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Updated 5 minutes ago
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As Pressure Grows, Obama Addresses Gay Rights Group

Washington Post - Michael D. Shear, Anne E. Kornblut - ‎35 minutes ago‎
President Obama, struggling to keep promises he made during last year's campaign, renewed his pledge to end the military's ban on openly gay service members as he appeared at a fundraising dinner for the nation's largest gay advocacy group on Saturday ...

Obama Nobel Peace Prize: Obama wins, and partisan fighting continues

Chicago Tribune - Mark Z. Barabak, Geraldine Baum - ‎1 hour ago‎
President Barack Obama's winning of the Nobel Peace Prize brought nothing of the sort at home, as political combatants were quick to assume their usual battlements: Democrats largely hailed the ...

Commandos Free 39 Hostages, Ending Militant Siege in Pakistan

Voice of America - Ayaz Gul - ‎28 minutes ago‎
Military officials in Pakistan say a siege by militants near the army's headquarters in Rawalpindi, near the capital, Islamabad, is over.

Afghan official: Foreigners bolstering Taliban

The Associated Press - Rahim Faiez, Heidi Vogt - ‎4 hours ago‎
KABUL - Thousands of foreign fighters have poured into Afghanistan to bolster the Taliban insurgency, the country's defense minister said Saturday as he called for more international troops.

Turkey, Armenia Sign Agreement to Normalize Relations

Voice of America - ‎8 minutes ago‎
By VOA News Turkey and Armenia have signed an agreement to normalize relations after a century of hostilities - despite a last minute glitch that nearly derailed the landmark agreement.

India warns of danger from Pakistan militants

Reuters India - Rina Chandran - ‎2 hours ago‎
MUMBAI, Oct 11 (Reuters) - India's top diplomat has warned of a clear and present danger to the international community from militants in Pakistan after a bomb attack on the Indian embassy in Kabul that it has hinted may have come from ...

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The Baucus Bill

New York Times - ‎7 hours ago‎
The Senate Finance Committee may finally be ready to vote on its version of a health care reform bill. For months, its chairman, Max Baucus, and other members have struggled to produce legislation that could win significant Republican support.

R. Creigh Deeds

Washington Post - ‎2 hours ago‎
R. Creigh Deeds has not offered specific proposals to fund transportation improvements. In an op-ed piece published last month in The Washington Post, Deeds said that "all options for funding will be on the table.

Questions About 'Sweat Lodge' Rite Where 2 Died

New York Times - John Dougherty, Gregory Roth - ‎11 hours ago‎
PRESCOTT, Ariz. - As Arizona authorities on Saturday investigated how two people died and more than a dozen others were overtaken during a ceremony at a New Age retreat near Sedona, questions arose about the ...

Dow Ends Week at Highest Level in a Year

Washington Post - ‎4 hours ago‎
US stocks gained last week, pushing the Dow Jones industrial average to its highest close in a year, as Alcoa unexpectedly reported a profit and economic data signaled the US recession is ending.

Conservative Occidental goes gambling with Phibro

Reuters - Bruce Nichols, Anna Driver - ‎11 hours ago‎
HOUSTON (Reuters) - Occidental Petroleum Corp's surprise purchase of Citigroup's Phibro business offers the potential for a significant boost in earnings but will test the conservative company's appetite for risk as it ...

Plan: Hummer will continue in Shreveport, La.

BusinessWeek - Alan Sayre, Tom Krisher - ‎Oct 9, 2009‎
Production of commercial Hummer vehicles will continue in Shreveport, La., through at least June 2011 if a deal by General Motors Co.
GM Expected to Seal Hummer Sale Wall Street Journal

Internal Affairs: NASA Ames' moon show is much ado about nada

San Jose Mercury News - ‎1 hour ago‎
By the Mercury News IA woke up at 3:15 Friday morning to - what else? - watch NASA blast a crater in the moon's tuchus. We even woke our kids for this one, what with the promise of a brilliant plume of lunar detritus visible with a mere ...

'Space clown' lands back on Earth

BBC News - ‎3 hours ago‎
Billionaire circus entrepreneur Guy Laliberte has returned to Earth after a 10-day tourist visit to the International Space Station (ISS).

Respectfully Letting Data Die A Natural Death

Washington Post - ‎3 hours ago‎
The big story today is about Microsoft subsidiary Danger losing all T-Mobile Sidekick customer data from their servers. Danger is the company noted for the T-Mobile Sidekick, the revolution in cloud mobile, and most memorably, almost everybody living ...

Gately of Irish boy band Boyzone dies in Mallorca

The Associated Press - ‎38 minutes ago‎
LONDON - Stephen Gately, a singer with the Irish boy band Boyzone, has died while on vacation in Spain, the group said on its Web site Sunday.

Couples Retreat: Movie vs. Reality, Meet the Real Relationship Experts

ABC News - Scott Mayerowitz - ‎Oct 9, 2009‎
Couples struggling with their relationships have long traveled to far away destinations to try and mend their wounds. And this weekend such trips are likely to take center stage thanks to Vince Vaughn new comedy, "Couples Retreat.

Maurice Sendak rewrote the rules with 'Wild Things'

Los Angeles Times - ‎12 hours ago‎
The children's picture book didn't idealize childhood, and in turn it inspired director Spike Jonze. The creatures in "Wild Things," starring Max Records, are menacing.

Improbable interception turns tide for Huskies

Seattle Post Intelligencer - ‎31 minutes ago‎
Or maybe Mason Foster just got tired of seeing his defense get sliced and diced all day long by the Arizona Wildcats and decided to make a play.

LSU's defense a shell of former self

FOXSports.com - ‎2 hours ago‎
Sometimes a coaching staff's week of preparation can almost be heard while watching a game. While Florida's coaches probably didn't exactly put it in these terms, they seemed like they looked at gamefilm of LSU and said, "this defensive line sucks; ...

United States clinches World Cup berth

The Associated Press - Ronald Blum - ‎5 minutes ago‎
SAN PEDRO SULA, Honduras - American players danced in the locker room and swigged some bubbly. With a thrilling victory on a hot and humid night in Central America, the US soccer team earned a trip to South Africa and another chance to impress at the ...

Obama: One more push for health care cooperation

The Associated Press - Will Lester - ‎7 hours ago‎
WASHINGTON - President Barack Obama sees both "unprecedented consensus" from outside Congress on his drive to remake the nation's health care system and obstructionism by some on Capitol Hill.

H1N1 Deaths Among Youths Rise

Washington Post - Rob Stein - ‎15 hours ago‎
The number of children who have died from swine flu has jumped sharply as the virus continues to spread widely around the United States, striking youngsters, teenagers, young adults and pregnant women unusually often, federal officials ...

Know the facts about breast cancer

Augusta Chronicle - David Scott Lind - ‎44 minutes ago‎
But the numbers have decreased over the past several years because more women are aware of the disease and have committed to having regular cancer screenings.

Prizes Aside, the P-NP Puzzler Has Consequences

New York Times - John Markoff - ‎Oct 7, 2009‎
The September cover article in the Communications of the Association of Computing Machinery touched off a distinct buzz last month when more than 10 times the usual number of readers downloaded the article in the first two days it went ...

Why do women have sex?

Salon - Tracy Clark-Flory - ‎Oct 4, 2009‎
Oct. 5, 2009 | Women just don't think about sex all that much. They have sexual fantasies only twice a month. Sometimes, they have sex simply out of a sense of duty.

Wife bans FBI head from online banking

CNET News - Elinor Mills - ‎Oct 7, 2009‎
SAN FRANCISCO--No one is immune from cyberthreats, not even the head of the FBI. FBI Director Robert Mueller was banned by his wife from doing online banking after he nearly fell for a phishing scam, he said on Wednesday during a talk ...

Couple battle to make insurers liable for coverage decisions

Los Angeles Times - ‎Oct 7, 2009‎
Their wrongful-death suit against Cigna over the loss of their 17-year-old daughter was blocked. Now they aim to bring change. Hilda Sarkisyan went with supporters to Cigna's headquarters in Philadelphia in 2008, seeking an apology for her daughter's ...

The Calorie-Restriction Experiment

New York Times - Jon Gertner - ‎Oct 7, 2009‎
AS AMERICANS become fatter and fatter - a study published in July revealed that obesity rates increased in 23 states last year and declined in none - a select group of men and women under the watchful care of medical professionals have ...