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Updated 8 minutes ago
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Obama signs historic healthcare reform into law

Reuters - Patricia Zengerle, Donna Smith - ‎39 minutes ago‎
WASHINGTON, March 23 (Reuters) - A jubilant President Barack Obama signed the most sweeping US social policy legislation in decades into law on Tuesday, putting his name on a healthcare bill that will help shape his ...

Netanyahu Meeting Obama at the White House

Voice of America - ‎31 minutes ago‎
Photo: AP The leaders of Israel and the United States are meeting at the White House for the first time since a bitter dispute surfaced between the two allies about Israeli housing plans.

Police Killed Man Who Shot Officer in the Bronx

New York Times - Ray Rivera - ‎38 minutes ago‎
The Bronx man who wounded a police officer in a shootout this week was killed by the police and not by a self-inflicted wound, the city medical examiner's office has determined.

Britons queued at Ben Gurion airport as Israeli officials cloned passports

The Guardian - ‎20 minutes ago‎
A British Airways flight takes off from Israel's Ben Gurion airport. Photograph: Jim Hollander/EPA Passing through Israel's Ben Gurion airport, a few miles east of Tel Aviv, is a unique experience no first-time visitor is likely to forget.

US pledges more help in Mexico drug war

Los Angeles Times - Ken Ellingwood - ‎1 hour ago‎
Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton leads a large US delegation in Mexico City, reaffirming that the battle against violent gangs is one shared by both countries.

UN: Clashes on Rise in South Sudan as Polls Near

Voice of America - Alan Boswell - ‎6 hours ago‎
A UN official says incidents of inter-tribal violence have escalated in South Sudan before key elections, killing 450 and displacing nearly 60000 since the beginning of this year.

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44: Biden to Obama: 'A big [expletive] deal'?

Washington Post - Rachel Weiner - ‎6 hours ago‎
After introducing Obama at Tuesday's health-care bill signing ceremony, Vice President Biden turned to the president and said, "This is a big [expletive] deal.

Pentagon eyes more "humane" enforcement of gay ban

Reuters - Phil Stewart, John O'Callaghan - ‎35 minutes ago‎
US soldiers prepare to fly while standing next to a CH-53 helicopter in Camp Bastion, Helmand Province, March 22, 2010. WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Pentagon, ahead of any repeal of the US military's ban on gays in its ranks, will likely announce steps ...
Gates Orders Pentagon Review Wall Street Journal

Senators Still Hope for Bipartisan Financial Reform Deal

CNBC - ‎4 hours ago‎
Bipartisan agreement on financial regulation reform was still seen as possible by some key US senators on Tuesday, a day after a Senate committee approved a Democratic bill on a party-line vote.

China's Booming Internet Giants May Be Stuck There

New York Times - David Barboza - ‎27 minutes ago‎
SHANGHAI - Even before Google began threatening to shut down its search service in China, it was not fitting in. Google and other major American Internet companies like Yahoo and eBay failed to gain significant traction in the Chinese ...
Google's Stock Wall Street Journal

Euro hits all-time low vs Swiss franc; Greek aid eyed

Reuters - Satomi Noguchi, Chris Gallagher - ‎35 minutes ago‎
TOKYO (Reuters) - The euro fell to an all-time low against the Swiss franc on Wednesday despite Germany's signaling for the first time the previous day that it may accept European financial aid for debt-laden Greece as a last resort.

Japan export fall casts doubt on trade recovery

Reuters - Tetsushi Kajimoto, Hugh Lawson - ‎14 minutes ago‎
TOKYO, March 24 (Reuters) - Japan's exports fell in February from the previous month in a sign that a rebound in external demand could start to slow as the impact of subsidies and stimulus measures wane.
Japanese Exports Rise 45% Wall Street Journal

Sprint unveils HTC WiMax phone EVO 4G

Reuters - Sinead Carew, Gabriel Madway - ‎2 hours ago‎
LAS VEGAS (Reuters) - Sprint Nextel Corp on Tuesday unveiled the HTC EVO 4G from HTC Corp, the No. 3 US operator's first cellphone that will support its WiMax high-speed wireless service.

Report: Nintendo 3DS Coming This Year With Force Feedback

PC World - Martyn Williams - ‎43 minutes ago‎
Nintendo's upcoming revision to its DS handheld will have screens no larger than those in the DSi XL and feature a force-feedback system that vibrates at certain points during games, according to a report in Wednesday's Nikkei newspaper.

What Do iPad Users Want? Survey Tries to Guess

PC World - Jared Newman - ‎5 hours ago‎
A survey from ComScore tried to figure out how people will use Apple's iPad, and found the most enthusiasm for browsing the Web and checking e-mail.

Bullock not seeking divorce lawyer, rep says

msnbc.com - ‎1 hour ago‎
Sandra Bullock has not been looking for a divorce lawyer - and neither has husband Jesse James, their reps tell PEOPLE. TMZ reported Tuesday the actress's representatives "had been in touch with several high-end divorce lawyers," while James's reps had ...

Oprah Winfrey Settles Defamation Suit With Headmistress

New York Times - Philip Barbara - ‎10 minutes ago‎
By REUTERS The latest on the arts, coverage of live events, critical reviews, multimedia extravaganzas and much more. Join the discussion.

'Dancing' ladies talk about acting out on stage

New York Daily News - Soraya Roberts - ‎4 hours ago‎
Shannen Doherty cried and Kate Gosselin drew a blank during the premiere of 'Dancing with the Stars' 2010. The female celebs just weren't themselves during the "Dancing with the Stars" premiere: mean girl Shannen Doherty teared up ...

NFL approves new overtime rule

Los Angeles Times - Sam Farmer - ‎26 minutes ago‎
Club owners vote 28-4 to change the sudden-death format in the playoffs. The team that gets the ball to start overtime must score a touchdown to win, or the other team gets a possession.

No. 1 UConn routs Temple, 90-36

The Associated Press - Hank Kurz Jr - ‎22 minutes ago‎
NORFOLK, Va. - Connecticut coach Geno Auriemma hugged his former assistant before their teams met in the second round of the NCAA women's tournament.

Gilbert Arenas faces jail time after claims of cover-up come to light

Washington Post - Keith L. Alexander - ‎39 minutes ago‎
Federal prosecutors said Washington Wizards guard Gilbert Arenas repeatedly lied about why he carried four unloaded guns into the Verizon Center locker room and tried to cover up his confrontation with a teammate, ...

14 states sue to block health care law

CNN - Peter Hamby, Jim Acosta - ‎54 minutes ago‎
By the CNN Wire Staff (CNN) -- Officials from 14 states have gone to court to block the historic overhaul of the US health care system that President Obama signed into law Tuesday, arguing the law's requirement that individuals buy health insurance ...

Exercise 1 Hour a Day to Avoid Weight Gain

WebMD - Kathleen Doheny - ‎1 hour ago‎
March 23, 2010 -- Weight gain with age is common. But middle-aged women who start out at a healthy weight and get in an hour of moderate activity every day can avoid weight gain, according to a new study.

Coming to the Menu: Calorie Counts

Wall Street Journal - Jean Spencer, Shirley S. Wang - ‎33 minutes ago‎
Chowing down on calorie-laden food at chain restaurants is going to become more of a guilt trip. The health bill President Barack Obama signed into law Tuesday requires that restaurant chains post calorie counts for ...

Sandra Bullock & Jesse James At The Oscars: Signs Of Trouble (PHOTOS)

Huffington Post (blog) - ‎Mar 19, 2010‎
Sandra Bullock and Jesse James looked the happy couple at the Oscars, where Sandra Bullock picked up her Best Actress award a couple of weeks ago, but might she have had some idea about her husband's infidelity?

March madness: 7 AAPL record highs

Fortune (blog) - Philip Elmer-DeWitt - ‎3 hours ago‎
Apple (AAPL) closed at 228.36 Tuesday, up 3.61 points (1.61%) for the day to hit another record high - its seventh since March 5. While the whole market was up Tuesday - and tech stocks in particular - Apple has been enjoying a particular strong run.

The Ex-Husband Who Never Left

New York Times - Stacy Morrison - ‎Mar 19, 2010‎
It's a bad habit, and a little embarrassing, this lack of clarity. Especially because our breakup was brutally clear: one night nearly six years ago, Chris looked at me from his usual spot on the sofa and said, with a wave of his hand ...

Wal-Mart to slash grocery prices

Reuters - Alexandria Sage, Andre Grenon - ‎Mar 19, 2010‎
Tea Partiers want it known that they are not Republican Party lapdogs, but are they a fringe movement or a sleeping giant, awakened?

Ready, Set, Hang: The Heavy Lifting Is On

New York Times - Randy Kennedy - ‎Mar 22, 2010‎
Art handlers compete in the static hold event, in which they held framed pieces of lead (at 50 or 60 pounds) against a wall while a “curator” barked orders.