I left the class, placed the LACC library book I planned to read on the train in the pocket of my "carry-on". The large (expensive) book protruded slightly and quite visibly from same. I proceeded to the men's room, "parked" the carry-on by the sink, proceeded and chose the first in a long line of urinals on the right hand side of the bathroom. A black ape came in shortly thereafter, necessarily "passing" the carry-on and proceeded to "urinate" (standing - back to me) in the (regular toilet) stall on the left hand side of the bathroom. At the time, I thought that rather strange (but quite obviously the same blocked my view of the library book the negroe had just lifted from my bag) and yet I was somewhat relieved that I did not have to even see the black ape in my peripheral vision.

It was approximately five minutes later that I realized the book had been stolen by the black ape, the third such incident of theft (among other crimes) by the hand of the uncivilized negroe I have experienced in LA. Everyone knows but are afraid to say that wherever negroes are, so to are enormous problems, ie., crime, uncivilized behavior, despolation, decline, etc.. In the south, southerners had experience with the uncivilized negroes (which the north did not have, accounting for some of the naivety and failed approaches in dealing with negroes) and made certain the blacks used separate (from whites) facilities such as bathrooms as in this incident, which has rational basis and satisfies compelling state interests (legal standards) in preventing crime and exposure to uncivilized behavior typical of blacks, wherever they are.