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GOP leaders lobby members Hannity for help

Politico -
Speaker John Boehner and House GOP leaders engaged in a furious last-minute lobbying effort inside and outside the Capitol on Tuesday evening to pass their debt ceiling package, but the outcome of that vote remains far from certain, according to ...
The Associated Press

updatedNorway's PM says open society must be preserved -
Beginning of Story Content Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg says his country must remain committed to an open and democratic society following last week's deadly attacks in downtown Oslo and at an island youth camp.

In wake of sex allegation, congressman will resign

San Jose Mercury News -
AP WASHINGTON -- Democratic Rep. David Wu of Oregon announced Tuesday that he will resign amid the political fallout from an 18-year-old woman's allegations of an unwanted sexual encounter with him.

US Olympic skier Jeret Peterson commits suicide in Utah

New York Post -
LAMBS CANYON, Utah -- US aerial freestyle skier Jeret Peterson, who won silver at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, was found dead in Lambs County, Utah, KTVB.

Did Winehouse's funeral violate Jewish law? -
Is it true that Amy Winehouse was Jewish? How can that be if she was cremated, and had so many tattoos, which are against Jewish tradition?

Gained Weight? 50% Chance You'll Be Dumped

International Business Times -
Results of a survey showed that more than half of men would break up with their girlfriend if she gained weight compared to only 20 percent of women who would do the same.

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NATO flexible on Gaddafi's future

Washington Post -
Western powers are signaling an increased willingness to allow Moammar Gaddafi to remain in Libya if he agrees to step down after nearly 42 years as the country's autocratic ruler, diplomats said Tuesday.

Experts Look to Past for Clues to Prevent Famine in Horn of Africa

Voice of America -
July 26, 2011 Experts Look to Past for Clues to Prevent Famine in Horn of Africa Nico Colombant | Washington As famine threatens areas of Somalia and other parts of the Horn of Africa, food security experts are looking for lessons from severe droughts ...

Casey Anthony judge blasts media, holds back juror names

Reuters -
ORLANDO, Fla (Reuters) - The names of jurors in the Casey Anthony murder trial will remain secret until at least October 25 to allow those enraged by her acquittal to "compose and restrain themselves," according to the judge's order ...

Group touts safety record after Alaska bear attack

Seattle Post Intelligencer -
RACHEL D'ORO, AP This undated photo provided by the Gottsegen family shows Sam Gottsegen, left, Jon Gottsegen and Ben Gottsegen in the backyard of their Denver home in late June 2011.

Post-Office Closure List Sent

Wall Street Journal -
News was delivered Tuesday to thousands of communities across the US that their local post offices might close. The reply from many residents: return to sender.

CORRECT: 2nd UPDATE: Amazon's Profit Down As Spending Outpaces Sales Growth

Wall Street Journal -
("2nd UPDATE: Amazon's Profit Down As Spending Outpaces Sales Growth," published at 6:49 pm EDT, misstated the the company's gross margin in the last paragraph.

Racial Wealth Gap Widens According to Findings

Christian Post -
A study published by the Pew Foundation on Tuesday has revealed that Hispanics may have suffered the most economic loss during the country's recession.

Microsoft-Watchers See A Company In Decline

InformationWeek -
Today at BYTE it wasn't all Google+, Apple OS X Lion and Ubuntu talk. Rather, we've been debating a question that--in all my years covering tech, beginning as a beat reporter on Microsoft--was one I thought I'd never hear.

Firefox maker Mozilla aims at Google with new mobile OS -
The company that brought us Firefox has announced plans for a new type of mobile operating system, Boot to Gecko, that could eventually rival Google's Android and Chrome.

Sen. Franken Pushes Regulators to Reject AT&T, T-Mobile Deal

PC Magazine -
Minnesota Sen. Al Franken on Tuesday formally voiced his objection to the merger of AT&T and T-Mobile and urged regulators to reject the deal.

Sandra Bullock's ex-husband calls off next wedding

Reuters -
Tattoo artist Kat Von D poses at the premiere of ''Jackass 3D'' at Grauman's Chinese theatre in Hollywood, California October 13, 2010.

Inside Kim Kardashian's Classy—and Racy!—Bridal Shower

E! Online (blog) -
E! News cameras were there to exclusively cover the swanky soiree at Keeping Up With the Kardashians matriarch Kris Jenner's Calabasas, Calif.

McQueen's will shows his love for dogs, charities

Long Island Press -
By AP on July 26th, 2011 LONDON (AP) - The late fashion designer Alexander McQueen left most of his considerable fortune to charities but also left money to his siblings, household staff and for the upkeep of his dogs, according to documents made ...

Dan Peek, co-founder of rock band America, dies at 60

Reuters -
LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Dan Peek, a co-founder and musician for the folk rock band America, famous for the No. 1 hit "A Horse with No Name," has died.

NFL teams raid undrafted free agent pool

Chicago Tribune -
Armando Allen joined five other undrafted Irish players in signing with an NFL team Tuesday. (Joe Raymond/AP photo) By Brian Hamilton Tribune reporter The wait was interminable enough, with the NFL lockout freezing transactions and compounding the ...

Report: Jets 'reach out' to Nnamdi Asomugha -
The Newark Star-Ledger confirms the Jets have "reached out" to free agent Nnamdi Asomugha. This comes on the heels of an earlier report from ESPN's Adam Schefter that the Jets plan to "make a run at" Asomugha to pair him with Darrelle Revis.

NFL Begins Very Short Off-Season

New York Times -
The madness really began Monday night, when the NFL e-mailed a memo to all 32 teams at 6:20 pm telling them they were allowed to start negotiating contracts with rookies in 40 minutes.

Water on Saturn found to be coming from its moon

World Science -
Celebrated for its beauty and awe-inspiring rings, the planet Saturn now has a new distinction. Scientists say it's the only planet we know whose own moon regularly throws water—or any substance—onto it.

Europe seeks greater role in NASA's exploration missions

Spaceflight Now -
The European Space Agency wants to take on a major task in NASA's future space exploration plans, proposing to combine parts of Europe's existing space station freighter with the US Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle for human voyages into ...

NASA Finds Hidden and 'Tantalizing' Volcanic Complex on Moon [PHOTOS]

International Business Times -
The NASA Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) has made quite the discovery on the far side of the moon. In 1998, the LRO first found a 'bull's-eye' concentration of the radioactive thorium, which showed progressively higher concentration from the edge to ...

Calorie counts on menus 'prompt healthy choices'

BBC News -
Putting calorie information on menus encourages healthy eating - but only in a limited way, a review of the scheme in the US shows.

Happy meets healthy -
Moving to silence childhood nutrition critics, McDonald's has revamped its popular Happy Meal to automatically include an order of apple slices and a downsized order of fries.

Depression higher in wealthy nations, research suggests

Los Angeles Times -
An international team of researchers collected the results of face-to-face interviews of nearly 90000 people considered representatives of their population.

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