By: Dorothy Anne Seese

The oft-recited formula for determining insanity is to observe one keep repeating the same acts over and over, but expecting different results.  This observation may well have come out of someone watching the world's political domains and the acts of leaders who overlook the voices of the people, even in nations where the pols claim to be the servants of the people.  Would our servants please share their limousines and benefits with the people? Sorry, but sarcasm just falls short at any intensity when it comes to political machinations.

When one boils down the news it is this:  wars never cease.  Israel and its Zionists want to control the world by controlling the money supplies and values.  The Islamic bloc wants to control the world by force sanctioned and rewarded by Allah, whatever it takes (even oil).  The West, symbolized by the United States in some minds (especially those of its leaders) wants to control the world by spreading democracy with Cruise missiles or daisy cutters. China, and maybe a Sino-Russian alliance, wants to do away with all these facades and return to strict "Communism" which means dictatorship, pure and simple.  They're just quieter than the others about their ambitions.  Of all the contenders, Russia and China together have the power of sheer numbers, they bear watching.

War doesn't accomplish anything lasting.  If it did, we'd all be speaking Greek after Alexander's conquests. But when Alexander died, human nature devastated the results of his conquests and left room for Rome to move in. When the United States has been globalized, all its wonders of military science will be distributed around the world, perhaps in a lottery held by Iran and North Korea but supervised by China and Russia.  

Is this very different from the breakup of Alexander's vast empire or Rome's overextended influence?

A few individuals make the pages of history, very few considering the masses of humans who have lived and died.  At least there was a time when America seemed to be desirous of really establishing itself as a lighthouse for the world to behold, a nation where the people held their "servants" accountable.  Then somewhere in the back of a pool hall off an unnamed dark alley, a really bright political strategist shared with the group assembled there, "we don't need no steenking accountability, we're the leaders of this show."  There was thunderous applause and after that, freedom in America began a slow and painful death.  (Oh, this occurred around 1865 and it's been downhill since the idea of confederacy (small "c") gave way to the idea of union.

Insanity began to take over in the form of wars, world wars and regionalized wars, the 20th century being to date the bloodiest of all. It was the same program on a larger scale.

Voters wonder, at times, why things stay the same no matter how they vote.  If they were thinking before they voted, or stopped to divest themselves of existing party labels and unwavering faith in political beings, they might know that leaders are all perverse.  Those who aren't, don't survive.  If the politicians are insane because they continue to do that which destroys themselves and their nations/empires, the voters/subjects are equally insane in keeping the torch of faith in political beings alive and burning.  It's as irrational and unfounded as believing your favorite ball team, in the cellar for years, is going to win the championship trophy next year.  One might as well enter a pig in a bull-riding contest at the rodeo.

The people can never have control of their destiny as long as they don't keep "leaders" on a short leash and accountable to those who elect them or tolerate their domination.  Revolution has been the overflow of repressed anger for millenia, will it stop because the world is supposedly going to be "democratically ruled?" The fact is, most people do not have any desire to take on the responsibility of keeping free, they simply want it to happen by some strange formula in a document, not realizing that words are useless until and unless enforced.  There can be a show of "the rule of law" without having any rule of law at all, but if a pol tells the people that they are seeing the rule of law, they believe it.  No wonder pols know that they can rule, the people will believe the party line, for the most part.  Those who see through the smoke, mirrors and ashes are certified as insane, the crackpots that every government must endure to keep the peace and the freedom (as long as they don't do much more than write down their grievances).

In some recent articles on cloning and stem cell research, it was reported that certain mice in a university laboratory have been given human brain cells.  These scientists who would be their own god are also doing experiments with sheep.  The term "sheeple" may not for long be a descriptive term for willy-nilly humans who believe anything, they might be four-legged actualities.  Or is that two with fleece?   If insanity abounds in playing with governmental forms that appear to have fundamental differences, it abounds also in the areas where the scientists come out at night to play.

We need never fear a mouse with integrity, scientists don't know what it is, much less how to produce it.

We need not fear that politicians with integrity will upset the systems that keep us enslaved, they tend to have short life spans if they gain any profile in the world of politics.  That's worse than leaking propane in the men's local cigar club.

What keeps the people going, around the world, is that built-in survival instinct, the desire to preserve their own lives if not those of anyone else.  If someone cares for or rescues another, they are given a ten-minute spotlight as "heroes" and then quickly forgotten.  What a shame that doing one's duty to others is occasion for a drop of fame and then an immediate return to obscurity. 

Read what the American leadership is doing.  Millions are voted through Congress, make that billions in some cases, for paying foreign leaders to be our friends for awhile, but the cuts always hit the common people trying to survive.  The people complain and go on their way, budgeting a little less and living a rung down the economic ladder until it reaches poverty level, and then they reach up to the government to aid them from the productivity of the others who have as yet avoided the downward spiral.  A perfect formula for government dependency by those who still think they are free.

When, in a democratic republic (and the United States is, technically and legally, a democratic republic) the people are not involved at the grassroots in the politics of the area, then the delegates of the elite choose our candidates and the balance of the people can vote for one crook versus another.  We call it the lesser of two evils at times.

But what is insane is, we keep voting for the lesser of two evils, which results in evil, rather than make any attempt to vote for those who genuinely want change for the better, if they got into office and lived to try to implement their programs.  No matter how many people there are, the masses have no power without a firm resolve to work together.  That happens occasionally, but the "revolution" doesn't last long before the old system is back and operating well.

What is genuinely astonishing is that such a world has endured this long.  But all this was foretold, so it should not be a surprise to those who know where to look.

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Published in the May 2, 2005 issue of  Ether Zone.
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