would be supplanted by the new technology were the "bread and butter" of many of their practices and worth "$3,000 a pop". I had absolutely no compunction in ignoring their entreaties and in supporting the non-invasive (then new) technological procedure/equipment. Unfortunately, (the predominantly jewish) greed did triumph and the purchase of said equipment was voted down despite my vociferous support for same. It should be noted, for example, that other nations have also suffered as a consequence of what could aptly be described as the "jewish condition". Russia had made the unfortunate "choice" of following the (jewish) "Marx/Trotsky" (paradigm of) communist ideology which was the incorrect choice of economic system, human nature being what it is. Specifically, in said "system", promulgated at enormous cost to society, "everyone is equal, EXCEPT some (ie., party members/leaders) are more equal than others". The cost was enormous to both Russia and the non-communist regimes. The truth is that people are neither created, nor are equal, except in the "eyes of the law", which must be a meaningful rule of law and objectively applied (without regard to "political correctness" requiring calling a "spade a spade" and a "Christ-killing jew a Christ-killing jew". Parenthetically, as set forth supra, Derrick Williams, who I apprehended and against whom I testified at a grand jury proceeding for having brutally assaulted and robbed an old lady in broad daylight with many gutless wonders passing her by without helping, was also a negroe. The "Reginald Denny syndrome" (overlooking his brutal assault by a negroe) seems alive and well in LA (objective consideration of facts require unequivocally that Parks be removed as LAPD chief so that law enforcement can once again be refocused on the numerous criminals). Russia will overcome said error consistent with a tradition of greatness and the absence (through purges) of jews, and no negroes to weigh them down as in America which has gravitated to these "easily bought" political blocks, pandered to by particularly the "democrats" (which is fast becoming synonomous with excrement/decline, although in truth, the gutless republicans are just marginally, but distinctively better). The recent "academy awards" are also indicative of just how far even Hollywood has fallen in striving to be politically correct. As set forth in Justin Raimondo's investigative report, the cheers of israeli operatives at the sight of the World Trade Center bombings/catastrophe is indicative of the folly of America's "policies" toward Israel. Indeed, the unequivocal act of state by Israel in sinking the U.S. ship Liberty and killing 34 American sailors thereby has been given no appropriate attention as has been so of Israel's terrorist acts including violation of past and current U.N. resolutions, as well as killing numerous innocent people precipitated by Israel's attempts to keep land illegally seized by them. The global cost of the Israeli violations of international law will exceed all current assessments. In sum, from main street to wall street, from Washington D.C. to Hollywood, etc., and as set forth herein, the empirical data lead ineluctably to the conclusion that jews are criminals and despoilers who, like the negroe, are a detriment to civilized society.

The Only Good Jew is a Dead Jew.