By: Alan Stang

Many new students of the conspiracy for world government ask why so many groups and individuals within it fight each other so fanatically if they are all on the same side. I used to answer with the obvious fact that the conspiracy encourages competition among its minions to ensure that the most competent – and the most vicious killers – emerge to implement the conspiracy’s strategy.

As I write, the first presidential debate has not yet taken place. There could be a dramatic change in the growing trend. Without such a change I am now wondering whether this contest between Bonesmen could be a charade after all, a French farce, the last act of which has long since been written.

Could Communist traitor Kerry be as stupid as he seems? Could stupidity of such magnitude occur in nature outside a laboratory? Stupidity is governed by the law of probability. If you are stupid, once in a while you will do something right, even if only by accident. But Kerry has done everything wrong. I don’t need to go down the list. You know what I mean.

Is it possible that the results already have been tabulated; that Bones has already decided which of its members will win the "election?" Could such a decision explain the monumental imbecility of the Kerry campaign? Remember, I don’t know. I am merely speculating. I am asking a question based on what we do know.

Republocrat candidates for President used to argue the issues vigorously. What they said was wrong, of course, but at least they focused on the issues. The present "campaign" offers something new. Both candidates have scrupulously ignored almost all the real issues Americans now face. I am tempted to delete the word "almost."

Is this omission another aspect of the agreement? Is it the reason Tweedledee has spent so much precious time, effort and money exposing the fact that Tweedledum failed to report for a physical thirty years ago? For just one example, Communist traitor Kerry could nail world government traitor Bush to the wall by exposing his treasonous complicity in the present invasion of our country across the Mexican border.

Let’s see whether it is mentioned in the "debate." It is as if the invasion were happening in one country, while the candidates are "campaigning" in another; as if someone on Oahu were to respond to an inquisitive phone call on the afternoon of December 7th, 1941, that the weather was perfect, the luau was delicious and the hula girls were good.

Also among the unmentionables is the fact that, as the Seventh Avenue girdle manufacturer put it, "Something’s got to give." Americans are up to their eyeballs in debt. Household debt is $9 trillion, the highest in history. They have no savings raft to ride out a storm. Greenscum and his Fed have been running his counterfeit currency printer as fast as he can, setting the stage for 1923 Germany.

But Greenscum’s Herculean efforts are for naught. "Money" is draining out of our country even faster than he can print it. Because neither Bones Party A nor Bones Party B mentions it, Americans don’t know that the nation is bankrupt, and that nations on the other end of our trade debts are foreclosing – taking possession of assets and properties and businesses that our people lovingly took decades to develop.

The market is now going sideways at best. The last leg on which the economy now stands is the real estate bubble. And what a bubble it is! In 1995, sub-prime loans to bad risk borrowers were $17 billion. Today they are $195 billion. No down payment loans then were $1 billion. Today they are $80 billion.

Millions of homeowners were inveigled into adjustable rate mortgages. Brokers did not tell them they were jumping into the ARMS of Greenscum, who encouraged them. Interest rates now are beginning to rise and "something’s got to give." Recently, the Consumer Federation of America predicted defaults on hundreds of thousands of these mortgages.

Other Americans, millions of them, have no equity in their homes. Victims of the sin of surfeiting (Lk. 21:34), they have borrowed it away and invested it in mutual funds, second homes and luxury cruises, or just stayed at home and bought boats and SUVs. When housing prices decline even modestly and interest rates rise, millions of these folks will be moving under the nearest bridge. "Safe as houses" does not mean a house you don’t own and can’t afford.

Real estate "values" have risen 50% in just five years. In some markets, they have quadrupled in just ten. In Santa Clara County, California, the median price of a house is just a few bucks shy of $600,000, up 15.2% in one year. Californians are competing to buy multi-million dollar homes with very little down.

Everybody who knows anything agrees, "something’s got to give." The only thing the experts argue is how much it will give and when. Sir John Templeton says residential real estate will collapse 70% to 90%. Others say it will fall gradually for more than a decade as in Japan.

When will it happen? Bear in mind (not a pun) that because real estate is so huge, it will take a while for the change to get through, like the large, charging beast that doesn’t yet know it is dead. Those multi-million dollar homes will keep selling while the change gets underway.

In California, there are already growing inventories of unsold homes. July approved mortgages fell 20%. Fewer people are applying for home loans. There is a lot more building than there are sales, which must mean that a glut of homes is building. And remember that real estate is the last leg on which our economy is hopping. When that leg breaks, so does the scam. It will be goodbye First World, hello not Third but Fourth.

My advice to my readers is to get out now. What do I mean by "get out?" First, if you don’t already own one of those homes, don’t buy one. If you do, sell – now – at the top. Bernard Baruch taught that you should buy "when the blood is running in the streets." But the typical investor runs with the herd; buys high and sells low. Stop surfeiting. Do you really need a solarium in which you never take the sun or a music room in which you never play music – especially if you can’t afford them?

Get out of the market. Need I add that common stocks and equity mutual funds are completely controlled by the "buy and hold whatever happens" scamsters who in turn are completely manipulated by the conspiracy for world government? Don’t ride the bear all the way down into the tar pits while the scamsters churn commissions.

Now what will you do with all the "money" you rescue from the real estate bubble and the market? Two things immediately come to mind. The first you already know: Exchange it for real money, gold and silver. Not once, anywhere on earth in all of recorded history, has legal tender legislation been needed to force merchants to take precious metals for food. You need legal tender laws only when your money is no good.

Second, go offshore. That means some of your money goes to live in another country, in another form, just in case. Needless to say, I am not talking about some hokey income tax scam that could lose you your money and land you in jail. I am talking at least about parking after-tax bucks in an offshore bank, in a precious metals account or in a safer currency, like Swiss francs.

Because of the reign of terror conducted by the District of Criminals, many Americans believe it is illegal to leave the country with more than $10,000. Yes, that could happen, but right now the law says you may leave with any amount – umpteen zillions – as long as you fill out the Treasury form that reports you are doing so. If you fill out the form, you may fly out of Miami bound for Colombia with a suitcase of cash (legal but not recommended).

Likewise, many Americans believe it is illegal to have a foreign bank account. Again, not so. It is perfectly legal to have as many foreign bank accounts as you want, if you report that fact on your income tax return. In other words: Ve know who you are, ve know vhere you are, und most important, ve know vhat you are doing!

For a few years, I lived in a couple of other countries, and can testify that doing it really is as easy as I make it sound. It could be a lifesaver when our economy and our "money" collapse and the District of Criminals starts talking confiscation. Do it, do it legally, use common sense and relax.

Remember that in the Great Depression our economy collapsed but our currency was sound – until world government criminal Roosevelt confiscated the money. Now, because he did so, our currency is as phony as a one-dollar bill, which means that the coming collapse will be much worse.

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