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"I had to stay in La. I'm hoping for a deal with Mattel, a Kobe doll that cries real tears (remember 'tiny tears') and is anatomically correct and can "do the blonde barbie" (bend over) safely, if you know what I mean (gag order)".
"I'm still pinchin' myself for being chosen honorary mascot of The Lost Angeles Rapers. I tried to get them to change the name of the team to Reapers which is more macho and testosteronic. Especially since I'll be trying to cast for and reprise the role played by Tony Todd as 'The Candyman' When I'm back in LA for a LA. That's if I have time to spare from my pursuit of Nicole's "killer(s)"......yuck, yuck."
"I'm proud to be an official sponsor and former star of the Rapers. I'm promoting my own brand of condoms 'If Only' condoms and hope nobody uses them so we all can be positive like me. It's good to be positive and everybody can agree with that and nobody can deny it. Get a positive mental attitude and get positive like me".