ambrose and, is an unfunny, feeble attempt best characterized as a sarcastic putdown of anyone that sees the need for an expanded investigation into the AIPAC-Israeli spy scandal, posted on WND September 10th and written by Rabbi Shmuley Boteach. In his sophomoric effort, "American Mossad: AIPAC and the World Jewish Conspiracy," Boteach starts off using the leverage of a sobering, honest introduction to set the reader up, and then regresses into his childish little mind game theme.

He launches his smear, "Jew-haters of the world, rejoice! It turns out – after repeated denials by the world Jewish community for generations – that you were right all along. There really is a conspiracy on the part of the Jews to take over the world. And all the guys who said America went to war in Iraq due to Jewish pressure – august personalities such as Sen. Fritz Hollings, Gen. Anthony Zinni, Congressman Jim Moran and Pat Buchanan – have now been vindicated. The Israeli government, through its Washington Mossad office – also known as AIPAC – was behind the war all along. At least, that's the impression one would get if they were to follow the world media's coverage of the recent FBI investigation into AIPAC." [Emphasis added.]

An "impression?" This isn’t fact? The two-year FBI investigation didn’t really happen? It was all a lie from the "world’s media?"

Boteach continues: "The influential American-Jewish lobby for Israel is being investigated for passing to the Israeli government a classified Pentagon position paper, given to them by analyst Larry Franklin, on Iran. Never mind that this secret position paper was only a draft, and that it was none too secret either, its content having been published a year ago in the Washington Post. As far as the mainstream European and fringe-American media are concerned, AIPAC has finally been exposed for what it truly is, a central peg in the world Jewish conspiracy to rule the world." [Emphasis added.]

Get it? No secrets can be gleaned from "only a draft" of a secret letter of intent by the president, and, the "content" was already known and published in the Washington Post a year ago. Might it make somewhat of a difference if it was a final official policy letter? Would that be the only way this spying would work to expose the secret intentions of the United States? And who cares if the "content" is known – was it also known that this content represents the intentions of President George Bush and the Republican Party?

Boteach rambles on: "The equation works something like this. The Israeli government, through AIPAC, controls the neocons in the Pentagon, mostly a bunch of smart and scheming Jews like Paul Wolfowitz, Douglas Feith and Harold Rhode. The brainy and conniving Jewish neocons, in-turn, influence the less intelligent, but hawkish likes of Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld, who in turn control that dufus Bush. In this way, the Jews have completely co-opted American foreign policy, sidelining the Arabist State Department, and launched the war in Iraq in order to protect Israel from the madman Saddam." [Emphasis added.]

Now if we extract some of the colorful adjectives Boteach employs, and by the way, I prefer this spelling of "doofus," and am uncertain as to the word "Arabist," Boteach has pretty much hit the nail squarely on the head. He chooses, however, to precede fact with smart-assed adjectives. And who believes in a conspiracy theory involving Jewish control over our government and its loony foreign policy to enable the conquest of the entire Middle East by Israel? Boteach lists the offenders: "the mainstream European and fringe-American media"; "conspiracy nuts on the media"; "nuts on the Internet"; the BBC; the U.K. Guardian; CBS and probably some more that I missed. The whole world and its media are wrong; but Boteach, Farah and Ambrose are right and in step.

With my sincerest apologies, I need to cite one more paragraph from Boteach’s ridiculous and childish pap: "According to the New York Times, the investigation into AIPAC came about when ‘a squad of Federal Bureau of Investigation agents’ began ‘surreptitiously tailing two men ... lobbyists for the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, and one of their contacts turned out to be a policy analyst at the Pentagon.’ Now, given that the FBI has its hands full trying to protect the United States from millions of Islamic extremists whose life's ambition it is to kill Americans, what were they doing tailing a bunch of pro-Israel lobbyists? Is that what the United States is really afraid of? A bunch of Jews in suits? We Jews are suddenly the dangerous ones?" [Emphasis added.]

Where did Boteach get the statistics establishing "millions of Islamic extremists," how does he now their personal intentions, and how does he know they are "extreme?" And why is it wrong for the FBI to suspect pro-Israeli lobbyists – are they guaranteed by the Torah to be free of sin? Doesn’t the FBI spy on and investigate ALL Americans? Why should Jews be exempted, especially Jews who represent a foreign warmongering fascist police state vigorously attempting to involve the United States in yet another unnecessary and unjust war with yet another of Israel’s perceived "enemies." Jews are not dangerous?

If Jews are not dangerous, then why the U.S.S Liberty incident and its cover-up by our government? Why the Rosenberg A-Bomb spying? Why the Jonathan Pollard incident? Why the ranting of Senator Fritz Hollings, and the warnings from Gen, Anthony Zinni, Congressman Jim Moran and Pat Buchanan? Why the 34 dead American sailors? Why the mutiny of 26 Israeli fighter pilots who refused the further slaughter of innocent Palestinian civilians? Why did Jews across America out Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney of Georgia? Why the disappearance of Dr. Howard Dean? Why 1,000 plus flag-draped caskets and their feverish concealment by the Bush regime?

In my humble opinion, Boteach’s "bunch of Jews in suits" are now the most dangerous group in the world! They are very similar to a small group of Germans who used to hang out in beer halls and beer gardens. They were a small and not too influential group, and certainly not as well-positioned as "the bunch of Jews in suits" in the Pentagon that control the President of the United States, the United States Congress, and are the trigger to the most powerful nation on the planet.

The United States, as the world’s sole super power, with a horrendous nuclear capability, is controlled by one of the tiniest nations in the world, and that nation can do as it damn well pleases to provoke a war wherever and whenever it chooses because our president and our Congress said they could. And that’s precisely what they are doing, and will continue to do! How is this not dangerous?

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