Moondoggle — $5

"My wife Sherry recently signed up for a video production class at nearby Keene State College. The course naturally entailed her having to produce a short video. Instead of doing one on how to wash your sox or something like that, she decided to tackle the NASA Moon landing controversy.

She got every photo, video, and book she could find about the Apollo Moon missions. She read René’s book, NASA Mooned America, Bill Kaysing’s book, We Never Went To The Moon, and Bill Brian’s Moongate. She read the autobiographies of the astronauts. I helped her by going through the three Moon books and making a list of the reasons why it looks to me as if the missions had to have been faked.

Sherry did a nice job of exposing some of the more obvious fakery in her "Moongate" short — which got her an A for the course. But this got me busy writing about each of the 45 key reasons that convinced me that NASA had to have faked the whole show. The result is a 56-page booklet which I have seriously underpriced at $5. It’s called Moondoggle. If you want to be outrageous and really upset the believers in the feat of the century, arm yourself with the booklet. Yes, I know, the whole idea that something as important to our country as the Moon landings could have been faked is so ridiculous that almost anyone’s first reaction is that you are crazy to even suggest such a thing. Unfortunately, I don’t believe this will turn out to be the biggest government hoax of the century, but it sure will at least be the second biggest. You’ll get many times your five dollars worth of fun when you arm yourself with the information in this booklet. You may even want to get some extra copies to upset your true believer friends. Once you read this you’ll want to be a big spender and invest $30 in Renés book (#90). It’s listed further on. René has done an excellent job of research. You'll also want to get the $35 568-page Dark Moon, which I'm importing from London (#92). This book is the result of years of meticulous research into every aspect of the Moon landing hoax. For instance, they measured the LEM hatch and found it several inches too small for the astronaut's on their space suits to possibly pass through.

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