By: Jim Moore

I understand that the U.S. Government is an institution, but I don't believe this is the kind of institution President Bush needs.  In the emotional state he's in he needs psychological help, and he needs it quickly.  Correction: our country needs help and we need it quickly.

On every occasion since 9/11 that required, often demanded, some upfront, straightforward answers, Bush invariably gave us stubborn, dogmatic reactions and answers that only a seriously delusional individual would give: fabrications, rationalizations, tall tales, excuses, double meanings, confusing language, phony condolences, and more "God" talk.

Bush's reaction to the recent helicopter crash, in which 37 U.S. troops were killed--- the deadliest day for our military since the war started two years ago--- is a prime indication of a mentally distressed mind. 

His address at the White House of the helicopter incident was in itself the performance of a disturbed, wishful-thinking mentality seriously wounded by twisted values.

Read this carefully "The story today," Bush said, "is going to be very disturbing to the American people. I understand that. We value life. And we weep and mourn when soldiers lose their life. And---but it is the long term objective that is vital. And that is to spread freedom. Otherwise the Middle East will continue to be a cauldron of resentment and hate, creating a recruiting ground for those who have this vision of the world that is the exact opposite of ours."

I have a few questions to ask here.  Freedom for whom?   Freedom from what?  What vision of the world? How can you "value life" and at the same time order killing of individuals and destruction of cities?   Might it just be possible that we ourselves are somewhat responsible for this cauldron of resentment and hate in the Middle East?

What is this vision of the world over there that is so different from Bush's vision?   And what if it is? Is not the world "over there" entitled to its own vision? Does that make Bush's vision right and theirs wrong? Yes, I guess it does in the mind of a man who sees HIS vision as the only way to save the world from itself. 

Never mind the vision of a safe, secure, stable America whose might and effort is concentrated on protecting itself from the "evils" at loose in the world; and not attempting to bring down all the tyrants worldwide that were no danger to our shores.   If we had had THIS vision in first place---which was our Founders vision for America--- and maintained it through the years, I contend that we might never have had a 9/11 in the next place.  

Indeed, what "enemy" would have had reason to initiate such a suicidal act as attacking America, except in a response to our meddling, and in some cases literally occupying land on his "sacred" turf?

So what has Bush now done, and what has HIS vision of the world gotten us into? After two brutal years of fighting so-called insurgents (defenders of their homeland), killing innocent civilians including children, devastating cities, assaulting mosques, and generally creating havoc and chaos in an otherwise non-aggressive nation, what do we have to show for it? The nebulous promise of a "democratic" election, (like ours?)

If it weren't so tragic it would be laughable.  We can't even have a   sensible and trouble-free election forum over here in the presumed "land of democracy." Bush wants not only to give this horse water but also forces him to drink it.  That's another indication of an unbalanced mentality; real trouble upstairs.  

There is a video tape going around in Iraq showing Iraqis slated for election duty being taken hostage. Kurdish political offices near Mosul are being car bombed. In Baiji, near Baghdad, school officials told their local electoral commission that they don't want their buildings used as polling places.  And the Iraqi people who could vote probably won't because they don't trust the security forces which are supposed to protect them.

Wherever the hallucinatory Bush mind ever got the fallacious idea that the world, nation by nation, could be, or even should be, re-visioned (democratized)---using money-strapped America to foot the bill, and forcing a troop-short, U.S. military to bet their lives on it, 1,418 dead so far---might make an intriguing case history in psychiatric journals, but it has no part in an American political administration.

There have been, throughout Bush's presidential tenure, several highly-regarded, top-drawer psychologists and psychiatrists who have studied Bush's actions words and responses under various conditions and circumstances, and to a man, their conclusion has been that the president has serious mental problems of a delusional or paranoid nature that should be treated.

Thinking about what I've seen of Bush's actions and decisions, I'm convinced that these experienced "doctors of the mind" put their finger on it. Bottom line: this doesn't make a President of the United States simply ill.  It also makes him dangerous.

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Jim Moore is a free-lance political writer and is a regular columnist for Ether Zone.

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Published in the January 31, 2005 issue of  Ether Zone.
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