'American Music Man' Murderer - Phil Spector

Spector Finally Charged With Murder

Legendary music producer Phil Spector, 63, was charged yesterday (11/20) with the murder of Lana Clarkson nine months after the actress was shot in his Southern California mansion in Alhambra last February. New evidence from the police report shows that Spector's chauffer, who called 911 after he heard a “boom” in the house, reported to police that his boss told him that night, “I think I killed somebody.”

Spector is being represented by OJ's former attorney Robert Shapiro and has been out on $1 million bail since. After charges were filed this week, Spector biographer Mark Ribowsky told the Los Angeles Times that the producer “was a musical genius for sure but a horrible human being.” He also noted that Spector had a different gun to go with every outfit. After his groundbreaking “wall of sound” work with The Beatles and numerous other hit makers, Spector's most recent work appears on Starsailor's forthcoming album, Silence is Easy (out 1/27). If found guilty, Spector could face life in prison.

- Kim Taylor November 21, 2003

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