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Israeli forces kill Arab youth; admit to robbing Palestinian houses before burning them
Palestine-Israel, Military, 8/26/2002

While one Palestinian young man was shot by the Israeli bullets in Jenin and other three wounded when an Israeli on foot patrol opened fire randomly against the Palestinians in one of the city's market, an Israeli force stormed into Marqa village near Jenin and arrested three of its citizens. The Israeli force also stormed into Salfeit town and arrested five Palestinians under the charges that they are members of the Palestinian activists.

The Israeli forces also informed two families in Abu Dies village near Jerusalem that it had decided to demolish their houses in the context of measures against families and relatives of the executors of the operations against Israel.

The Israeli forces also arrested Abdul Halim Daana, the official in the People's Front for the Liberation of Palestine after they broke into his house in Hebron. Two citizens from Khareita and Khurbet al-Sabah villages near Ramullah were also arrested on charges of resistance.

The Palestinian child Muhammad Abu Lehya ( 13 year old) was strongly wounded when the Israeli forces opened fire at the Palestinians near the complex of Ghoushe Hatieve settlement in Gaza and opened its artillery fire at the houses near Khan Younis.

In retaliation, the Palestinians detonated several explosives when an Israeli patrol was running near Jenin and the Israeli army imposed a tough besiege in the area in search for other explosives.

Meanwhile, some 35 Israeli officers and soldiers who took part in breaking acts of the Palestinian cities, villages and camps in the West Bank admitted that they stole money, jewelry and electrical equipment and personal properties from the houses they broke in and that they destroyed and burnt the houses with the aim to hide the theft.

Member of the Israeli Knesset Aminthilion Villan for the Meritz movement said that the stealing and plundering acts committed by the Israeli army is an indication of a common phenomenon rather than individual acts. One of the Israeli army officers said "these sums and acts reveal the state of deteriorating morals in the Israeli army."

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