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Obama announces end of Iraq war, troops to return home by year end

CBS News - Brian Montopoli -
President Obama announced Friday that the United States will withdraw nearly all troops from Iraq by the end of the year, effectively bringing the long and polarizing war in Iraq to an end.
The Associated Press

Muammar Gaddafi's 'trophy' body on show in Misrata meat store

The Guardian -
This article appeared on p4 of the Main section section of the Guardian on Saturday 22 October 2011 . It was published on guardian.

US official: Saudi Crown Prince dies

CNN International - Jamie Crawford -
By the CNN Wire Staff This November 10, 1999 file photo shows Saudi Arabian Crown Prince Sultan bin Abdul Aziz leaving the Elysee Palace in Paris, France.

Jobs Told Google's Page to Cut Bloat to Avoid Becoming Microsoft

BusinessWeek -
Oct. 22 (Bloomberg) -- Apple Inc. co-founder Steve Jobs urged Google Inc. Chief Executive Officer Larry Page to sharpen the company's focus and cut products that put it at risk of becoming like Microsoft Corp.

Some details emerge from Lisa's house

Kansas City Star - Tony Rizzo -
Hotline questions On Friday, officials with the TIPS Hotline said that a website about the Irwin case was not affiliated with the hotline, Kansas City police or the FBI.

Theo Epstein officially gone

Boston Herald - Scott Lauber -
After nine days of compensation talks failed to yield a consensus, the Red Sox [team stats] and the Chicago Cubs finally have agreed on something.

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Muammar Qaddafi's 'Gruesome' Final Moments May Trigger UN Probe

San Francisco Chronicle -
Oct. 22 (Bloomberg) -- Muammar Qaddafi's last moments were captured on video and released on the Internet: In one he is alive and in the other, dead.

UN Presses Yemeni Leader to Accept Deal

New York Times -
By AP UNITED NATIONS (AP) - The United Nations Security Council called on Friday for President Ali Abdullah Saleh of Yemen to immediately accept an arrangement to transfer power to his deputy and end the escalating violence in his nation.

Clinton Widens Audience in Pakistan, but Sticks to Tough Message

New York Times - Steven Lee Myers -
Khalid Tanveer/AP Members of a Pakistani organization in Multan burned an effigy of Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton to protest her visit to Pakistan on Friday.

Gadhafi's Killing in Libya Has Repercussions for Syria

Voice of America -
October 21, 2011 Gadhafi's Killing in Libya Has Repercussions for Syria Carolyn Presutti | Washington The killing of Libya's ex-leader Moammar Gadhafi may prove a cautionary tale to autocrats in the region who face uprisings of their own.

Exotic animals belong in the wild, not the back yard

Fort Worth Star Telegram - J.R. Labbe -
The photographs of the carnage left on the ground outside a Zanesville, Ohio, barn are heartbreaking. Forty-eight exotic animals killed -- including 18 rare Bengal tigers, 17 lions, three leopards and three mountain lions -- after their ...

Bachmann New Hampshire Aides Quit a Campaign Spotlighting Iowa

BusinessWeek - Lisa Lerer -
Oct. 22 (Bloomberg) -- The entire New Hampshire salaried staff of Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann has quit, according to a local television station, undercutting her candidacy in the state that traditionally conducts ...

Perry working to keep Nevada in play

Dallas Morning News (subscription) - Christy Hoppe -
Isaac Brekken/AP Gov. Rick Perry saluted the crowd before a Republican presidential debate Tuesday in Las Vegas. By CHRISTY HOPPE LAS VEGAS - Two good things are in the cards for Rick Perry in Nevada: He walked away from this week's contentious debate ...

US judge dismisses Arizona claims against feds on immigration law

CNN International -
By the CNN Wire Staff Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer has said she wants the US Supreme Court to decide the immigration enforcement issue.

Europeans Seek Bold Debt Deal, Despite Differences

New York Times - Steven Erlanger -
Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany with France's president, Nicolas Sarkozy, in Berlin on Oct. 9. The two leaders met again this week, but could not agree on how to use the bailout fund or the role of the European Central Bank.

Banks in Georgia, Florida, Colorado Shut Down by Regulators

BusinessWeek - Dan Reichl -
Oct. 22 (Bloomberg) -- Banks in Georgia, Florida and Colorado were shuttered by regulators and sold as US lenders collapse under the weight of bad loans tied to real estate.

News Corp. Declares Victory Over Opponents, Withholds Vote Total

BusinessWeek - Edmund Lee, Ronald Grover -
Oct. 22 (Bloomberg) -- News Corp. investors challenged Chairman Rupert Murdoch and his sons at the media company's annual meeting, as their demands for governance changes and limits to family control fell short.

US Stocks Rise as S&P Sees Longest Weekly Rally Since February

BusinessWeek - Kaitlyn Kiernan, Nikolaj Gammeltoft -
Oct. 22 (Bloomberg) -- US stocks rose this week, driving the Standard & Poor's 500 Index to its longest winning streak since February, amid optimism Europe's leaders will announce a plan to contain the debt ...

Groupon IPO May Value Chairman Lefkofsky's Stake at $2.3 Billion

BusinessWeek - Lee Spears, Douglas MacMillan -
Oct. 22 (Bloomberg) -- Groupon Inc. founder and Chairman Eric Lefkofsky may parlay a $1 million check to co-founder Andrew Mason four years ago into a stake worth $2.3 billion when the daily-deal site sells ...

RIM's Master Plan for Wooing Developers and Consumers to BBX

PC Magazine - Damon Poeter -
Let's be blunt—Research in Motion has an image problem. The smartphone maker's market share is being eroded by Apple and makers of phones running Google's Android mobile operating system.

Galaxy Nexus Vs. RAZR: Android Smackdown

InformationWeek - Eric Zeman -
Motorola and Samsung both debuted brand new LTE 4G Android superphones on Tuesday. Which is the better device? By Eric Zeman InformationWeek It's always great to see two companies announce competing products with lots of flash on the same day.

Kate Winslet: 'I Put on a Bra' Before Escaping Fire

People Magazine - Sara Hammel -
When Kate Winslet was abruptly awakened in Richard Branson's Caribbean home to screams of "fire!", she admits she didn't react entirely predictably.

Lindsay Lohan reports for morgue cleanup duty

CNN - Alan Duke, Michael Martinez -
Lindsay Lohan was ordered to work 120 hours at the county morgue after she completed 360 hours of community service. Los Angeles (CNN) -- Lindsay Lohan made sure she made it to the Los Angeles morgue early Friday for her first day of ...

Murray defense expert to face contempt hearing

Los Angeles Times -
Judge says he will consider charges against anesthesiologist Dr. Paul White for reportedly calling a prosecution expert 'a scumbag' in an online interview.

Movie fans get glimpse of Jolie's "Blood and Honey"

Reuters - Piya Sinha-Roy, Bob Tourtellotte -
United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) Goodwill Ambassador Angelina Jolie presents the Nansen prize to Yemen's Society for Humanitarian Solidarity and its founder, Nasser Salim Ali Al-Hamairy (not pictured) at a ceremony in Geneva ...

Rowan Atkinson gets a kick out of role in his spy spoof sequel

Chicago Sun-Times - Bill Zwecker -
Although he's the one beating up old ladies and being used as a human battering ram in “Johnny English Reborn,” Rowan Atkinson is convinced that co-star Gillian Anderson “had one ...

2011 MLB postseason

USA Today -
Michael Young's ninth-inning sacrifice fly to bring home Elvis Andrus proved to be the game-winning run in Texas' 2-1 win in Game 2 at Busch Stadium in St. Louis.

Fan frustration could reach boiling point during this extended lockout

CNN - David Karp -
David Stern and the NBA cannot take for granted that fans will forgive and forget this year's labor bickering. On Thursday night in a Manhattan hotel, as owners and players bickered over ultimatums, the NBA was ignorant of a larger threat developing ...

Big-Game Hunt Adds to Evidence of Early North American Settlement

New York Times - Sindya N. Bhanoo -
For many years, it was thought that the Clovis people were the first humans to populate North America, about 13000 years ago. The mastodon rib with the embedded point near the end of the bone.

Global warming study finds no grounds for climate sceptics' concerns

The Guardian -
Berkeley Earth's land surface temperature data from 1800 to 2009, showing deviation from the mean temperature over that period - and overall global warming since the industrial revolution.

Winning the war on breast cancer

Winfield Daily Courier Online -
I love pink. Pink is my favorite color. Good thing, too, since October seems to bring with it a “pink explosion” every year! As a radiologist, a mammographer, and woman, I can appreciate Breast Cancer Awareness on many levels.

Chavez cancer claim doctor flees

BBC News -
A doctor who said Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez had only two years to live has fled the country saying he fears for his life. Medical officials said police had visited Dr Salvador Navarrete's office after his comments were published last week.


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