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Video: Police pepper-spray passive students

CBS News -
University of California, Davis Police pepper-spray students who refused to move out of their way, on the UCD campus Friday, November 18, 2011.
The Associated Press
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Anti-Gaddafi fighters demand role in the new Libya

Reuters -
TRIPOLI (Reuters) - A group of the fighters who ended Muammar Gaddafi's rule said on Saturday they were being sidelined in the new Libya, underlining the tensions between competing interests as the country forms a new government.

Egypt: Police, protesters clash in Tahrir Square, 500 hurt

Jerusalem Post -
By REUTERS Sit-in demanding that military transfer power dispersed; 5000 protesters return setting police cars on fire, throwing stones; police respond with batons, tear gas.

Kindle Fire Touchscreen Eats Up 46 Percent of its Manufacturing Costs

PC Magazine -
Teardown experts IHS have released the final details behind their extensive analysis of the parts and pieces inside Amazon's Kindle Fire.

Truck strikes Yale-Harvard tailgaters; 1 killed, 2 injured

USA Today -
NEW HAVEN, Connecticut (AP) - Police say someone driving a rental truck into a parking area at the Yale-Harvard game accelerated into three women, killing one and injuring the other two.

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Syrian Death Tolls Mounts, Deadline Looms

Voice of America -
November 19, 2011 Syrian Death Tolls Mounts, Deadline Looms VOA News At least 13 people have been killed in unrest across Syria, where the government is facing a midnight deadline from the Arab League to end its crackdown on dissent.

Israel: time running out to stop a nuclear Iran

Reuters -
Iran's ambassador to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Ali Asghar Soltaniyeh (R) and Israel's IAEA ambassador Ehud Azoulay attend an IAEA bord of governors meeting at the United Nations headquarters in Vienna November 18, 2011.

Chinese Premier and Obama in Surprise Meeting After Forum

New York Times -
BEIJING - President Obama and China's prime minister, Wen Jiabao, held an unscheduled meeting on Saturday at the end of an Asian forum, following a week when the United States made it clear that it was re-engaging fully in the region ...

Obama's Asia-Pacific Tour Draws to an End: Will a New Regional Free-Trade Deal ...

US President Barack Obama boards Air Force One as he leaves Denpasar, on the island of Bali, Indonesia, Saturday, Nov. 19, 2011. Charles Dharapak / AP (BALI, Indonesia) - After a nine-day trip through Asia ...

Obama: Clinton to travel to Myanmar

BusinessWeek -
Detecting "flickers of progress" in the long shunned and sanctioned nation of Myanmar, President Barack Obama announced Friday that he will send Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton to the repressed country next month, ...

Officials say power lines likely caused Reno fire

USA Today -
RENO, Nev. (AP) - Fire investigators in Reno say arcing power lines likely caused the wind-fueled wild fire that destroyed 15 homes and damaged at least 40 more.

Barnes makes the case for Newt

Politico -
Fred Barnes, the Weekly Standard executive editor who - as JMart noted - presaged the John McCain comeback in 2007, makes the case for why Newt Gingrich's current primary boom is to be taken seriously, despite the frequent discussion of the former ...

New York Occupy Wall Street protests face challenges

Reuters -
1 of 2. Occupy Wall street demonstrators clash with New York City Police inside Zuccotti Park as protests moved through the streets of lower Manhattan near the New York Stock Exchange during what organizers called a ''Day of Action'' in New York, ...

Former Procter & Gamble CEO John Smale dies at 84

The Associated Press -
CINCINNATI (AP) - John G. Smale enjoyed his work at Procter & Gamble, throwing himself into it through late nights and weekends as he rose from the toilet goods division to the top of the consumer products giant.

Activists Call for End to 'Cruel' Battery Cages for Chickens

ABC News -
Animal rights activists say egg producers' "battery cages" are cruel to chickens. (Gary John Norman/Stone/Getty Images) In the wake of an ABC News investigation into alleged unsanitary and inhumane practices at one of the nation's ...

US stock futures rise as pressure on Europe eases

BusinessWeek -
US stock futures rose early Friday as borrowing costs for Italy and Spain declined, a signal that the European debt crisis might be easing.

DC Energy Debate Simmers as Oil Prices Rise

Fox News -
AP As oil prices creep upward, lawmakers in Washington are staking out familiar and competing positions over how to address the rising price of energy.

DHS, FBI investigate report of water pump failure in Illinois, say no threat ...

Minneapolis Star Tribune -
Article by: AP SPRINGFIELD, Ill. - Federal authorities say they're investigating the report of a water pump failure in Illinois' capital city.

Nintendo and West Coast Customs 'Pimp My Mario Kart'

PC Magazine -
For years upon years, console gamers' thoughts have drifted to the what-ifs: What if I could run over a question-mark block, attach three spinning shells to my real-world car, and blast myself through an unpleasant commute (or just ding ...

Samsung Galaxy Nexus could be launched by Verizon on December 8

Unwired View -
By Florin on 19 Nov 11 Unfortunately for those who've been waiting for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus to be launched in the US, the rumors regarding its delay until December might be true.

Ashton Kutcher & Demi Moore: What Now?

People Magazine -
Although they announced their plans to divorce on Thursday, both actors have professional business to attend to. The same day news broke of the split, Kutcher was already on-set at the Warner Bros.

ESPN's Corso drops F-bomb on TV, apologizes

Seattle Post Intelligencer -
ESPN commentators Chris Fowler, Lee Corso and Kirk Herbstreit laugh as Corso pouts on a mascot head after dropping the F-bomb on the ESPN College GameDay set at the University of Houston campus Friday, Nov.

US Holds Lead Entering Presidents Cup Singles

New York Times -
MELBOURNE, Australia - Trailing 13-9 heading into Sunday's 12 single matches at Royal Melbourne Golf Club, Ernie Els called on the ghost of an earlier tournament to lift the International team to victory at the Presidents Cup.

Vick, Maclin ruled out for Eagles

Fox News -
Vick suffered two broken ribs in last Sunday's loss to the Arizona Cardinals, forcing him to miss practice all week. Maclin also sat out practice this week with shoulder and hamstring injuries.

Urban Meyer declines comment on Ohio State coaching speculation

Washington Post -
ANN ARBOR, Mich. - Urban Meyer isn't interested in answering questions about Ohio State. Meyer declined comment to The Associated Press on Saturday morning, then said he hasn't been offered or accepted any job during ESPN's broadcast of the ...

Abuse allegations shock former Syracuse players

USA Today -
By Jim McIsaac, Getty Images Former Syracuse player Eric Devendorf, at left standing next to head coach Jim Boeheim in March 2007, said the allegations against assistant Bernie Fine seemed like ...

Scientists: Faster-than-light finding still holds

The Associated Press -
GENEVA (AP) - The chances have risen that Einstein was wrong about a fundamental law of the universe. Scientists at the world's biggest physics lab said Friday they have ruled out one possible error that could have distorted their startling ...

World's lightest metal is (almost) all air

Contra Costa Times -
New metal - which is 99.9 percent air - is so light that it can sit atop dandelion fluff without damaging it. (University of California, Irvine) IRVINE - A new type of metal that is 100 times lighter than Styrofoam has been invented by a team of ...

FDA Revokes Approval of Avastin for Use as Breast Cancer Drug

New York Times -
The commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration on Friday revoked the approval of the drug Avastin as a treatment for breast cancer, ruling on an emotional issue that pitted the hopes of some desperate patients against the ...

Blood Type Linked to Stroke Risk

The State Column -
In the study, more than two million people were monitored over years, and the researchers found that men and women with AB blood type had a 26 percent increase in developing stroke, compared to people with type O blood.


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