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Penn State students hold candlelight vigil

CBS News -
People hold candles during a candlelight vigil in front of the Old Main building on the Penn State Campus Friday, Nov. 11, 2011 in State College, Pa.
Al Jazeera
ABC News

Wilson Ramos: Kidnapped MLB Player Rescued in Venezuela

ABC News -
Washington Nationals' catcher Wilson Ramos, left, is seen at the Criminal Police ( CICPC ) headquarters accompanied by Venezuela's Justice Minister Tareck El Aissami in Valencia, ...

Arab League votes to suspend Syria in 4 days

USA Today -
CAIRO (AP) - The Arab League voted Saturday to suspend Syria in four days and warned the regime could face sanctions if it does not end its bloody crackdown against anti-government protesters.

5 things to look for in GOP debate

Former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman has a rare chance at the debate to highlight his foreign policy experience. Spartanburg, South Carolina (CNN) -- The tenth debate of the topsy-turvy Republican campaign will take ...

iOS 5 battery fix here--and more fuel for Apple rumor mill

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Apple surprised users this week by delivering its battery-life-fixing update to iOS 5 sooner than expected. The update arrived a little more than a week after Apple first acknowledged that ...

Slovak PM says ECB shouldn't buy govt bonds

Reuters -
BRATISLAVA Nov 12 (Reuters) - The European Central Bank (ECB) should focus on its key monetary policy mission and role of a last resort lender to the banking sector rather than buy bonds of distressed euro countries, Slovak Prime Minister Iveta ...

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Accidental blast at Iranian arms depot kills 15

USA Today -
TEHRAN, Iran (AP) - An accidental explosion at a Revolutionary Guard ammunition depot west of Tehran killed at least 15 soldiers on Saturday, officials said.

Italy's Berlusconi to resign, end scandal-hit era

Reuters -
ROME (Reuters) - Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi is set to resign on Saturday after a new budget law is approved in parliament, making way for an emergency government and ending one of the most ...

Turkish Passenger Ferry is Hijacked

Wall Street Journal -
ISTANBUL–Turkish commandos stormed a hijacked sea ferry in Western Turkey and shot dead the lone hijacker, members of an outlawed Kurdish militant group, authorities said.

Japan Opens Fukushima Nuclear Plant to Media

Voice of America -
November 12, 2011 Japan Opens Fukushima Nuclear Plant to Media VOA News Japanese officials took a group of journalists inside the crippled Fukushima nuclear complex for the first time Saturday to show how the situation in the plant has stabilized since ...

Deaths at Occupy Camps Bring Pressure for Shutdown

ABC News -
Occupy Oakland protesters carry away a man who was hit by a tear gas canister shot by police, near the Oakland City Hall, Oct. 25, 2011 in Calif.

Obama urges help for veterans in radio address

Christian Science Monitor -
President Obama says military veterans should not struggle to find work once they return home, and he's urging the House to follow the Senate's lead and do something to help them.

Obama seeks to hitch US economy to Asian growth

Reuters -
President Barack Obama delivers remarks at the National Women's Law Center's Annual Awards dinner in Washington November 9, 2011.

Caterpillar to add 300 jobs in Decatur, East Peoria

Chicago Tribune -
Caterpillar equipment is seen at a dealership in Springfield, Oct. 21,… (AP file photo/Seth Perlman) Caterpillar is expecting to add 300 jobs in Illinois as it expands its manufacturing facilities in Decatur and East Peoria to support growing mining ...

Pending Attack On Iran Not Behind Oil's Run Toward $100

Forbes -
Recent reports that Iran is getting closer to making a nuclear bomb have prompted pundits to opine that than attack by Israel or the United States to destroy Iran's nuclear infrastructure is imminent.

Canada defiant after U.S. oil pipeline rebuff

Reuters -
OTTAWA/CALGARY (Reuters) - Canada will keep promoting crude from the tar sands of northern Alberta as a secure source of energy despite a US decision to delay approval of a pipeline to carry the oil ...

Google Music launching without Sony and Warner

Universal Music Group will be well represented at a press event Google has scheduled for Wednesday, but conspicuously missing will be two of the other top-four record companies.

Logitech calls Google TV a 'mistake,' stops making set-top boxes

Los Angeles Times -
Logitech CEO Guerrino De Luca says there are no plans to introduce another box to replace Revue. He predicts that the 'grandchild of Google TV' might succeed, but not the current product.

Motorola Droid RAZR vs. Apple iPhone 4S: Verizon Smartphone Showdown

PC Magazine -
The Motorola Droid RAZR is one of the most-hyped phones in recent memory. But you don't need to think back too far to recall the months of rumors and speculation surrounding the Apple iPhone 4S.

Tiger Woods falls out of the lead at Australian Open

Washington Post -
SYDNEY - Tiger Woods waited 11 months before he found himself in the lead at a golf tournament. It took him three holes to lose it Saturday in the Australian Open.

Obama watches No. 1 Tar Heels beat Spartans 67-55

San Francisco Chronicle -
James R. Evans / AP North Carolina and Michigan State tip off the first half of the Carrier Classic NCAA college basketball game on the flight deck aboard the USS Carl Vinson, Friday, Nov. 11, 2011, in Coronado, ...

Stern warns agents about decertification -
David Stern fired back for the first time at agents pushing NBA players toward decertification, saying it was a bargaining ploy and if executed likely would kill the season.

Papelbon deal shows money is least of Phillies' worries | Philadelphia Daily ...

Philadelphia Daily News -
That about sums it up. It is hard to know what else to say. The Phillies wouldn't go 4 years/$44 million for Ryan Madson, their own guy, but they would go 4 years/$50 million for Papelbon (and, if the reports are right and his option vests, ...

Loyola Marymount upsets No. 17 UCLA 69-58 -
Loyola Marymount guard Jarred DuBois, center, passes under UCLA forward Reeves Nelson (22) and center Joshua Smith (34) as he drives to the basket during the first half of an NCAA college basketball game, Friday, Nov. 11, 2011, in Los Angeles.

Aborted Mars probe jeopardizes Russia's long-range space program

RIA Novosti -
On Thursday, November 10, mission control tried unsuccessfully to communicate with the Phobos-Grunt (Phobos Ground) probe which lifted off November 8. Analysts are in no mood to exaggerate the situation with the spacecraft but note that its problems ...

NASA: 2012 solar flares could DEVASTATE CITIES!

Register -
OMFG In an attempt to defuse internet hysteria regarding the purported end of the world next year as the Mayan calendar long-count completes, NASA has stated that next year's solar maximum will see solar flares ...

Controversy Over Cholesterol Testing for Children

Forbes -
New guidelines from the NHLBI and the American Academy of Pediatrics recommend that all children between the age of 9 and 11 should undergo cholesterol screening.

High-fiber diet may help thwart colon cancer

USA Today -
By HealthDay Eating a high-fiber diet may reduce your risk of colorectal cancer, especially if the fiber is from cereal and whole grains, according to a new review.


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