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Perry, Romney Poised to Trade Attacks at GOP Debate

Fox News -
Texas Gov. Rick Perry, the GOP presidential front-runner, fended off pointed attacks from his rivals during Thursday night's debate over his criticism of Social Security and his record on immigration.
The Associated Press
The Associated Press
ABC Action News

The dangers of space debris -
Just one person in history has been hit by space debris - that we know of, at least. Lottie Williams was struck on the shoulder by a piece of the Delta II rocket that weighed the same as a drinks can in Oklahoma in 1997.

Pakistan's Spy Agency Is Tied to Attack on US Embassy

New York Times -
WASHINGTON - The nation's top military official said Thursday that Pakistan's spy agency played a direct role in supporting the insurgents who carried out the deadly attack on the American Embassy in Kabul last ...

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad claims planes did not cause Twin Towers to fall -
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has said that as an engineer he is sure the Twin Towers were not brought down by planes crashing into them.

'X Factor': Simon Cowell X's Out Xander Alexander -
If Wednesday night's "X Factor" premiere focused primarily on positive auditions and warm-and-fuzzy backstories, Thursday's (September 22) episode upended that formula by highlighting failed singers and auditions that went nowhere.

Stocks plunge on fears of a 'full-blown recession'

Christian Science Monitor -
Stocks fell sharply on a variety of factors - from a pessimistic Federal Reserve to reports that Europe might be headed for a recession.

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Josh Fattal: 'So relieved we are free'

CNN International -
Muscat, Oman (CNN) -- American hikers Josh Fattal and Shane Bauer bounded down the steps of the aircraft that took them from Iran to Oman late Wednesday, rushing into the arms of loved ones who had sought their freedom for more than two years.

Ahead of Abbas speech, still unclear where PA is headed

Jerusalem Post -
Israeli officials say UN Security Council statehood bid may be held up, not certain PA will take measure to General Assembly; Quartet tries to bring sides back to the negotiation table.

Michael Sata wins Zambian presidential election

The Guardian -
Michael Sata toned down his rhetoric against foreign mining firms in the closing stages of the campaign. Photograph: Thomas Nsama/AFP/Getty Images The opposition leader Michael Sata has been declared the winner of Zambia's presidential election, ...

Yemeni president returns from Riyadh

Xinhua -
SANAA, Sep. 23 (Xinhua) -- Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh returned Friday morning to his restive country from Saudi Arabia, the state-run TV and Saba news agency reported.

Jaycee Dugard sues US over captor's parole supervision

Los Angeles Times -
Jaycee Lee Dugard alleges that the US government failed to properly supervise Phillip Garrido, the convicted rapist who, while on parole, kidnapped her and held her captive for 18 years.

House approves funding bill; Senate passage in doubt

Los Angeles Times -
The measure would avert a government shutdown by funding the Federal Emergency Management Agency and drawing money away from a green vehicle program championed by Democrats.

Executions revive debate over death penalty

San Francisco Chronicle -
Stephen Morton / AP Minister Lynn Hopkins (left) comforts her partner, Carolyn Bond, after hearing that the Supreme Court rejected a last-ditch plea by Troy Davis, who was executed Wednesday night.

McCotter drops long shot bid for GOP presidential nomination

The Detroit News -
The same day he was shut out from another presidential debate, US Rep. Thaddeus McCotter of Livonia said Thursday he's dropping his bid for the Republican presidential nomination.

Breakingviews-Meg Whitman is unjustifiable choice for HP CEO

Reuters -
NEW YORK, Sept 22 (Reuters Breakingviews) - Hewlett-Packard's (HPQ.N) board just can't get out of its own way. Appointing Meg Whitman to run the company is the latest example why.

G-20 Vows to Tackle 'Renewed' Global Risks

Bloomberg -
Sept. 23 (Bloomberg) -- Group of 20 finance chiefs pledged to address rising risks to the global economy and pushed Europe to contain its sovereign debt crisis after concern the world is ...

European Stock-Index Futures Are Little Changed After Yesterday's Retreat

Bloomberg -
European stock-index futures were little changed, indicating the Stoxx Europe 600 Index will remain near a two-year low. Asian shares declined while US futures advanced.

Get Facebook's New Timeline Right Now

TechSpot -
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg yesterday announced a complete reconceptualization of profile pages on the popular social network with the introduction of Timeline.

Yahoo News, Facebook Linkup Shares What You're Reading

PC Magazine -
Yahoo is ramping up its integration with Facebook by adding the ability for users to automatically share with friends the articles they are reading on Yahoo News.

Weekend Movie Forecast: Get the Scoop on 'Moneyball' & More!

The Daily Blabber from iVillage -
Which movies are fun for the whole family and which ones are treats just for you? Find out! Based on Michael Lewis' nonfiction book of the same name, Moneyball tells the story of Oakland A's general manager Billy Beane (Brad Pitt).

'Abduction' review

Metromix Denver -
Thrill-seeking teen Nathan Harper (Taylor Lautner) suffers from “insomnia, impulsivity and rage issues” according to his therapist (Sigourney Weaver), as well as recurring dreams of a mysterious woman's murder.

Nirvana Recall The Other 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' Video -
Kurt Cobain was disappointed with the first version - so he went in and edited it himself. By Gil Kaufman It's one of the most iconic videos in music history, up there with Michael Jackson's "Thriller," Madonna's "Like a Virgin" or Lady Gaga's "Bad ...

'Pan Am': The ticket to beautiful nostalgia

USA Today -
By Robert Bianco, USA TODAY By Patrick Harbron, ABC By Patrick Harbron, ABC Not, TV forbid, on some overcrowded, underserviced, fee-laden flying bus where the staff got up on the wrong side of the bed and the passengers look like they just got up.

AP Source: NBA to Cancel Training Camps

ABC News -
No labor deal, no training camps and no telling what else the NBA could lose. The lockout is about to start inflicting damage on the preseason schedule - and neither players nor owners can say what will happen to ...

Big 12 seeks reforms to ensure stabilty as Beebe departs

USA Today -
The Big 12 Conference began working Thursday to steady itself after 15 months of turmoil and defections, beginning with a change at the top.

Matt Kemp bolsters his MVP case in Dodgers' win over Giants

Los Angeles Times -
The center fielder hits three doubles and his 36th home run in an 8-2 victory against the Giants. Tom Lasorda, honorary manager on his 84th birthday, congratulates left fielder Juan Rivera after his two-run home run brought in Matt Kemp in the second ...

Pennant race recap: Moore gives Rays big lift; Cards suffer letdown -
After three mostly dreary days in the Bronx, the Tampa Bay Rays are right back where they started in the AL wild-card race. They still trail the Boston Red Sox by two games after dropping three of four to the New York Yankees.

Speed of light may have been broken – Q&A -
Scientists at CERN have shocked the world by announcing they have observed tiny particles travelling faster than the speed of light.

Hair DNA reveals 2 migration waves out of Africa

San Francisco Chronicle -
Long, long ago, a bold race of early modern humans left Africa and migrated across vast stretches of southern Asia to Australia - a mass migration of humankind that was followed thousands of years later by a second wave of African migrants who would ...

FDA phases out inhaler due to environmental impact

USA Today -
WASHINGTON (AP) - Federal health officials are alerting asthma patients that a type of inhaler sold over the counter will be phased out at year's end because it uses carbon gas that depletes the Earth's atmosphere.

Jab to heal the blind: Stem cell trial brings hope to millions

Daily Mail -
Twelve young patients who suffer from hereditary sight loss will have millions of embryo stem cells injected into their eyes. Older people with age-related macular degeneration could be treated as early as next year.

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