What was he thinking? Did he think that this fine (white) 19 year old girl, from a fine family, whose life has been traumatized forever by this insidious act, was some "black hoe" from LA or sub-saharan africa where such would greeted with a "Reginald-Denny-like thank you for the violence, I know you're just a black ape that was born that way"?

Click here http://peia.250free.com/americananimals.htm. Or did he think that his brutal act was less in magnitude than the brutal rape and murder of that little girl, who struggled to her last breath at the hands of (hispanic/mexican/latino) alejandro avilar?Click here: http://albertlpeia.owns1.com. I think not. Lest you desire the same for yourself, family, and friends, the time is now to support the State of Colorado, the victim and her family, and thwart the "clintonian-california-american" effect and send a message indicative of a will to survive by sending "media fraud"  (I personally don't watch zulu apes jumping around on a hard-wood floor) and criminal, kobe bean bryant to jail.


Parenthetically, I would not have been surprised if the uncivilized ape bryant had sought  hillbilly clinton (whoops, hillbilly was suspended for perjury, but should have been convicted for many crimes including sexual assault, rape, etc. - an unconflicted pathological liar and psycopath) who also should be in jail. Or might he call upon "johnny-the-ape-play-the-race-card-cochran" as in the city of apes(LA) where the guilty  murderer, oj the ape, with the help of disbarred liar francis lee bailey, among others, walked free. Not surprising in the mismanaged state of california which "sports" the worst leadership in the nation; viz., davis, feinstein, and boxer, clintonian hypocrites all, and which pander to the clintonian "bryant/simpson/avillar" voting blocks to perpetuate their incompetent reigns, but to their financial benefit and california's financial ruin.


I feel confident that the beautiful and desirable State of Colorado will not countenance uncivilized beastiality, will convict and jail the los(t) angeles product bryant, and show the world that the civilized will not succumb to the uncivilized.