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Gore Vidal, celebrated author, playwright, dies

Sacramento Bee -
By HILLEL ITALIE and ANDREW DALTON AP Gore Vidal, the author, playwright, politician and commentator whose novels, essays, plays and opinions were stamped by his immodest wit and unconventional wisdom, his nephew said Tuesday.
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Politics Tea Party darling Cruz wins Tex. senate primary 6 of 9

CBS News -
(AP) AUSTIN, Texas - Tea Party darling Ted Cruz convincingly defeated the Republican establishment favorite, Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst, in Texas' runoff election Tuesday, capturing the GOP nomination to replace retiring US Sen.
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India's Electrical Grid: Did Someone Fall Asleep at the Controls?

New York Times (blog) -
By THE NEW YORK TIMES “The Indian electrical grid, said Arshad Mansoor, the senior vice president for research and development at the Electric Power Research Institute in Palo Alto, Calif.
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Who held the medal record before Michael Phelps?

CBS News -
(CBS/AP) So, Michael Phelps has now won more Olympics medals than any other athlete in history. But do you know who had held the record until Tuesday?
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Syrian aircraft strike Aleppo, rebels claim successes

Reuters -
By Erika Solomon | ALEPPO, Syria (Reuters) - Syrian combat aircraft and artillery pounded Aleppo late into the night as the army battled for control of the country's biggest city, where rebel fighters said troops loyal to President Bashar al-Assad had ...
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The Kristen Stewart adultery scandal: Why it hurts her image, and helps it

Entertainment Weekly -
by Owen Gleiberman Even before she chose to sleep with the married director of a movie she was starring in (the first time, incidentally, that such an event has ever taken place in the history of show business), Kristen Stewart was a lightning rod for ...
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Romney's foreign trip ends on a high note in Poland

Christian Science Monitor -
At a library at the University of Warsaw in Poland, US Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney spoke of 'freedom and justice.' Romney's stop in Poland was likely a way of appealing to Polish and Catholic voters.
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Israel's message to Panetta: US can't prevent an attack on Iran

Haaretz -
Another major topic of discussion will be efforts to prevent Syria's chemical weapons from reaching Lebanon. By Amos Harel | Aug.01, 2012 | 1:12 AM | 6 Iran's heavy water nuclear facilities near the central city of Arak.
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Olympic female badminton players face charges

BBC News -
The Badminton World Federation has charged eight female Olympic doubles players with "not using one's best efforts to win a match".
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Metro Atlanta voters defeat penny sales tax for transportation projects to ...

Washington Post -
ATLANTA - Unofficial returns show metro Atlanta voters have rejected a penny sales tax referendum that would have helped pay for billions in transportation projects over the next decade.
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Passenger finds needle in sandwich on flight -
TORONTO (AP) - Air Canada says a passenger found what appears to be a sewing needle in a catered sandwich on board a flight from Victoria, British Columbia, to Toronto.
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Proving murder in the Peterson case might be tough

Chicago Sun-Times -
BY MARK BROWN July 31, 2012 8:42PM Drew Peterson (left) is on trial in the death of his third wife, Kathleen Savio.
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Leaders Reach Tentative Deal on Spending to Avoid Fight Before Election Day

New York Times -
WASHINGTON - Remember when the government came within 30 minutes of shutting down because Republicans were pressing Democrats to cut spending in exchange for keeping the government financed?
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Mortgage Writedowns, Tar Sands Loophole, SEC: Compliance

Bloomberg -
Fannie Mae (FNMA) and Freddie Mac (FMCC) won't forgive principal on delinquent mortgages they guarantee even as the US Treasury Department is offering incentive payments for writedowns, the companies' regulator said.
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Darkening skies over Europe

MarketWatch -
By Jon Markman, MarketWatch Editor's Note: With the Olympic Games in full swing, Trading Strategies awards gold medals for some terrific picks over the last year.
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Romney's Trip Will Bring Him Cash, But Not Votes

U.S. News & World Report -
By Jamie Chandler Jamie P. Chandler is a political scientist at Hunter College in New York City, where he teaches courses on American politics, political parties and elections, public opinion, and political analysis.
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First Lady to address Democratic convention -
The Democratic National Convention will include a speech from First Lady Michelle Obama and the keynote address will be delivered by the Mayor of San Antonio.
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Reid suggests Romney not releasing tax returns would have 'embarrassed' late ...

Fox News -
Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, in calling out Republican candidate Mitt Romney for declining to release all but his most recent tax returns, suggested that Romney's late father, also a politician, would have been "embarrassed" at his son's stance.
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Microsoft saying farewell to Hotmail, hello to

The Seattle Times -
It was one of the first free Web-based email services available, instantly attracting a lot of users. It still has hundreds of millions of users worldwide.

Dropbox confirms it was hacked, offers users help

After a two-week investigation, the online file storage service confirms that usernames and passwords were stolen from third party Web sites and then used to access Dropbox accounts.
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Verizon no longer allowed to block tethering apps

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SlashGear -
This week Verizon has found itself under the legal gun for blocking tethering apps on Android and iOS devices, with the FCC fining them on top of it all for $1.25 million USD.
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Beyond Snoop Dogg/Snoop Lion -- name-changing celebrities

Washington Post -
Snoop Dogg's change-of-name (to Snoop Lion) is not at all uncommon in the world of sports and entertainment. Here's a few who have followed the Doggfather's path, swapping surnames and more -- and a few who have changed back.
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Americans live up to the hype and then some, adding 1st Olympic gold since '96 ...

Washington Post -
LONDON - For 16 years, the Magnificent Seven defined the US women's Olympic gymnastics program, setting the standard by which every American team is judged.
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Rangers win at trade deadline with deal to get Dempster, but then fall to Angels

Washington Post -
ARLINGTON, Texas - The Texas Rangers traded for Ryan Dempster, confident that the veteran pitcher can stabilize a rotation hit by injuries, inconsistency and, recently, an inability to get people out in the sixth inning.
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Team USA Overcomes Slow Start

The US men's Olympic basketball team needed a while but eventually put on the show fans came to see, beating Tunisia 110-63 on Tuesday night.
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Dempster to Rangers, Victorino to Dodgers, Pence to Giants before trade deadline

Washington Post -
Baseball's haves picked up more players from the have-nots at Tuesday's trade deadline, when Ryan Dempster was dealt from the Chicago Cubs to the Texas Rangers and Shane Victorino, Hunter Pence and Jonathan Broxton all wound up on new teams.
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Video: 'Superbird' dives 150 feet underwater in 40 seconds

TG Daily -
An international team of researchers associated with the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) recently fitted a South American sea bird with a small camera.
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When did modern culture begin? (+video)

Christian Science Monitor -
Researchers have found new evidence of modern culture's beginnings in a cave in South Africa. These findings may indicate that 'modern behavior as we know it' has existed for longer than previously thought.
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New York City hospitals to tell new mothers they should breast-feed babies, if ...

Washington Post -
NEW YORK - New York City officials have a message for new mothers: Breast-feed your baby, if possible. Starting in September, dozens of city hospitals will ask mothers of newborns to listen to talks about why their breast milk is better than the sample ...
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HIV no longer reserved for the young

San Francisco Chronicle -
A person living with the AIDS virus once had no hope of growing old. But within the next eight years, more than half of all Americans with the disease are likely to be over 50.
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Health care cost-control bill sent to governor; Patrick says he will sign it

Boston Globe -
Lawmakers overwhelmingly approved a massive health care cost-control experiment Tuesday that they predicted will save billions of dollars over the next 15 years.


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