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Updated 7 minutes ago
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2 bodies found in Diamond Bar home

San Jose Mercury News - ‎24 minutes ago‎
AP DIAMOND BAR, Calif.—Los Angeles County sheriff's homicide detectives are investigating the circumstances surrounding the death of two people found in a Diamond Bar home.

Philippine massacre suspect's home searched

CNN International - ‎45 minutes ago‎
Manila, Philippines (CNN) -- The investigation into the massacre of nearly five dozen people in the Philippines broadened, as security forces on Friday searched the home of Andal Ampatuan Jr.

Al-Shabab denies Somalia blast link

Aljazeera.net - ‎44 minutes ago‎
A spokesman for al-Shabab, a Somali group opposed to the country's transitional government, has denied responsibility for a suicide bombing in the capital that killed at least 22 people.

Afghanistan: the clock is ticking for Obama as the Taliban bides its time

Telegraph.co.uk - Con Coughlin - ‎58 minutes ago‎
Barack Obama needs fellow Nato countries to join the fight in Afghanistan, not just keep the peace, says Con Coughlin. By Con Coughlin A helping hand - or hands off?

On TV, Putin hints at return to presidency

Washington Post - ‎18 minutes ago‎
Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin on Thursday gave his strongest signal yet that he plans to return to Russia's presidency, telling millions of TV viewers that he will consider running in 2012.

Analysis: A bus blows up in Damascus - exploding tire or terror strike?

Jerusalem Post - Jonathan Spyer - ‎4 hours ago‎
The Syrian authorities are currently trying to attribute the blast Thursday on a bus carrying Iranian pilgrims near the Saida Zeinab mosque in Damascus to an exploding tire.

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'Poor judgment' blamed in state dinner lapse

Los Angeles Times - Kathleen Hennessey - ‎25 minutes ago‎
The Secret Service chief testifies on how a couple crashed the White House event. Three agents are on paid leave. By Kathleen Hennessey Reporting from Washington - The White House security procedures in place during last week's state dinner had been ...

Obama canvasses for ideas on job creation

Boston Globe - Tom Raum - ‎1 hour ago‎
AP / December 4, 2009 WASHINGTON - President Obama promised at a White House jobs forum yesterday to take “every responsible step to accelerate job creation,'' including some “exciting ideas and proposals'' from forum participants he hoped ...

Senate Democrats push ahead on health bill

Los Angeles Times - Noam N. Levey, Janet Hook - ‎4 hours ago‎
They pass an amendment requiring insurers to cover women's preventive care and screenings, and reject McCain's bid to restore proposed cuts in what Medicare pays out.

Could Comcast deal change TV as we know it?

USA Today - David Lieberman - ‎18 minutes ago‎
By Kimberly White, Reuters By David Lieberman, USA TODAY Comcast's deal to buy a controlling stake in NBC Universal has kicked off a vigorous debate: Will it change news and entertainment for the better?

Bank of America's $19.3 Billion Is Biggest US Sale Since 2000

Bloomberg - Michael Tsang, David Mildenberg - ‎2 hours ago‎
Dec. 4 (Bloomberg) -- Bank of America Corp., the largest US lender, raised $19.3 billion selling securities at $15 apiece in the biggest sale of stock or preferred shares by a US public company since at least 2000.

Bernanke May Get Second Term at Fed Shorn of Bank Supervision

Bloomberg - Scott Lanman, Craig Torres - ‎2 hours ago‎
Dec. 4 (Bloomberg) -- Federal Reserve Chairman Ben S. Bernanke left a Senate confirmation hearing with support for a second term heading a central bank that may be shorn of its powers to supervise financial firms.
Greenspan Haunts Room Wall Street Journal

UN body probes climate e-mail row

BBC News - ‎2 hours ago‎
The United Nations panel on climate change is to probe claims UK scientists manipulated global warming data to boost the argument that it is man-made.

Microsoft, Google Revamp Maps

Wall Street Journal - Nick Wingfield - ‎2 hours ago‎
The battle between Microsoft Corp. and Google Inc. has shifted into new territory: a race to see who can make online maps that make people feel like they're really there.

Google Public DNS and Your Privacy

PC World - Jr Raphael - ‎7 hours ago‎
Google's expanding its grasp on the Internet with a newly revealed DNS resolving service. Google Public DNS, announced Thursday on Google's blog, will offer you an alternative way to connect to Web sites.

The game Woods couldn't control

Washington Post - Paul Farhi - ‎2 hours ago‎
Throughout his brilliant golf career, Tiger Woods has made control his hallmark, with an almost robotic style of play that enabled him to ignore enormous competitive pressures and demolish opponents.

Up in the air with director Jason Reitman

USA Today - Laura Bly - ‎3 hours ago‎
By Robert Hanashiro, USA TODAY By Laura Bly, USA TODAY For veteran road warriors, one of several "aha" moments in Jason Reitman's new film Up in the Air comes as star George Clooney, playing a corporate downsizing expert gunning for 10 million ...
First-class ticket Washington Post

Robert De Niro shines in the family drama, 'Everybody's Fine'

Washington Post - Ann Hornaday - ‎2 hours ago‎
Robert De Niro and Drew Barrymore share family ties in "Everybody's Fine." (Abbot Genser/miramax) By Ann Hornaday "Everybody's Fine" arrives like a bolt out of some distantly remembered past, when they made movies about recognizable human beings ...
'Everybody's Fine' Los Angeles Times

Ducks storm to Rose Bowl berth

Boston Globe - ‎20 minutes ago‎
AP / December 4, 2009 Redshirt freshman LaMichael James ran for 166 yards and three touchdowns last night to send No. 7 Oregon to the Rose Bowl with a 37-33 victory over No.

Jets' Rex Ryan on Mark Sanchez's sliding: 'He's got to grow up'

USA Today - ‎50 minutes ago‎
Jets coach Rex Ryan said he thinks the knee injury suffered by starting QB Mark Sanchez on Thursday was "just a sprain." But that didn't temper Ryan's frustration with his rookie signal caller for a head-first slide on the play that nicked him.

United States awaits Friday World Cup draw in South Africa

USA Today - Beau Dure - ‎3 hours ago‎
By H. Darr Beiser, USA TODAY By Beau Dure, USA TODAY Today, the soccer world's attention shifts from soccer balls under the control of the world's best players to smaller balls bouncing in pots under the control of former players, Archbishop Desmond ...

College students encouraged to get H1N1 vaccine

CNN - Sally Holland - ‎1 hour ago‎
Officials are urging college students to get vaccinated for the H1N1 flu before heading home for the holidays. Washington (CNN) -- Chris Edwards' fever spiked at 104 degrees this fall before he was sent home from Frostburg State ...

No rise in cancer from mobile phones

Telegraph.co.uk - Richard Alleyne - ‎26 minutes ago‎
Using a mobile phone for more than 10 years does not appear to raise the risk of brain tumours, according a new study that re-opens the debate on the safety of the devices.

Fewer students than usual take advantage of free HIV screening

Diamondback Online - Darren Botelho - ‎1 hour ago‎
As part of HIV/AIDS Awareness Month, the Health Center gave about 60 students a free HIV test yesterday during its annual three-hour event.

Your Own Fat, Relocated

New York Times - Catherine Saint Louis - ‎Dec 2, 2009‎
THE latest kind of recycling has nothing to do with soda bottles. It entails liposuctioning fat from, say, thighs or buttocks and injecting it into breasts to augment them.

Why the loss of big-name advertisers doesn't matter to Glenn Beck

Daily Finance (blog) - ‎Nov 30, 2009‎
If cable news was like high school, Glenn Beck would be voted "Most Polarizing." He's despised by liberals and beloved by conservatives (and anyone who loves weepy men).

Shake-up eyed after inmate in wheelchair escapes on foot

CNN - Thomas G. Watkins - ‎Dec 2, 2009‎
Arcade Comeaux Jr. escaped with two guards' guns while he was being transferred between prisons, authorities say. NEW: Escapee's mom: "How did my son come in contact with a gun inside the prison?

'Up In the Air' wins NBR Best Picture

Entertainment Weekly - Dave Karger - ‎11 hours ago‎
Check out my oscarwatch interview with Up in the Air's Jason Reitman, after the jump. Very glad to see “Up” and “Where the Wild Things Are” on this list.

A Lost European Culture, Pulled From Obscurity

New York Times - John Noble Wilford - ‎Nov 30, 2009‎
Before the glory that was Greece and Rome, even before the first cities of Mesopotamia or temples along the Nile, there lived in the Lower Danube Valley and the Balkan foothills people who were ahead of their time in art, ...