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Giffords' return fuels speculation on her future

Stamford Advocate -
Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, D-Ariz., prepares to enter a car as she leaves the US Capitol after a vote on debt legislation on Capitol Hill in Washington, on Monday, Aug. 1, 2011.
PBS News Hour

Missing NH girl's body found in river near home

Houston Chronicle -
By WILSON RING AP © 2011 The Associated Press STEWARTSTOWN, NH - The body of an 11-year-old girl who disappeared almost a week ago was discovered Monday in a river less than half a mile from her home, and authorities said they considered her death ...

FBI has new lead in fabled 'D.B. Cooper' hijacking case

USA Today -
Spurring a revival of interest in the mystery figure, the FBI says it is pursuing an "interesting" lead that, if it pans out, suggests he may well have survived and lived another three decades after that 1971 leap ...

Md. Reps Split Debt-Ceiling Votes

WBAL Baltimore -
BALTIMORE -- The US House on Monday passed the debt-ceiling deal worked out by President Barack Obama and congressional leaders, sending it to the Senate for consideration a day before the deadline for the government to face possible default.

Hague calls on the UN to condemn Syrian violence

Herald Scotland -
Ben Glaze FOREIGN Secretary William Hague has called on the United Nations to condemn violence in Syria which has left up to 140 protesters dead.

Kings of Leon Cancel U.S. Tour, Deny Break-Up Rumors

AceShowbiz -
The Followill brothers say that the tour cancellation is just to give them time for a break and assure that it will not lead to them breaking up.

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Seeking to calm a heated battle of words over Muslim voices

Globe and Mail -
After the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, a debate erupted in Western countries over how to approach the more moderate but influential voices of Islamic fundamentalism: Outlawing them, tolerating them or engaging them in dialogue.

In war-torn Libya, no pause for Ramadan

Washington Post -
QAWLISH, Libya - The Muslim holy month of Ramadan began here at a lonely outpost on the front lines, as rebel forces broke their daylight fast with a handful of dates, a glass of milk and a couple of rocket launches.

China says Islamic radicals were behind violence in Kashgar

Los Angeles Times -
The city of Kashgar is home to many Uighurs, a Turkic minority. Authorities say one of the attackers had ties to the East Turkestan Islamic Movement, a group opposed to Chinese rule in west China.

The people versus Egypt's Hosni Mubarak

Globe and Mail -
When 83-year-old Hosni Mubarak is walked - or wheeled - into a makeshift Cairo courtroom Wednesday, an entire nation will be mesmerized.

Officials: Israeli PM Ready to Negotiate Borders

Voice of America -
August 01, 2011 Officials: Israeli PM Ready to Negotiate Borders VOA News Israeli officials say Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has agreed to negotiate the borders of a future Palestinian state using the 1967 cease-fire line that delineates the West ...

Huntsman Campaign Misspells His Name -- Again

ABC News (blog) -
ABC affiliate WMUR-TV reports that Jon Huntsman's new New Hampshire mailer reads “John Huntsman” - the second time his name has been misspelled on his own campaign materials.

Judge: Casey Anthony must report for Fla. probation -
ORLANDO, Fla. - Casey Anthony must return to Orange County, Fla., to serve a year of supervised probation over a check fraud case, a Florida judge ordered Monday.

Newton discusses credit rating with Moody's

Boston Globe -
By Lisa Kocian, Globe Staff Moody's Investors Service will review Newton's AAA bond rating in the next 90 days because of the potential national default facing the country, Mayor Setti Warren said tonight after a conference call with Moody's.

HIGHLIGHTS 2-Key quotes from Japan policymakers on FX

Reuters -
TOKYO Aug 2 (Reuters) - Japanese Finance Minister Yoshihiko Noda signalled on Tuesday that Tokyo is in close touch with European and US counterparts on the yen's strength, but declined to say if it would sell the yen to rein in its surge in value.

Washington's Haggling Left Wall Street Dangling

Wall Street Journal -
Three years after Wall Street's penchant for financial engineering, exotic derivatives and too-complicated-to-be-true assumptions brought the world economy to its knees, the US political class crafted, and then partially solved, ...

Ford to recall 1 million older pickups due to fire danger

Los Angeles Times -
Corrosion from road salt in colder climates can weaken straps that hold fuel tanks, company says. No vehicles sold or registered in California are affected.

iCloud beta appears online along with prices for storage upgrades

Ars Technica -
Been looking for signs of iClouds on the horizon? Apple has quietly lifted the curtain on ahead of the official launch, which is scheduled for some time this fall.

Bing Increases Market Share, But Google Still Dominant

International Business Times -
The Microsoft's ambitious search engine Bing is investing millions of dollars every year to catch up with no.1 search engine giant Google.

HP Releases Over-The-Air Update For WebOS TouchPad

Hewlett Packard on Monday pushed out an over-the-air WebOS update for the HP TouchPad that's intended to boost the tablet's performance and reliability.

Study: Data Centers Sucking Up Less Power Than Predicted

PC Magazine -
It turns out that the electricity used by data centers around the world increased a whole lot less from 2005 to 2010 than was originally predicted, according to new research by Stanford's Jonathan Koomey.

'Cowboys & Aliens' beats 'Smurfs' — at first

Los Angeles Times -
The sci-fi western tops the box office on the movies' first weekend, but it will have a hard time turning a profit. Meanwhile, 'Smurfs' shows longer-term promise.

Ashley Hebert Chooses Her Man on The Bachelorette

People Magazine -
When Ashley Hebert set out to be The Bachelorette this season, she hoped to find the man of her dreams among a field of 25 potential suitors.

Jennifer Lopez Deal to Judge 'American Idol' Is Done - At a Monster Payday

Reuters -
Fear not, Jennifer Lopez fans: the singer is returning to "American Idol" to judge for at least another year, TheWrap has learned through two individuals familiar with the deal.

'Twilight' Studio Takes Legal Action In 'Breaking Dawn' Photo Leak -
In the release, the production company said the March leak came from the town of Posadas in northern Argentina, but since there may be more people involved, the investigation is still ongoing.

NBA labor talks remain at an impasse

Los Angeles Times -
In the first negotiating session between owners and players since the lockout started July 1, there was no movement on any contested points.

Moss Retires After Career of Thrills and Conflict

New York Times -
Paul Battaglia/AP Randy Moss, celebrating a touchdown in 2000, was perhaps the best deep-threat receiver ever, but he often exhibited boorish behavior.

Former Blackhawks star Chris Chelios to enter US Hockey Hall

Chicago Sun-Times -
Chris Chelios acknowledges the ovation from Hawks fans during a night in his honor last season. | Getty Images The enshrinement process of former Blackhawks and Detroit Red Wings defenseman ...

First Oxygen Molecules Found in Orion Nebula [PHOTOS]

International Business Times -
Astronomers have found the first ever molecules of oxygen deep in space in a region of the Orion nebula with the Herschel Space Observatory, prompting searches to ensue in other star-forming regions.

Dawn spacecraft provides striking new images

(CNN) -- The Dawn spacecraft mission could answer some of the big questions about the Big Bang, NASA scientists said Monday as they released the latest images from the mission.

Wine Consumption May Protect Against Nasty Sunburn

Medical News Today -
Drinking wine may protect against the harmful effects of sunburn, researchers from the University of Barcelon revelaed in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry.

Acute-care hospitals to see higher Medicare payments

Reuters -
(Reuters) - The US government announced an increase in reimbursement rates to acute-care hospitals for 2012, a sharp contrast to the cut it announced for skilled nursing facilities on Friday.


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