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Blinker's Quote Of The Day:
Oh How I Long For The Fraudulent Bulls**t Market Of The Clinton Years

Blinker's Quote Of The Day:
Those Bad News Bears Are Hot Air Balloon Pundits. Wait A Second, I'm A Hot Air Balloon Pundit

Blinker On the Election:
"It's A Hobson's Choice. " The Champion of Lost Causes Goes On To Say, "He'd Favor Two Of The Best" (Frauds) "Pols, Bill Bradley (corrupt n.j. fraud) and John mccain (fake war hero/fraud)".

Blinker Stops Short Of Pointing to the New Proposed Potential Fraud:
Defacto Bankrupt Social Security Investing in the Stock Market Which Would:

Add To Our List. Bob Blinker is a:

JOKE: Bob Brinker is a joke!
I was anxious to hear the spin that comes from a lack of true knowledge/understanding regarding securities valuation (he was late on the last downturn, but to his limited credit, better late than never as was so for others). Indeed, his explanation for the meltdown was China increasing their reserve requirements. In fact, the more astute analysis would reveal a substantial disparity in valuations between Shanghai and Hong Kong (owing to laws precluding China nationals from investing other than in the Shanghai market and the huge p/e ratios beyond rationality from leveraged speculation thereby and therein). Additionally, he displays lack of understanding in failing to point out the speculative source of borrowed funds in low rate Japan to leverage the purchase of u.s. securities, which positions were wiped out with rise of the yen (and Japanese interest rates by .25 to the still low .5). He is a pompous, pathetic a**hole!

JOKE: Bob 'Buy and Hold' Brinker is a joke!
I was anxious to hear the spin that comes from a lack of true knowledge/understanding regarding securities valuation following the march downward in stock prices (he was late on the last downturn). The fact is that he missed the very reason for wide market swing of over 600 points to the irrationally upside:
(1-23-08) Yes, there is a full moon and the lunatic frauds on wall street act as one might expect: CRAZY. Record $250 billion deficit (not counting yet to be announced so-called stimulus package which wont do anything to prevent the recession in u.s. that already is); all news negative beyond expectations and hence not discounted; BofA further dilutes falling earnings with new stock issue and rallies; Toyota catches GM which rallies GM stock; World Economic Forum in Switzerland says severe recession in u.s.; one analyst says that even as the DOW recently had hit new highs in u.s. as measured in real money, ie., gold, foreign currencies, etc., the DOW has actually fallen 70%, all of which foreign currencies are stronger against the weak dollar which will continue to decline which creates hyperinflation and exodus from same by global investors except those who are picking up prime u.s. financial assets on the cheap owing to u.s. desperation and greed (pay packages, compensation, etc.); DOW down over 300 points along with comparable plunges in NASDAQ and S&P in light of reality that FEAR & PANIC by the fed rate cuts and stimulus package will not succeed; currency analyst says dollar going lower; respected analyst says hes a bear in this bear market; beyond the bull s**t/spin/fraud, it takes a Financial Editor for the Financial Times (outside the fallen u.s.) to explain the reason for the 600 plus point swing as being a bail out package for the bond insurers/guarantors which is short-lived irrational exuberance. Brinker also naively or stupidly regurgitates reported (and quite fraudulent) inflation numbers when actual inflation is substantially more.

Bob 'Buy and Hold' Brinker is a pathetic joke!

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