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MENU TITLE: Gang Crime Recordkeeping
Series: NIJ Research in Brief
Published: June 1994 (NCJ 148345)
20 pages

Gang Crime and Law Enforcement Recordkeeping
by G. David Curry, Richard A. Ball, and Robert J.
'Of the police departments reporting gang crime
problems, almost all said they recorded the race or
ethnicity of gang members. As with other types of
data noted above, there was a difference between
recording information and being able to report that
information in summary form. Of the 72 large city
police departments reporting gang crime problems,
only 25 (35 percent) provided statistics on the
ethnicity of identified gang members; of the 38
smaller cities, only 12 (32 percent) provided
statistics on ethnicity. The ethnic 
composition of gang members in these cities
remains predominantly black (48 percent) and
Hispanic (43 percent). The black groups were made
up primarily of African-Americans but also included
Jamaicans and blacks of other countries.'

The Color of Crime: a report on 1994 crime statistics, the most recent available.
Major Findings:

#   There is more black-on-white than black-on-black violent crime.

#   Of the approximately 1,700,000 interracial crimes of violence 
involving blacks and whites, 90 percent are committed by blacks against whites.
Blacks are therefore up to 250 times more likely to do criminal violence to whites than the reverse. # Blacks commit violent crimes at four to eight times the white rate.
Hispanics commit violent crimes at approximately three times the white rate,
and Asians at one half to three quarters the white rate. # Blacks are twice as likely as whites to commit hate crimes. # Hispanics are a hate crime victim category but not a perpetrator
category. Hispanic offenders are classified as whites, which inflates the white offense rate
and gives the impression that Hispanics commit no hate crimes. # Blacks are as much more dangerous than whites as men are more dangerous than women. Copyright 1999 by New Century Foundation