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Temporary stay granted for Texas death row inmate

CNN International -
By the CNN Wire Staff Duane Buck was convicted of shooting three people -- and killing two of them -- after an argument in 1995. (CNN) -- Texas death row inmate Duane Edward Buck was waiting to see if the US Supreme Court will decide his fate before ...

Marine hero of Afghanistan receives Medal of Honor in White House ceremony

Washington Post -
On Sept. 8, 2009, Marine Sgt. Dakota Meyer, then a 21-year-old corporal, defied the orders of his superiors while on duty in a remote province in eastern Afghanistan, raced into a “killing zone” and helped rescue 36 US and Afghan ...

John Boehner's tax reform push draws skepticism

Politico -
House Speaker John Boehner is pushing a major rewrite of the US Tax Code this fall, but there are skeptics in his own party who believe it just can't happen with President Barack Obama in the Oval Office.

Jarrett Lee leads No. 3 LSU past No. 25 Mississippi State

USA Today -
STARKVILLE, Miss. - Quarterback Jarrett Lee was nearly flawless around a steady running game, and No. 3 LSU eventually wore down No.

UBS $2 billion rogue trade suspect held in London

Reuters -
City of London Police Commander Ian Dyson reads a statement outside Wood Street Police Station in London, September 15, 2011. By Victoria Howley and Emma Thomasson LONDON/ZURICH (Reuters) - Swiss bank UBS said it had lost around $2 billion due to rogue ...

Scarlett Johansson Naked Picture Poster Speaks Out: "I Really Felt Bad"

E! Online -
Kim's Fashion Week Kouture Plus, Ashlee Simpson, Paula Abdul, Christina Ricci & Jennifer Hudson. Rate today's highs & lows!

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Residents flee Gadhafi stronghold ahead of anticipated showdown

CNN International -
By the CNN Wire Staff Tripoli, Libya (CNN) -- Troops loyal to Libya's transitional government punched deep into the heart of ousted strongman Moammar Gadhafi's hometown of Sirte on Thursday, while Britain and France pledged their full support for the ...

Voters Put Leftists in Power in Denmark

New York Times -
LONDON - A closely contested election in Denmark resulted in victory on Thursday for a center-left coalition led by the Social Democratic Party, ending a 10-year run in power for a center-right coalition that adopted some of Europe's ...

Palestinians Resist Appeals to Halt UN Statehood Bid

New York Times -
Tara Todras-Whitehill/AP Palestinians in Bethlehem gather outside the Church of the Nativity on Thursday in support of their bid for statehood.

Stepmother gets up to 18 years in girl's killing

CBS News -
(AP) NEWTON, NC - Staring angrily, Adam Baker confronted his wife in a courtroom Thursday after she admitted to murdering his 10-year-old disabled daughter and scattering her remains in the western reaches of North Carolina.

Perry takes aim at Romney, Obama health care plans in Iowa speech

CBS News -
Republican presidential candidate Texas Gov. Rick Perry greets local residents before speaking at a Greene County party fundraiser, Thursday, Sept.

5 Central Banks Move to Supply Cash to Europe

New York Times -
FRANKFURT - Worried that Europe's debt impasse posed a growing threat to the global financial system, the world's major central banks moved Thursday to assure that European banks would not run short of cash as troubled ...

Postal Service move would delay mail by a day

USA Today -
WASHINGTON - The US Postal Service, desperate to cut billions from its payroll, is proposing to shut down more than half its mail processing centers, a move that would add a day to the time it takes to deliver many ...

Asia Surges on Europe Move

Wall Street Journal -
SINGAPORE--Asian stock markets surged Friday as financial stocks led a broad-based rally amid easing concerns over dollar-funding constraints of European banks following joint central bank action Thursday aimed at stemming a new ...

Goldman Sachs Shuts Global Alpha Fund as Clients Withdraw Money

BusinessWeek -
Sept. 16 (Bloomberg) -- Goldman Sachs Group Inc., the fifth-biggest US bank by assets, will shut its Global Alpha fund after clients pulled money from the quantitative trading pool that was once the firm's largest hedge fund.

Microsoft ditches Adobe Flash on Windows 8-powered tablets

After getting squeezed out of the iPhone and iPad world, Adobe Flash is getting smacked in the face, again. Microsoft's declared that the Metro (read: tablet) version of Internet Explorer 10 on Windows 8 will be a "plug-in free" browser.

RIM profits nearly sliced in half

Register -
Research in Motion's shares have fallen sharply after the Blackberry maker reported that profits were down 47 per cent for its second quarter of the fiscal year.

Windows 8: Microsoft's Swiss Army knife vision

ANAHEIM, Calif.--Microsoft, in revealing details of its upcoming Windows 8 operating system this week at its Build developer conference here, has presented its vision for computing in a tablet era that's starkly different from the one offered by rival ...

'Lion King' roars back to theaters in 3-D

Kansas City Star -
Simba, with his gal pal Nala, just can't wait to be king. In 3-D. “The Lion King” was a high-water mark for traditional Disney animation, the exclamation point on the success story that began with “The Little Mermaid” and continued with ...

Brad Pitt Uses 'Moneyball' Promotional Tour to Criticize Jennifer Aniston

Hollywood Reporter -
The actor has largely remained silent about his ex-wife and their marriage until now. With a new movie to promote, Brad Pitt is suddenly speaking his mind about ex-wife Jennifer Aniston.

January Jones Welcomes Baby Boy -
January Jones gave birth to a healthy baby boy named Xander Dane Jones on Tuesday. "Mom and baby are doing great," Jones' rep told Us Weekly.

White House crasher Michaele Salahi's tryst hardly a surprise

Chicago Sun-Times -
According to a good Washington source, White House “crasher” Michaele Salahi's latest dalliance (this time with Journey lead guitarist Neal Schon) is not such a rarity.

NBA players show united front at 'lockout league'

Los Angeles Times -
Lakers' Derek Fisher says players are as 'together as we've been through this whole process.' DeMaurice Smith, head of NFL players' union, briefs NBA players on possibility of union decertification.

Pitching-Rich Rays Continue Late Charge

New York Times -
Charles Krupa/AP Jeremy Hellickson started Thursday for the Rays, who were trailing the Red Sox by four games in the wild-card race.

Rose Leads the Attack on One Tough Course

New York Times -
LEMONT, Ill. - Whether it is called “going low” or “posting a number” or “shooting nothing” or simply “shooting a good score,” it is axiomatic wherever touring pros gather to play for money: someone always seems to do it.

Scientists find planet orbiting two suns like in 'Star Wars'

Los Angeles Times -
The Tatooine-like world about the size of Saturn is a frozen mass of rock and gas about 200 light years from Earth. NASA astronomers say it was discovered by the Kepler spacecraft launched in 2009.

Feathers Trapped in Amber Reveal a More Colorful Dinosaur Age

New York Times -
A feather barb within Late Cretaceous Canadian amber that shows some indication of original coloration. By JOHN NOBLE WILFORD Color is coming to the formerly black-and-white Mesozoic world of dinosaurs and early birds.

FDA disputes Dr. Oz's warning of apple juice risk -
AP Arsenic in apple juice! Fed to babies! And it probably came from China! Television's Dr. Mehmet Oz is under fire from the FDA and others for sounding what they say is a false alarm about the dangers of apple juice.

Most Child Flu Victims Did Not Receive Vaccine, Says CDC

ABC News -
A new CDC report found that several children who died from the flu did not receive a recommended flu shot. (Getty Images) Among the 115 children who died of flu-related causes last year, less than a quarter of them had received the ...

Breast, Cervical Cancers Kill 625000 Women Each Year

ABC News -
Breast and cervical cancers are on the rise worldwide, according to the first global analysis of incidence and mortality trends for the two cancers.

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