The Great Seabiscuit










Hollywood Park Victory












Considered the Greatest Horse Race in History:

Seabiscuit’s Match Race Victory Against

the Great Horse, War Admiral





I find horseracing (flats … no, I am not a gambler) among the most magnificent, exciting, and mesmerizing of sporting events; particularly, the homestretch/finish line of a great horse race, especially by great horses!



Exaggerator stuns Nyquist, wins Preakness

After finishing second in the Kentucky Derby, Exaggerator spoils Nyquist's bid for a Triple Crown on a muddy track.Come-from-behind win »






Creator’s Photo-finish Victory at the Belmont



Read: ‘Seabiscuit’ by Laura Hillenbrand

A great book and highly recommended.

{ The unheralded trials and tribulations of jockeys along with their skills and the unparalleled inherent dangers of their task is an eye-opener not to be missed, ignored, or forgotten. }


{ Parenthetically, I regularly did quite a bit of horseback riding as a kid. $2.50/hr English saddle, 3.00 Western … then 3.00 English, 3.50 Western … then last before closing (sold to developers, mostly commercial) 3.50, 4.00 … I rode English … 50 cents was roughly a large bottle of coca cola … The place was Rainbow’s End, Paramus and Century Roads, Paramus, n.j.. Mixed woods/trails/large (3x1 miles) open field … Your horse was luck of the draw; until familiarity enabled informed choice … I was thrown once, rendered briefly unconscious as while in a slow gallop approaching a fork in the trail, I reined left and abruptly/purposefully the big brown horse went right … he was a mean bugger … always tried to ‘scrape you’ into trees, etc…. I walked back to the barn, took him back out, and used a stick on his hind quarter and got a lathered (sweat) high speed performance out of him [interestingly, I never knew but learned in ‘Seabiscuit’ that horses respond thusly to smacks on their rear quarter owing to an evolutionary instinct as prey animals (as opposed to predator animals ‘nipping at their tails’)] …  I ultimately discovered and invariably requested and rode ‘Golden Boy’ … He was a bit of rogue and seemed a bit lazy until you pointed him toward the barn at which point he’d erupt in an unbridled and sustained full gallop for a great ride … One of our friends, a ‘newby’, and quite tall 6’ plus came to ride … we chose Golden Boy for him and led him out to the far end of the big field, then turned toward the barn … I’m somewhat sorry to say that we couldn’t contain our laughter (boys will be boys) at this large boy at the mercy of Golden Boy (his dangling long legs astride the rather ‘short-legged’/low to the ground Golden Boy) and in tears … Interestingly, Golden Boy didn’t bother going to the barn but instead began casually grazing knowing he was in full control of the big guy on top … Finally, while hinting my inspirational ‘cowboy/horse’ [Lone Ranger/Silver (my favorite color)], and for safety’s sake not recommending you try this, while kicking in your heels and simultaneously pulling up hard on the reins, Golden Boy would rear up on his hind legs in full glory … }



Speaking of great horses, what about them Broncos! All 53 of them as Peyton Manning points out…


Peyton Manning and Broncos’ Collective Response:



Show them, viz., the odds-makers, pundits, gamblers et als, indeed the Broncos did …


Congratulations to the Superbowl Champion Denver Broncos!


Superbowl 2016 Commentary


Well, he ain’t as pretty as Tom Brady, nor as fluidly poetic in motion (note Peyton Manning’s frenzied motion/demeanor on the snap) … Yet with the heart of a champion typifying this Broncos team, they showed them all as Tom Brady has been relegated to beauty pageants sponsored/hosted by unconflicted psychopath donald trump (yes trump used to do that), brady’s choice for president … hmmm.


Coming back from a serious, ordinarily career-ending injury, it’s difficult to even imagine there could ever be a greater champion/quarterback with more heart/courage than Peyton Manning in the history of professional football …