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Updated 6 minutes ago
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Lieberman Rules Out Voting for Health Bill

New York Times - Robert Pear - ‎16 minutes ago‎
WASHINGTON - In a surprise setback for Democratic leaders, Senator Joseph I. Lieberman, independent of Connecticut, said on Sunday that he would vote against the health care legislation in its current form.

Recession Is Over, White House Adviser Says

ABC News - Kristina Wong - ‎1 hour ago‎
President Obama's top economic adviser Lawrence Summers today for the first time predicted that job growth would begin as early as this spring.

Attacker breaks Berlusconi's nose

ABC Online - Philip Williams - ‎1 hour ago‎
Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi is being treated for a broken nose and cuts after being struck in the face at a political rally.

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Excerpts: "Developed Countries Have Not Delivered"

Wall Street Journal - ‎1 hour ago‎
Chinese Vice Foreign Minister He Yafei held a press conference at the UN climate summit in Copenhagen on Friday. Read excerpts from his remarks and from his responses to reporters' questions.

NKorean weapons seizure could affect nuke talks

Washington Post - Apichart Weerawong - ‎8 hours ago‎
AP BANGKOK -- The seizure in Thailand of some 35 tons of war weaponry from North Korea and the arrest of five foreigners charged with illegal possession of arms may prove a blow to efforts by the United States to negotiate a halt ...

Chile Markets Likely To React Positively To Pres Vote Results

Wall Street Journal - Carolina Pica - ‎27 minutes ago‎
SANTIAGO (Dow Jones)--Chilean markets will likely open on the uptick Monday morning, following the Sunday presidential election, despite none of the leading candidates winning a clear majority.

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Mayor-elect speaks candidly in first public appearance

Houston Chronicle - Bradley Olson - ‎4 hours ago‎
If her first public appearance after a night of celebration was any indication, Mayor-elect Annise Parker intends to be every bit the straight talker as mayor as she was on the campaign trail.

Paterson to Halt $750 Million in Payments Amid NY Cash Crunch

Bloomberg - Michael Quint - ‎5 hours ago‎
Dec. 13 (Bloomberg) -- New York Governor David Paterson said he would withhold $750 million of state aid payments due this month to schools, local governments and health insurers to preserve cash.

California evacuees go home after weather improves

CNN International - Nick Valencia, Irving Last - ‎15 minutes ago‎
Los Angeles, California (CNN) -- Residents of 44 homes evacuated because of potential mud and debris slides triggered by heavy rains north of Los Angeles were allowed to return home Sunday after the weather improved, authorities said.

Japan Tankan Business Sentiment Rises at Slower Pace

Bloomberg - Keiko Ujikane - ‎33 minutes ago‎
Dec. 14 (Bloomberg) -- Confidence among Japan's largest manufacturers rose the least since the economy emerged from its worst postwar recession as companies become more concerned the yen's gains will erode profits.

Economist Paul Samuelson Dies

Wall Street Journal - Justin Lahart, Jon Hilsenrath - ‎1 hour ago‎
Paul A. Samuelson, whose analytical work laid the foundation for modern economics, died Sunday. He was 94. Mr. Samuelson, the first American to win the Nobel Prize in economics and the author of one of the ...

AOL Talks to Russia's DST Over ICQ

Wall Street Journal - Emily Steel, Julia Angwin - ‎2 hours ago‎
AOL Inc. is in talks to sell its ICQ instant-messaging service to Russian Internet-investment group Digital Sky Technologies, according to people familiar with the matter.

Google Testing Own Phone

Wall Street Journal - Jessica E. Vascellaro - ‎3 hours ago‎
Google Inc. has designed a cellphone it plans to sell directly to consumers as soon as next year, according to people familiar with the matter.

Annual Geminids meteor shower lights up night sky

BBC News - ‎2 hours ago‎
Skywatchers in the northern hemisphere have turned their heads upwards to see the annual Geminids meteor shower. The shower was especially easy to see this year because it is nearly the new Moon, meaning there was less moonlight to obscure it.

WISE set to search for universe's hidden 'dark' objects

Christian Science Monitor - Moises Velasquez-Manoff - ‎1 hour ago‎
NASA is scheduled to launch its WISE space observatory Monday. It will map the whole sky in infrared wavelengths, potentially revealing objects many telescopes can't see.

LA Film Critics announce 2009 winners [Updated]

Los Angeles Times - ‎56 minutes ago‎
Updated at 3:28 pm: The gritty Iraq war drama “The Hurt Locker” was named best film of 2009 by the Los Angeles Film Critics Assn.

Limited Magic for Disney's 'Princess'

New York Times - Brooks Barnes - ‎3 hours ago‎
“The Princess and the Frog,” the Walt Disney Company's high-profile effort to revive hand-drawn animation, opened in first place but on the low end of industry expectations with $25 million in ticket sales at North American theaters.

Playgirl Won't Publish Alleged Nude Photos Of Tiger Woods

People Magazine - David Caplan - ‎4 hours ago‎
Will Tiger Woods follow in the footsteps of Levi Johnston and appear in a state of undress for Playgirl? Not now - and not in a series of photos the publication received and has tried to authenticate.

Redskins easily beat Raiders 34-13

The Associated Press - Josh Dubow - ‎17 minutes ago‎
OAKLAND, Calif. - The Washington Redskins had no trouble holding onto a fourth-quarter lead against JaMarcus Russell and the Oakland Raiders.

Defense delivers for unwavering Colts

SportingNews.com - ‎11 minutes ago‎
INDIANAPOLIS -- No one passed out cigars. No one broke out champagne. And no one shouted for joy. The atmosphere in the Colts' locker room Sunday afternoon was pretty much how it has been all season long: quiet, confident, focused.

Panthers say Moss 'shut it down'

Boston Globe - Albert Breer - ‎2 hours ago‎
Randy Moss finished today with a single, 16-yard catch, which led to a fumble. Brady's interception was intended for Moss. And if you asked the Panthers what their gameplan was, it's simple.

H1N1 Vaccine Clinics Open to Everyone

KFBB NewsChannel 5 - ‎34 minutes ago‎
By KFBB News Team The City-County Health Department will expand it's H1N1 flu vaccine clinic to all residents this week. Previously, only the most at-risk individuals were eligible for the vaccination.
Hundreds attend H1N1 clinic Sault Ste. Marie Evening News

Study Questions Use of Anthracyclines in Breast-Cancer Patients

Wall Street Journal - Shirley S. Wang - ‎Dec 12, 2009‎
SAN ANTONIO, Texas -- Researchers presented new findings Saturday at a breast-cancer symposium here suggesting that the risks associated with anthracyclines, a class of chemotherapy drugs widely used to treat the disease, ...

Health reform: Will seniors be able to switch between Medicare options?

Salt Lake Tribune - Matt Canham - ‎2 hours ago‎
If a Medicare recipient signs up for a Medicare Advantage program next year will he/she be able to return to the original Medicare program in a future year?

Obama's Nobel Remarks

New York Times - ‎Dec 10, 2009‎
I receive this honor with deep gratitude and great humility. It is an award that speaks to our highest aspirations -- that for all the cruelty and hardship of our world, we are not mere prisoners of fate.

Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid of Obama's Latest Big Brother Plan

FOXNews - Bradley Blakeman - ‎Dec 10, 2009‎
Why the White House and Democrats' plans to expand the Office of Personnel Management should scare all Americans. The Obama administration seeks to empower a very powerful government agency you have probably never heard of with new ...

How to Rule India: Break It Into Even More Pieces?

TIME - Ishaan Tharoor - ‎5 hours ago‎
Supporters of pro-Telangana hold flags and celebrate in the southern Indian city of Hyderabad December 10, 2009. The government will carve a new state out of southern Andhra Pradesh -- base for several major ...

Invictus (2009) Final Score: Future 1, Past 0

New York Times - Ao Scott - ‎Dec 10, 2009‎
It may not seem obvious at first, but Clint Eastwood's “Invictus,” a rousing true story of athletic triumph, is also that director's latest exploration of revenge, the defining theme of his career.

'Stossel' Premiere to Take on Global Warming

FOXNews - ‎Dec 10, 2009‎
President Obama goes to Copenhagen next week, and he is expected to promise to cut carbon emissions 83 percent by 2050. And John Stossel will have plenty to say about it Thursday night, when his new show, "Stossel," premieres on Fox Business at 8 pm ...