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No more animals on the loose in Ohio, sheriff says

CNN International - Moni Basu, Jordana Ossad -
By the CNN Wire Staff A sign warns drivers of the exotic animals loose outside Zanesville, Ohio, on Wednesday. It appears that Terry Thompson, 62, released 56 animals and then died from a self-inflicted wound, an official said.
The Associated Press

Biden Evokes Sexual, Violent Imagery Again in Push for $447B Jobs Bill

Fox News -
Vice President Biden is stepping up his argument that rapes and murders could increase if Congress does not pass President Obama's $447 billion jobs bill - evoking sexual and violent imagery in his sales pitch for the second time in a week.

Many in GOP waiting to commit in presidential race

San Francisco Chronicle -
Isaac Brekken / AP While Western Republican activists say they're more determined than ever to dump President Obama, many are at a loss to explain the real mystery of the 2012 election: why so many of them are still pining to fall in love with a GOP ...

Cardinals, La Russa outmaneuver Rangers for 3-2 Game 1 win

Los Angeles Times -
St. Louis pinch-hitter Allen Craig drives in the tie-breaking run in the sixth inning as Tony La Russa wins the opening managerial chess match against Texas' Ron Washington.

Google Touts Android

Wall Street Journal - Evan Ramstad, Loretta Chao -
HONG KONG—The chief of Google Inc.'s mobile-technology unit said the company will boost its media and services offerings to better compete with Apple Inc., as the company launched a new version of the Android operating ...

Soldier's Family Led Campaign for His Release

New York Times - Isabel Kershner -
MITZPE HILA, Israel - The release of Gilad Shalit took years of delicate negotiations at the top levels of the Israeli government and the Hamas militant group.

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Greece faces second day of general strike

The Associated Press -
ATHENS, Greece (AP) - Greeks furious at the government's austerity measures are vowing to turn out in force on the streets of Athens on the second day of a general strike, as lawmakers vote on the intensely unpopular new measures needed to secure ...

Turkey Vows 'Great Revenge' For Kurdish Attack On Soldiers

RadioFreeEurope/RadioLiberty -
Turkey has vowed "great revenge" for the killing of two dozen Turkish soldiers by Kurdish militants in the deadliest rebel attack in Turkey in several years.

French First Lady Bruni Gives Birth To Girl

RadioFreeEurope/RadioLiberty -
French President Nicolas Sarkozy and first lady Carla Bruni-Sarkozy share a laugh. (file photo) Reports from Paris say Carla Bruni, the wife of French President Nicolas Sarkozy, has given birth to a baby girl.

US To Resume Talks With North Korea, Appoints New Envoy

BusinessWeek - Indira A.R. Lakshmanan -
Oct. 20 (Bloomberg) -- The US will resume direct talks with North Korea next week in Geneva in the hope that engaging Kim Jong Il's regime will prevent it from taking hostile actions, including nuclear weapons tests.

Officials say break-in at courthouse was not terrorism

Houston Chronicle - Craig Kapitan, Guillermo Contreras -
Five French citizens arrested at the Bexar County Courthouse early Wednesday were partiers, not terrorists, local and federal investigators concluded after questioning the men and searching their ...

Sixteen days in the Lisa Irwin case: A KC toddler is still missing

Kansas City Star - Tony Rizzo, Glenn E. Rice -
After 16 frustrating days of searching, Kansas City police and the FBI are still seeking an answer to the question that has generated national headlines - where is Baby Lisa?

Rush to Drill for Natural Gas Creates Conflicts With Mortgages

New York Times - Andrew Harrer -
A natural gas drilling rig next to an impoundment pit in Washington County, Pa. Such pits are often used to store toxic drilling waste.

Portraits emerge of victims in scheme emerge

Atlanta Journal Constitution - Patrick Walters -
AP PHILADELPHIA - Harrowing portraits are emerging of the victims of a Philadelphia group that allegedly took in the downtrodden and disabled for their Social Security checks, then held them captive in wretched conditions.

What American Airlines must do to end nosedive

The Journal News | -
AP Major airlines are joining in the first widespread airfare increase since early August. The increase was initiated by Delta Air Lines Inc. late Tuesday, said Rick Seaney of Farecompare.

Ford tries to bring investors on board

Detroit Free Press - Brent Snavely -
Now that the UAW's labor contract with Ford has crossed the finish line, executives will tell investors today how the deal will make the company more competitive over the next four years.

Lytro unveils its digital camera - Molly McHugh -
Whispers about Lytro's super steal plenoptic camera have been ramping up as the device heads into production, and today the company is finally unveiling its game-changing digital camera.

Damon teams up with Krasinski in film

Toronto Sun - Brent Lang -
From Martin Scorsese to Steven Spielberg, Matt Damon has worked with some of Hollywood's greatest directors. Now it's his turn to slide behind the camera.

Lindsay Lohan has new court trouble

The Press Association -
Lindsay Lohan has been taken into custody after a US Judge revoked her probation because she was kicked off a community service assignment at a women's shelter.

Michael Jackson's doctor blasted by expert

San Francisco Chronicle - Linda Deutsch -
Dr. Steven Shafer, an expert in anesthesia, testifies at the involuntary manslaughter trial of Dr. Conrad Murray. A medical expert testified Wednesday that a physician's repeated and flagrant violations of the standard of care ...

Third straight day of talks planned

Detroit Free Press -
Federal mediator George Cohen said: "Everyone is extremely focused on the core issues, the difficult issues that confront them.

Hurry-Up Offense: Palmer Gets Going With Raiders

New York Times - Jason Turbow -
The Carson Palmer era in Oakland was just hours old when the speculation began as to how soon he would make his first appearance in silver and black.

Cards Maneuver Their Way to a Win

New York Times - David Waldstein -
Albert Pujols, right, and Matt Holliday of the St. Louis Cardinals celebrated after scoring in the fourth inning. By DAVID WALDSTEIN ST.

Beltre cries foul on disputed call in ninth - Barry M. Bloom -
ST. LOUIS -- It wasn't a replica of the famous 1969 World Series "shoe polish" incident, but a ninth-inning at-bat certainly might have cost the Rangers a key out in Wednesday night's 3-2, ...

Comet storm rages in alien star system -
This artist's conception illustrates a storm of comets around a star near our own, called Eta Corvi. Evidence for this barrage comes from NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope, whose infrared detectors picked up indications that one or more comets was ...

German Satellite on Its Way Back to Earth

New York Times -
By AP A retired satellite is hurtling toward Earth, and pieces of it could crash as early as Friday, the German Aerospace Center said.

Sex and intimacy after cancer

Omaha World-Herald - Patty Brisben -
October's Breast Cancer Awareness Month has become one of the most visible campaigns in our nation, with a wealth of "Pink" gracing the pages of magazines, lining store shelves, and dashing across finish lines.

CDC: Antidepressant use skyrocketed in past 20 years

USA Today -
By HealthDay WEDNESDAY, Oct. 19 (HealthDay News) -- The rate of antidepressant use among Americans of all ages increased nearly 400 percent over the last two decades, and 11 percent of Americans aged 12 and older now take antidepressant drugs, ...

Brain Region Size Linked To Number Of Facebook Friends

Medical News Today - Christian Nordqvist -
The size of some parts of the brain correlate to how many friends people have on Facebook, researchers from University College London reported in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B. The brain areas that appear to have more gray matter ...


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