By: Alan Stang

In little more than a week, the District of Criminals, Hollyweird’s usual suspects, the Communist government schools and some obscenely wealthy black confidence men will celebrate the utterly preposterous holiday they have concocted in the name of Martin Luther King.

By now they have succeeded in making him an icon, to the ridiculous point at which even allegedly "conservative" writers routinely pay him obeisance, a status he shares with covert Communist world government traitor George W. Bush, any disagreement with whom elicits outraged cries of treason on Republicrud zombie talk radio (talent on loan from the Republicrud National Committee).

There is no need for me to go through King’s career again. I did so in considerable detail last year and the year before that. Suffice it to say now that he was an utter fraud whose only genuine asset was his voice, a philanderer so demonic that, on the eve of receiving the Nobel Prize, he chased a woman down the hall in his Oslo hotel.

Mike was naked at the time – I don’t know whether she was – clearly a case of a King wearing no clothes. By next morning, onstage, he was fully dressed. The night before he was killed, in Memphis, he celebrated again. He was a compulsive womanizer, who made Clinton look like a monk.

He was a plagiarist. The ordinary plagiarist embeds stolen passages in his work. Mike embedded his own ungrammatical comments in other men’s work and presented it as his own. He stole so much he could have been accused of grand theft auto. He stole from a classmate’s thesis while the victim served in Vietnam.

Remember also that his admirers discovered his plagiarism. I did not. They discovered it while cataloguing the great man’s work, preparing to canonize it. At first they denied it, until the stench got so bad they retched themselves. You can read their lamentations. Writers who plagiarize much less are discredited. Not Mike King.

Whether or not he had a Party card, he was a Communist in effect. Stanley Levison, the KGB paymaster in this country, wrote his speeches. Communist officials ran his organization. We can send you their pictures. Violence almost always erupted at a King demonstration because violence was what he went into the streets to get.

How do we know that? We know it because he said so himself, in his own words, in his own magazine article in the Saturday Review. By the way, if you would like to look at all this, we can send you the page from that magazine article where he says it, a photograph of King at a Communist training school and a recording of the talk about him that I gave last summer at a youth camp in Indiana.

Send a donation – we suggest $10 – to Alan Stang, P.O. Box 580503, Houston, Texas, 77258-0503, and somewhere in there write "MLK," so we know what you want. Included in the talk is proof – as usual from his own mouth in his own words – that the "Rev." Dr. King was not, was not, a Christian. He did not believe what every Christian, regardless of denomination, believes.

The machinations of the totalitarian combine that employed him as a willing tool have immeasurably harmed relations between the races and postponed improvement. The white man, subjected to daily brainwashing on the subject for 12-16 years in the nation’s Communist government schools, is programmed to believe that he alone has caused every racial problem.

He is taught that he can atone only by accepting that guilt, including responsibility for the heartbreak of psoriasis, and by meekly allowing the District of Criminals to impose whatever the Black Caucus wants, from forced school busing to the living abortion called affirmative action.

In like fashion, the black man is taught from earliest childhood that all his problems are caused by someone else and therefore can be solved only by someone else; that because he has been so victimized – because 140 years ago people of color were slaves – he deserves infinite federal handouts and coddling.

Of course, the white men at the very top who run both sides of the show believe no such thing, but in classical application of dialectical materialism they hire talented black con men, who pose as preachers for the purpose, whom the Prostitute National Press continues to take seriously however much their scams are exposed.

It is important to understand that horrors like South Central and Bedford-Stuyvesant are not accidents. They are what the conspiracy for world government and its black con men want. This is an enormously lucrative swindle. The men who run it are not going to give it up and just walk away.

I am reminded of a lady at the Democrud National Convention of 1968. I was sitting behind the erector-set dais when she mounted it to speak. She was a big, hefty woman, and as she strode out on the long proscenium toward the microphone, I could feel it tremble.

When she arrived, she raised an arm that resembled a smoked ham and smote the lectern, so hard it seemed the hall shook. "We’s hongry!" she roared. I didn’t see any other correspondent who thought the discrepancy was as funny as I did. Feeding that woman any more than she had been would have produced either a terminal attack of obesity or a rampaging rhino that could have destroyed the convention.

This is a problem that can be solved only in black neighborhoods and only by black people, but whites must do their part by refusing any longer to accept guilt with all its ramifications, such as the totalitarian superstructure they have meekly endorsed. And good things are happening.

In the beginning, whites of good conscience, trying to be fair, bent over backwards to redress any wrongs. By now, many are asking how long this atmosphere of guilt and extortion must continue. How long must they be punished because almost a couple of centuries ago the distant ancestors of today’s blacks were forced to endure a status every people on earth has endured?

As far as today’s black con men are concerned, the answer is, always. Have you ever heard even once a member of the Prostitute National Press ask a black swindler when this thing will end, when all of us – black and white – can celebrate because the "legacy of slavery" is finally redressed? Instead, the swindlers demand "reparations."

Notice how furious the practitioners of this lucrative racket are with Bill Cosby. Cosby certainly isn’t any kind of right-winger. He isn’t a "conservative." He has no hidden agenda. And his message is simple. Learn to speak English. Graduate from high school. Participate in the culture in which he became a multi-millionaire.

But did you know that kiddos in the black neighborhoods are taught that doing well in school is "acting white"; that kiddos who do well there are taunted and beaten up? Did you know that there are more and more beautiful, brilliant, well-groomed middle-class black ladies with master’s degrees, who do speak English?

The problem is they can’t find suitable husbands, because they certainly won’t accept proposals of marriage from stoned black men nodding on the corners with handkerchiefs on their heads, muttering because employers won’t hire men whose only language be Ebonics.

Speculate with me about something curious. All of us have seen marriages between whites and Orientals, Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, etc. Certainly the racial difference between the white and yellow races is at least as great as the difference between the white and black races.

Yet, notice that such a marriage does not elicit the same welter of horrified emotions – the same discomfort – on all sides that a black and white union still does. By now a white and yellow marriage is fairly ho-hum, which, applying scientific method, must mean that some other factor is at work.

Could that factor be culture? Notice that in the Asian community, as in the white, education is prized. Asian kiddos do even better than whites, especially in math and science. Many values are shared. Asians by and large have not allowed the District of Criminals to destroy their families with barbed federal grants.

Blacks wanting to climb out of this black hole have much work to do. They could not find a better leader, a more wholesome "role model," than Bill Cosby, who already has all the money he needs. Being to blame for your own problems is good. Much of the time, if you didn’t do it to yourself, you can’t do anything about it; if you did, you probably can.

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