What a miserable, uneducated, misogynistic (probably that face of his that only a mother could love), tasteless, pro-israeli propagandist/"hype-ster" is that mental case matt drudge. He also fancies himself "a modern day Walter Winchell" (you know, the hat), which is preposterous since almost without exception, his stories are derivative (I personally believe him to have, directly or indirectly, no less than the mossad providing him with the little if any original material he had (ie., the blue-stained dress). He has unmercifully attacked such rising stars as, ie., Britney Spears, who he says can't sing (she can) or act (she can), and even if she couldn't, it would matter little, looking the way she does. He similarly has "trashed" without foundation or nexus to reality, Nicole Kidman. His most recent attempts to disparage Arnold Schwarzenegger were similarly unbalanced as sludge most assuredly is.