NASA’s Space Oddity

                         Ground Control to captain nowacko,

                         Ground Control to captain nowacko,

                 Take your ball peen hammer and put your diaper on,  

                  This is ground control to captain nowacko,

                         You’ve really made the pay grade,  

                 If you’re lucky with the commander you’ll get laid,

                   And here are you on the surface of mars,

                 Documenting america’s latest stellar space trip,

                Bribes have all been paid.....nobody to give you lip,

                  This is ground control to captain nowacko,

                Make sure you pick up the u.s. flag waving in the breeze on the moon

                               on your way back,

                          There’s no one to give flack,

                             red america is all black,

                    dumbya bush is crazy as a lune,

                 and will support your stop on the moon,

               you’re a hero now despite the straight-jacket you wear,

                  you must do something for your hair,

                       and yes that wig you now may wear,

                       and say goodbye to all for now.