disappeared at a point during the work day, Arlene Novak rifled


         through his desk and discovered various illegal drugs and pills


         at which point she alerted, yelling as she did so, the managing


         partner, Martin Picillo. Martin Picillo, who subsequently left


         to start his own firm, had virtually no idea of the extensive


         and widespread use of illicit drugs at the firm, including the


         use by the three most powerful partners at said firm, viz.,


         David Gross, Mark (& Hank) Larner, and Michael Rosenbaum, and


         very audibly responded to the frenzied complaints of Arlene


         Novak that Todd would never be associated with said firm while


         he was there. Hess was gone not long thereafter, but so to


         was Arlene Novak’s tenure at said firm ended, not long there-


         after, never to be allowed back despite her attempts to return


         and the support for same of at least her husband, David.


           My meetings with Paul, whether for lunch or otherwise spanned


         a period both during and after both his and my tenure at the


         firm. Clearly, Paul’s progress seemed optimal while at the firm


         where words of encouragement, suggestions that he enroll in


         college (including recommending that he take the evening courses


         I was teaching - he did not; but he did take courses), with


         his father’s “backing”, implicit and financial. On one occasion


         while having lunch I remarked how proud everyone; including


         his father was of him to which he responded with tears in his


         eyes. However, most of our conversations centered on girls at


         the firm where he enjoyed an enviable number of sexual conquests


         with girls that one (if not for the workplace setting) would


         have to be a bit crazy to turn down. His sex life did in fact