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Kuwait: one million signatures on a request to investigate Israeli crimes
Kuwait-Palestine, Politics, 9/27/2002

Kuwaiti activists started a campaign to collect one million signatures on a message asking the UN secretary general Kofi Annan to investigate in the Israeli massacres against the Palestinians.

The message which is addressed to Annan calls for "opening the door of investigations concerning the collective massacres and the mass annihilation operation carried out by the Israeli army during its invasion of the Palestinian territories."

The secretary general of the "people's congress to resist normalization with Israel" in the Gulf region, Abdul Jalil al-Gharbali, said on the occasion of launching the campaign in Kuwait that it was agreed to launch the campaign of signatures on the message in a conference held in Bahrain in May this year. The organizers for the campaign to collect the signatures said that similar campaign have started in other Gulf states.

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