By: Paula Devlin

The Brits have such bizarre sex/spy scandals that the casts sometimes seem like a combination of a James Bond flick and "Keeping Up Appearances". Could anyone bear watching "Hyacinth Meets Goldfinger"? Now New Jersey presents same show and we are expected to be amused while common sense tells us that sybarites are security risks.

As part of that suave and charming clot of English traitors, the Ring of Five, Philby trained the CIA’s Angleton. When Philby defected and the truth came out, Washington was rocked, of course, but once some token housecleaning was done and a couple of tactical heads rolled, the spy business settled back to its usual smoke-and-mirrors games. Everyone pretended that it didn’t really happen and that it certainly could never happen again. Never mind we had the Rosenburgs taking the wrap for the whole lot of Manhattan Project ideologues and the friends of FDR who just happened to be Communists/globalists. Never mind that Victor Rothschild had influence on the transition of the OSS to the CIA and seems to have made sure it was compromised from day one. He only reported to the Moscow Center and was a member of Mossad. Not to worry, he was rich you know.

And now we have the Gay Guv, claiming to have had an affair with someone who says he is not gay while both head for the exits. The alleged boy toy made a clean escape back to his kibbutz and the guv is twisting in the wind while the political mavens try to manipulate a coup. The media is having a field day sending the dogs off on false scents to distract from the real problem.

These conspiracies are not theories. They are real conspiracies. This is a crystal-clear example of one and it is worse that the Jonathan Pollard case because the federal government let the Mossad operative escape. The Feds seem to do that for all Mossad operatives. Does anyone think for a minute there will be a formal diplomatic complaint lodged by our government against the government of Israel for espionage? Will any Israelis be expelled as would other countries’ diplomats under the same circumstances?

Will McGreevey be tried for treason? We are in a war, aren’t we? He did compromise national security, didn’t he?

Even before I read Andy Martin, Justin Raimondo and Wayne Madsen, it was apparent that we had an American variation on the Victor Rothschild cover. During World War II, Victor Rothschild held a security post that enabled him to visit every top-secret facility in England and many in the U.S. He thoughtfully pointed out weaknesses and offered suggestions for improvements, while passing information on to those whose best interests were not shared by England or the United States. An ironic point is that the handler for Rothschild and the Ring of Five, Yuri Modin, was described as a "poet", just as Cipel is.

What should make every red-blooded American boiling mad is that these "incidents" with Israeli operatives keep happening and there are no consequences. When anyone takes notice, good ole Abe Foxman is right there shrieking "anti-Semitism" to still any criticism with threats of jail, lawsuits and hate crimes. This aggressive behavior stifles objectivity. Why? What’s his real schtick?

There is something very, very wrong with this picture. How can we protect ourselves if our critical faculties are banned from functioning? If we smell smoke and see flames, must we wait for the government to tell us there is a fire? Are we expected to be so corrupted by sex, drugs and rock & roll not to notice? Or do they just write us off as stupid because we aren’t rich?

Those who take our money, use our intelligence services and our military, never reciprocate. We are hated by the world because we are patsies for these parasites. Why are there ANY non-citizens working for our politicians and our government? Any politician who has any staffer, paid or unpaid, who is not a bona fide tax-paying, voting American citizen should be run out of office immediately. This is tantamount to treason, in my humble opinion. No good can come of this duplicity. What allegiance is there? Certainly not to the United States of America. This applies to all levels of government and to all bureaucracies. We are riddled with moles. No wonder the nation is in such a mess!

Not only is Israel a false friend, but so is Mexico. Mexico ought to be named a terrorist nation because of the hordes of our enemies it helps into this country and its attacks on our Border Patrol.

Did our government lodge a complaint against the government of Mexico when one of their helicopters crossed our borders and fired 70 rounds at our customs agents on February 10 in Columbus, NM? A reasonable nation would call that an act of war. Our politicians ignored it, proving that not all whores wear skirts.

When people ask me for whom I am going to vote, I tell them that I will vote for anyone who will prosecute and execute the politicians, lawyers, judges and bureaucrats who allow our economy, sovereignty and security to be compromised. I will vote for anyone who will get us out of the UN, put a freeze on immigration for 10 years (until we get all the current illegals deported), bring back our manufacturing base, return control of our private property to us and only have genuine citizens on its staff.

Until McGreevey is tried for treason, a complaint filed with the Israeli government and our borders sealed, there is no reason to trust those who call themselves our leaders. It would enhance my sense of security to know that our government considers us a sovereign nation and acted like it.


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Paula Devlin is a former New Englander who bolted to the Rocky Mountain West, where the air is clean, the stars are brilliant and men still put their pants on one leg at a time.  Paula is a regular columnist for Ether Zone.

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Published in the August 20, 2004 issue of  Ether Zone.
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