Imagine the audacity of mental case michael douglas, chip off the old mental case block, ragman son kirk, patronizingly giving Brad Pitt "advice", admonishing him over his relationship with Angelina Jolie and taking particular objection with the fact of her adopted babies.
Yes; the same douglas mental case who paid desperate for a hubby/'homaster, zeta jones a signing bonus (approx. $2million by some reports). Some accounts also indicate a quite long distance and separate marriage.
Also indicative of his mental illness is his sponsorship of a fraud/mental case trump golf tourney.
If you saw mental case douglas initial roles, he looked, sounded, and acted like a little fairy which probably explains the famous mental case douglas overcompensation, ie., "sex addiction", etc..

Rationalizations from the Rag man's son, a bit much, including for suicide bro' eric. But actor Kirk Douglas reports that the stroke he suffered in 1996 changed him in ways that enriched his life, and ultimately became the subject of his recent book, My Stroke of Luck. "You know, stroke is a very interesting thing, although at times I wish I didn't have it," says Douglas. "It makes you appreciate things. For instance, the 'simple' miracle of speech we have no cognizance of the many intricate movements it takes to communicate verbally until it is taken away from us."