11-06-08 Barack Obama wins american Presidency (by what is close to but dare not be called landslide)…..Congratulations!… The Poop on the New Pope: The Former Joe Ratzinger, Now Pope Benedict Seems Very Comfortable With War Criminal Bush As He Should Be Expected To Be, Having Before Becoming Pope Headed That Part Of The Catholic Church Charged With Carrying Out the Inquisition (in years past) in Which His Policy On Priestial/Beastial (anal sex, etc.) Abuse of Children Was to Assert Jurisdiction and Refuse to Turn Over Information on Said Abominable Criminal Acts Until Ten Years After the Victimized Child Reached Majority (so statute of limitations defense could be asserted/obstruction of justice consumated). Shame and Disavowal are the Order of the Day. ..... Click for Noteworthy News Stories ..... Ten polls had Obama ahead of Clinton by double digits the day before NH primary: The Spin: the “humane” connection with the (female) voters. Reality: the contrived (there’s always a reason) coffee klatch, the crocodile tears (were real but for herself given lady macbeth’s perceived reality of loss), but not to fear (we’ll just have to win say criminal clintons again – which means america and the world loses again as has been so since bush/clinton/bush) and remember, the diebold voting machines are the bush/clinton friends. Indeed, in New Hampshire approximately 45% of the vote is hand-counted (hard to rig) while 55% of the vote is diebold machine tallied (by tech manager/contractor with narcotics trafficking conviction, prospective clinton pardonee)…..You guessed it. Obama won the hand-counted vote and whoops, the pollsters were right, the criminal clintons won the machine tallied vote. Time to put the bushes/clintons in jail where they belong. What a failed, corrupt, banana republic criminal america is......Diebold Voting Machine Contractor Executive Has Criminal Background January 10, 2008 Company responsible for machines throughout New Hampshire directed by convicted drug dealer. .....It has been revealed that a high ranking executive at the company that was contracted to program all of New Hampshire's Diebold voting machines has a criminal record and has previously defended the illegal act of "swapping out" memory cards for the machines during live elections. ..... ..... THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST RELEASED ON DVD! The Great Mel Gibson Keeps His Perspective and Eye on the Truth and Says: 'F*****g Jews... The Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world... Are you a Jew?' VATICAN CITY - Pope John Paul marked the 26th anniversary of his pontificate. CONGRATULATIONS! ..... The Pope Ascends (Without "Worldly Baggage" and Through The Grace Of God Having Been Spared Bearing Witness To Well Deserved Tribulation, Particularly As To Fallen Meaningfully Lawless Criminal Nation america) To A Better Place..........Among The Few People I Really Like, I Will Miss Him For Now......The vatican says preparing to break its ties with Taiwan and establish diplomatic relations with mainland communist China, ending more than 50 years of mutual hostility and warming relations with Beijing..... and supporting illegals in america.....They must be preoccupied with the catholic priestial abuse of children, both little boys and little girls, to think clearly on the issues. Let the catholic church pay for the illegals instead of the other way around which is apparently their venal motivation. The papacy of the New Pope has failed even before they have begun.....

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Filed 10-16-08, to be served forthwith:

While my priority remains as it should as to the very large and substantial RICO action venued in the Second Circuit, District of Connecticut, involving far more egregious wrongful and unlawful conduct than that involved in the relatively small california case, plaintiff/appellant does not intend to roll over in what remains of this californiamatter (although plaintiff/appellant has substantially compromised the amount demanded to the sum-certain reduced amount requested herein to facilitate resolution hereof).

As a show of good faith and in the interest of comity toward resolution of the federal RICO action and even this simple and relatively small action, I had refrained from updating and disseminating my site [interestingly, Sam Alito, who has committed RICO violations in burying inculpatory RICO related documents while u.s. attorney, is apparently being "rewarded" yet again for his protective complicity (see RICO documents in U.S. Files herein: The Verified Complaint , The Affidavit , The RICO Statement , Letter To Local Police With Documents Regarding Criminal Referral Of RICO Crimes In Accordance With Federal District Court Order - Delivered By Hand , The ADDENDUM , The Declaration/Certification , , RESPONSE AND SUPPLEMENTAL PROFFER IN SUPPORT OF PLAINTIFF'S CROSS-MOTION FOR ENTRY OF JUDGMENT ON THE PLEADINGS IN THE SUM CERTAIN AMOUNT OF $5 MILLION DEMANDED IN THE VERIFIED COMPLAINT. ) despite statements as, ie., "nobody is above the law" which obviously don't ring true. I wonder what FBI Agent Barndollar (sent documents) is thinking (FBI are the only federal employees that don't take bribes, one way or another, and whom I based upon experience, and others should, trust)]. Polling suggests the people trust neither republicans (11% approval) nor democrats (15%) with 73% saying there's little difference (note democrat senate minority leader harry reed refuses to return the abramoff money. What about u.s."top gun", "The Duke" - aptly played by mental case scientologist cruise). I wonder about the probably unanimous vote of a raise (congress) for jobs poorly done; ie., deficits, trade and budget, $2 trillion price tag on the illegal, criminal war in Iraq (including prospective vet.admin. payouts, etc.), etc. That $21.5 billion in bonuses (plus profits, costs, expenses, salaries, etc.) to the wall street frauds (that money) has to come from some place [Only A Small Fraction Of What wall street Does Is A Net Positive For The Economy (New Investment Capital), The Rest Is Tantamount To A (Economically) "Wasteful Tax" (On The Economy) via 'churn and earn' computerized programmed trades]. Note the suckers' market rally to suck them in in january, 2006 (for the supertitious "january effect"), despite the reality of this secular bear market, the end of the bull cycle therein, and half the corporate profits in coming year 2006 (as compared to 2005), with 2005 sustained by unsustainable deficit spending, etc., and now, as in final pre-election result push for bush (2006 mid-terms), which fell very short, but has provided the same pump-priming of the market as most recently in 1999 which ended quite badly even without the exacerbating effects of huge unsustainable and debilitating debt/deficits deferring/prolonging the inevitable reality even as entire domestic u.s. industries are rendered defunct and with corporate welfare unwisely spent (war crimes, etc.).However, this latest "california/la distraction" requires elucidation as follows:

2007: Little glamour in L.A., 'gang capital of America'...

With All the Talk and Focus on "Homeland Security", the Fact is that California is the Lawless 'Homieland' (negroe, hispanic gangs/criminals, radical jews/criminals(ie., irv rubin, etc.), that is Neither Fit for Life, Investment, Nor Business (new jersey and other parts of the northeast are similarly bad). California, like the aforesaid denizens, is obscene; that is, utterly without redeeming social value (legal definition). Rational people would be crazy to come and stay in this diseased, mismanaged, lawless and home to the uncivilized, "bubble/bubba/b**l s**t" state (the california, among other numerous states real estate bubble)

Dateline: 11-22-02 - A New Distinction for Los Angeles: 'Murder Capital of the Nation' (In light of that set forth herein, how could they not have seen that coming? LAPD Chief Bratton has described this disgusting california scenario as worse than any crime scenario he has ever seen in his life)

3-3-06: The gangs (ie., negroe, hispanic) are using molotov cocktails, automatic weapons, etc., in ie., Compton, CA, etc.. (8-12-06) Before the officers could even open their doors, a passenger got out and started raking the car with gunfire from an AK-47," said police spokesman Lt. Paul Vernon. Officer James Tuck was hit twice in the stomach, and a third bullet nearly severed his hand. Although Tuck, 26, was wearing a bulletproof vest, it offered little protection from the high-powered weapon at close range, police said. The LAPD cruiser was riddled with bullet holes the gunman opened up with the ak47. They actually segregate prisoners in prisons for prisoner safety. Law abiding people outside the prisons should be so lucky! That little incompetent macaque/brown monkey villagairosa (reports indicate he failed the bar exam 4 times) keeps pushing for a takeover of the school district when everyone knows that the dumb sp**ks can't understand a word the teachers are saying, and he still is afraid of the "illegal alien" word that has added to crime and strained resources beyond limit, etc.. Can you believe that they even railed at police in pursuit of hispanic felons for not warning in spanish.

MENU TITLE: Gang Crime Recordkeeping Series: NIJ Research in Brief Published: June 1994 (NCJ 148345) 20 pages Gang Crime and Law Enforcement Recordkeeping by G. David Curry, Richard A. Ball, and Robert J. Fox ------------------- EXCERPT 'Of the police departments reporting gang crime problems, almost all said they recorded the race or ethnicity of gang members. As with other types of data noted above, there was a difference between recording information and being able to report that information in summary form. Of the 72 large city police departments reporting gang crime problems, only 25 (35 percent) provided statistics on the ethnicity of identified gang members; of the 38 smaller cities, only 12 (32 percent) provided statistics on ethnicity. The ethnic composition of gang members in these cities remains predominantly black (48 percent) and Hispanic (43 percent). The black groups were made up primarily of African-Americans but also included Jamaicans and blacks of other countries.'
The Color of Crime: a report on 1994 crime statistics, the most recent available. Major Findings:
  • There is more black-on-white than black-on-black violent crime.
  • Of the approximately 1,700,000 interracial crimes of violence involving blacks and whites, 90 percent are committed by blacks against whites. Blacks are therefore up to 250 times more likely to do criminal violence to whites than the reverse.
  • Blacks commit violent crimes at four to eight times the white rate. Hispanics commit violent crimes at approximately three times the white rate, and Asians at one half to three quarters the white rate.
  • Blacks are twice as likely as whites to commit hate crimes.
  • Hispanics are a hate crime victim category but not a perpetrator category. Hispanic offenders are classified as whites, which inflates the white offense rate and gives the impression that Hispanics commit no hate crimes.
  • Blacks are as much more dangerous than whites as men are more dangerous than women.
  • Copyright 1999 by New Century Foundation

Conquest of the Southwest (California) by Any Means.

The ravings of Al Quaeda or other terrorists? No. Should you be alarmed? A resounding YES.

"They (MEChA) stand for Chicano power, the 'reqonquista' for Aztlan that's their little phrase for the Southwest United States and that the United States was stolen from Mexico, and they're going to reconquer it."

"General membership shall consist of any student who accepts, believes and works for the goals and objectives of MEChA, including the liberation of AZTLAN, meaning self-determination of our people in this occupied state and the physical liberation of our land."

California politicians who have never renounced their membership in the organization include Lieutenant Governor and current ex-officio UC Regent Cruz Bustamente, former State Assembly Speaker and Los Angeles mayoral candidate Antonio Villaraigosa (failed the bar exam 4 times), State Assemblyman Gil Cadillo and State Sen. Joe Baca.

The Time Has Come For Action and Not Words Regarding The Criminals Ab Initio Illegal Immigrants Including the Much Needed Funding and Building of The Wall to Bar These Clearly Negative Third World Banana Republic Scourges On american Society Including the Pump and Dump Anchor Babies For Whom Citizenship Should Be Outlawed. 10-4-06

View Pravda Posts [Most Recent]
[1-25] [26-50] [51-75] [76-100] [101-125] [126-150] [151-175] [176-200] [201-225] [226-250]
[How Pathetic The russians Are! This Contrived Glaring Instance Of Censorship Typifies The Lost Days of a Failed, Oppressive, and Repressive Soviet Communist Regime, Much Like The Leftist Losers In Criminal America (Bureaucrat bushes Included, along with Hillbilly Buddies clinton, et als). Their Regressive Longing For The Bygone Days of Failed Ideologies, Systems, Bureaucratic Inefficiencies, Meaningfully Lawlessness and Economic Waste, Fraud, and Bribery is Fast Becoming The Deleterious Norm In america. Where Was Pravda Regarding The Felled Future of Russia In the Persona of Alexander Lebed Who Was Murdered By Putin and His Thugs? Lunatic Murderous Madmen As lenin and stalin and Now (the kgb lightweight-brainwashed) putin Have, Much Like in america Under Criminal Hillbilly bushes and clintons, Cost Their Respective Nations and The World Immeasurably. What A Bunch of Losers The "Rooskies" are, Much Like Their Current Criminal american Counterparts! The foregoing links will be supplanted by a topically indexed page which is primarily what I used the posts for. I Will Also Subscribe To More International and Progressive Forums, Reproducing Said Posts and Prospectively Posting Anew. What a Bunch of Losers!]

"Great Lies of the American free press - 05/23/2005
The Bush dictatorship often uses Adolph Hitler's "great lie theory" - the political tactic where a leader fabricates "great lies" The Bush dictatorship also discovered a residual benefit of the "great lie theory": People are often so myopic or so embarrassed by their gullibility that, even after the "great lies" are exposed, they would rather reward the liar than acknowledge the lie....."
While I too Appropriately Disparage the american Press/Media, It Should Be Emphasized to the Pathetic/Dumb Russkies That the american Press/Media Is Not Free, Is Censored/Controlled Implicitly (Pressure, Economic and otherwise) and Explicitly, But that the Russian "Press/Media" Is Even More A Joke and A Fraud, If That Can Even Be Fathomed, With The Failed Communist Years, Which Cost the Entire World Substantially, Living Testament to that Reality!
I also agree that the dictator/war criminal(s) bush and company must be prosecuted and removed from office!
I Have Begun the Task of Creating a Topically Indexed Page Here.
3-3-06: As a show of good faith and comity (prior to the typical abomination of a ruling contrary to clear law) I briefly set forth the following optimal u.s. course and care little whether same is followed:
  • the criminal state of israel formerly led by king of the jews/terrorist sharon/ now vegetable as he should be, is not the ally of any nation but israel

  • by merely enforcing international law as to the Christ-killing jews, america would cut the anti-american sentiment in half; by enforcing the oslo accords and finalizing the palestinian nation state, an additional 25percent reduction; by eliminating israel, (ie., for killing 34 american sailors, illegally stockpiling nuclear weapons, spying on america, contriving america's anti-Arab conflicts, etc.), america's future in the most positive sense would be secured

  • as incompetent as the republicans are, the democrats (who voted for the war, etc.) were, are, and would fair worse for the nation if they were majority in congress (the terrorists/criminals within would love it - no position on presidency yet and premature) as they conveniently forget the very source of China's economic preeminence/surplus as payback by clinton for financing clinton (ie., John Huang, communist Peoples Party, etc.), squandering the cold war victory (peace dividend) and consequent goodwill/surplus, made u.s. a global laughing stock, covered up numerous crimes and even (had them) killed americans to do so, gave "terrorists" raison d'etre with 'wag the dog' bombings, etc..

  • Cheney should be forced to resign immediately and be replaced by George macacawitz Allen, VA ( latest reports indicate he is part jewish which makes his positions relative to the mideast highly suspect, thus disqualifying him from consideration 10-5-06) or Mitt Romney, MA, in that precise order of preference.

  • After the mid-term elections, bush should be forced to resign - he's a war criminal, brain damaged and excessively and embarrassingly dumb, incompetent, and never really wanted to be president in the first place (global criminal cabal daddy hoover bush's idea).

Some Iraqi Children "Liberated" By War Criminal american Cruise Missiles

More Recent Liberatees (among many others) at the Hands of War Criminal americans

US Marine falsified report on killings of Iraqi civilians Asked about the incident of US Marines killing of Iraqi unarmed civilians, US Deputy Director for Regional Operations, Joint Chiefs of Staff, Brig. Gen. Carter Ham said "two investigations under way." Iraq-USA, Politics, 5/31/2006 U.S. troops kill pregnant woman in Iraq (AP) U.S. troops kill pregnant woman in Iraq By KIM GAMEL, Associated Press Writer Wed May 31, 11:03 PM ET BAGHDAD, Iraq - U.S. forces killed two Iraqi women one of them about to give birth when the troops shot at a car that failed to stop at an observation post in a city north of Baghdad, Iraqi officials and relatives said Wednesday. Nabiha Nisaif Jassim, 35, was being raced to the maternity hospital in Samarra by her brother when the shooting occurred Tuesday. Haditha inquiry finds false reports: Washington Post WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A U.S. military inquiry into whether Marines tried to cover up the killings of Iraqi civilians in Haditha will conclude that some officers gave false reports to their superiors, who then failed to scrutinize the information, according to a newspaper report on Thursday. The Washington Post, citing an unidentified Army official, said the three-month investigation was also expected to call for changes in how U.S. troops are trained for duty in Iraq. The investigation is one of two ongoing military probes into the November 19 killings of 24 men, women and children in the town of Haditha, 125 miles northwest of Baghdad in an area that has seen much activity by Sunni Arab insurgents. The newspaper reported that the Army official said there were multiple failures but declined to say whether he would characterize it as a 'coverup' as alleged by Rep. John Murtha (news, bio, voting record). The Pennsylvania Democrat, a decorated retired Marine, is a vocal critic of the war in Iraq..... US lawmaker John Murtha, pictured 22 May 2006, said that US Marines tried to "cover-up" the killings in November of some 24 unarmed civilians in the Iraqi town of Haditha. Probe finds Haditha killings unprovoked Reuters - Wed May 31, 4:41 PM ET A video provided to Reuters on March 21, 2006 by Hamourabi Human rights group shows bodies being loaded onto a truck, which Hamourabi says is of bodies of a family of 15 shot dead in their home in Haditha, in western Anbar province. Report: False testimony in Haditha probe By NEDRA PICKLER, Associated Press Writer Military investigators have evidence that points toward unprovoked murders by Marines in the Iraqi town of Haditha, a senior defense official said last week. A U.S. military investigation will conclude that some officers gave false testimony to their superiors, The Washington Post reported on its Web site Wednesday night. The superiors then failed to scrutinize reports adequately, the Post reported.

Meaningfully Lawless u.s. Slouching Toward Facism/Socialism/Totalitarianism. September 29, 2006 - Suspension of habaeus corpus, Geneva Convention abrogation, torture promoted, ignore meaningful rules of law the american way.....What, they worry? No. They work for the meaningfully lawless banana republic dictatorship america! What’s the democrat and republican excuse this time? They were fooled again? Criminals following incompetent war criminal and burnt out moron bush down ineluctable path of decline.

The Christ-killing jews have and continue to cost the world and america immeasurably and substantially:
In the middle of the 19th century, the jews created two new world movements: one, Communism, which was directed at Gentiles, preached internationalism and class warfare and was founded by the jew Karl Marx. The other, Zionism, which was specifically for jews, preached jewish nationalism and solidarity and the creation of a Zionist state -- israel.

All the Killings With All Those Weapons Given by Americans Essa bin Mohammed Al-Zedjali, Arab News
The US administration continues to provide Israel, its closest ally, with the most advanced weapons including the sophisticated Smart and Cluster bombs to be used in its continued war against Lebanon Editorial: Lebanon Holocaust31 July 2006
Israel's murderous bloody attack yesterday, using US-supplied laser-guided missiles, represents a new low in subhuman depravity. The target was a residential building in the Lebanese village of.....
(8-1-06) benjewman pet-us-am-yahoo, aka benjamin netanyahu, a zionist jew likud-nut-nic, speciously compares cuban missile crisis to the more nazi-like israeli aggression in Lebanon, conveniently forgetting in typical lying jew fashion that said crisis was solved diplomatically and without a shot being fired. Moreover, it is the lawless international law scofflaw israelies who have stockpiles of nuclear weapons, while the Lebanese have none, but in fairness and justice probably should have some to deter the lawless israelies.
Bloodthirsty Christ-killing jews bomb hospital and kill many civillians including women and children
UN 'shocked' by Qana raid which now has been revealed as not being in any proximity to missiles alledgedly fired at israel and which israeli lies were confirmed by israeli insiders who out of conscience revealed same.
New war criminals' terrorist israeli/american victims:

many such victims at the hands of war criminals' terrorist israelis/americans

Ineluctable Conclusion Based On Facts and Reality: criminal israel/israelis/america/americans Are The Lawless, Fraudulent, Criminal Scum of the Earth. If There Was No israel or america, This World Would Be A Better Place. Lawless terrorist nation israel is the provocator of war, global instability, and chaos. Fallen Criminal Nation america is Bankrupt, Financially and Otherwise. Any Ally (including taxpayers, they'll never see their squandered social security, pensions, etc.) of the Lawless Fraudulent War Criminal Corrupt americans Are Enemies of the Civilized World Founded Upon Meaningful Rules of Law and Civilized Behavior. I'm Finished With Lawless Criminal Fraudulent america, and Not the Other Way Around!

UFOetry: We Never Went To The Moon - The Award-Winning Documentary/Music/Video by John Lee [The $40 Billion Scam (More than $100 Billion in today's worthless dollars)]

The New Page - Under Construction -Coming Soon!

[Please Note: (3-3-06) This Site Had Been In Abeyance Abiding Resolution Of The Subject Substantial Litigation Referenced Herein In Light Of the Impact Of Same On Conclusions, Truths, And Realities, Current and Prospective. The Comprehensive Daily Summary/Links To News/Headlines Courtesy of Yahoo Set Forth by Link Hereinabove Are Provided and Updated With Regularity and Kept Current.] Updates and dissemination have begun in part.

UFOetry: We Never Went To The Moon - The Award-Winning Documentary/Music/Video by John Lee

911/War Profiteering/Fraud

The Implosion(s)

The Year In Pictures 9-26-07 Part I

The Year In Pictures 9-26-07 Part II

The Cats' Page

Post a Comment on the Blog

Post a Comment on the Blog

The Blog

The Reality Regarding israel Box

Lest We Forget

This is #33 in AMEU's

Public Affairs Series

Americans for Middle East


March, 2006

Many of the events catalogued here have been

treated in depth in AMEU's bimonthly publication,

The Link. website: www.ameu.org .

Lest We Forget

The Israeli lobby in Washington has successfully influenced

the U.S. Congress to give billions of non-

-repayable dollars each year to Israel on the premise

that Israel's loyalty and strategic importance to

the United States make it an ally worthy of such unprecedented


Is it ?

In his Farewell Address, George Washington warned

Americans to avoid a passionate attachment to any

one nation because it promotes "the illusion of an

imaginary common interest in cases where no real

common interest exists."

In 1948, U.S. Secretary of Defense James Forrestal,

an opponent of the creation of a Jewish state in Palestine,

warned that, even though failure to go along

with the Zionists might cost President Truman the

states of New York, Pennsylvania, and California, it

was about time that somebody should pay some

consideration to whether we might not lose the

United States.

Israeli actions over the past 53 years involving U.S.

interests in the Middle East seriously challenge the

"strategic asset" premise of the Israeli lobby. Some

of these actions are compiled in the list that follows:

September 1953: Israel illegally begins to divert the waters

of the Jordan River. President Eisenhower, enraged, suspends

all economic aid to Israel and prepares to remove the taxdeductible

status of the United Jewish Appeal and of other Zionist

organizations in the United States.

October 1953: Israel raids the West Bank village of Kibya,

killing 53 Palestinian civilians. The Eisenhower administration

calls the raid "shocking," and confirms the suspension of aid to


July 1954: Israeli agents firebomb American and British cultural

centers in Egypt, making it look like the work of the

Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood in order to sabotage U.S.-

-Egyptian relations.

October 1956: Israel secretly joins with England and France

in a colonialstyle attack on Egypt's Suez Canal. Calling the

invasion a dangerous threat to international order, President

Eisenhower forces Israel to relinquish most of the land it had


1965: 206 pounds of weapons grade uranium disappear from

the Nuclear Materials and Equipment Corporation plant in

Pennsylvania. Plant president is Zalmon Shapiro, a former

sales agent for the Israel Defense Ministry. C.I.A. Director

Richard Helms later charges that Israel stole the uranium.

June 1967: Israel bombs, napalms and torpedoes the USS

Liberty, killing 34 Americans, wounding 171 others, and nearly

sinking the lightly armed intelligence ship. The Chairman of the

Joint Chiefs of Staff, Admiral Thomas Moorer, charges that the

attack "could not possibly have been a case of mistaken identity."

June 1967: Against U.S. wishes Israel seizes and occupies

Syria's Golan Heights.

June 1968: Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir rejects U.S. Secretary

of State William Rogers Peace Plan that would have required

Israel to withdraw from the occupied territories; she

calls upon Jews everywhere to denounce the plan.

March 1978: Israel invades Lebanon, illegally using U.S. cluster

bombs and other U.S. weapons given to Israel for defensive

purposes only.

1979: Israel frustrates U.S.sponsored Camp David Accords

by building new settlements on the West Bank. President

Carter complains to American Jewish leaders that, by acting in

a "completely irresponsible way," Israel's Prime Minister Begin

continues "to disavow the basic principles of the accords."

1979: Israel sells U.S. airplane tires and other military supplies

to Iran, against U.S. policy, at a time when U.S. diplomats

are being held hostage in Teheran.

July 1980: Israel annexes East Jerusalem in defiance of U.S.

wishes and world opinion.

July 1981: Illegally using U.S. cluster bombs and other equipment,

Israel bombs P.L.O. sites in Beirut, with great loss of

civilian life.

December 1981: Israel annexes Syria's Golan Heights, in violation

of the Geneva Convention and in defiance of U.S.


June 1982: Israel invades Lebanon a second time, again using

U.S. cluster bombs and other U.S. weapons. President

Reagan calls for a halt of all shipments of cluster bomb shells

to Israel.

September 1982: Abetted by Israeli forces under the control

of Defense Minister Ariel Sharon, Lebanese militiamen massacre

hundreds of Palestinians in Beirut's Sabra and Shatila refugee

camps. President Reagan is horrified and summons the

Israeli ambassador to demand Israel's immediate withdrawal

from Beirut.

September 1982: Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin rejects

President Reagan's Peace Plan for the occupied territories.

JanuaryMarch 1983: Israeli army "harasses" U.S. Marines

in Lebanon. Defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger confirms

Marine commandant's report that "Israeli troops are deliberately

threatening the lives of American military personnel . . .

replete with verbal degradation of the officers, their uniforms

and country."

March 1985: Israeli lobby in Washington pressures the U.S.

Congress to turn down a $1.6 billion arms sale to Jordan, costing

the U.S. thousands of jobs, quite apart from the financial

loss to American industry. Jordan gives the contract to Russia.

A frustrated King Hussein complains: "The U.S. is not free to

move except within the limits of what AIPAC [the Israeli

lobby], the Zionists and the State of Israel determine for it."

October 1985: Israeli lobby blocks $4 billion aircraft sale to

Saudi Arabia. The sale, strongly backed by the Reagan administration,

costs the U.S. over 350,000 jobs, with steep financial

losses to American industry. Saudi Arabia awards contract to


November 1985: Jonathan Jay Pollard, an American recruited

by Israel, is arrested for passing highly classified intelligence to

Israel. U.S. officials call the operation but "one link in an organized

and wellfinanced Israeli espionage ring operating

within the United States." State Department contacts reveal

that top Israeli defense officials "traded stolen U.S. intelligence

documents to Soviet military intelligence agents in return for

assurances of greater emigration of Soviet Jews."

December 1985: U.S. Customs in three states raid factories

suspected of illegally selling electroplating technology to Israel.

Richard Smyth, a NATO consultant and former U.S. exporter, is

indicted on charges of illegally exporting to Israel 800 krytron

devices for triggering nuclear explosions.

April 1986: U.S. authorities arrest 17 persons, including a retired

Israeli General, Avraham BarAm, for plotting to sell

more than $2 billion of advanced U.S. weaponry to Iran (much

of it already in Israel). General BarAm, claiming to have had

Israeli Government approval, threatens to name names at the

highest levels. U.S. Attorney General of New York calls the plot

mind-boggling in scope.

July 1986: Assistant Secretary of State Richard Murphy informs

the Israeli ambassador that a U.S. investigation is under

way of eight Israeli representatives in the U.S. accused of

plotting the illegal export of technology used in making cluster

bombs. Indictments against the eight are later dropped in exchange

for an Israeli promise to cooperate in the case.

January 1987: Israeli Defense Minister Yitzhak Rabin visits

South Africa to discuss joint nuclear weapons testing. Israel

admits that, in violation of a U.S. Senate antiapartheid bill, it

has arms sales contracts with South Africa worth hundreds of

millions of dollars. Rep. John Conyers calls for Congressional

hearings on IsraelSouth Africa nuclear testing.

November 1987: The IranContra scandal reveals that it was

Israel that had first proposed the trade to Iran of U.S. arms for

hostages. The scandal becomes the subject of the Tower Commission

Report, Senate and House investigations, and the

Walsh criminal prosecution inquiries.

April 1988: Testifying before U.S. Subcommittee on Narcotics,

Terrorism and International Operations, Jose Blandon, a

former intelligence aide to Panama's General Noriega, reveals

that Israel used $20 million of U.S. aid to ship arms via Panama

to Nicaraguan Contras. The empty planes then smuggled

cocaine via Panama into the United States. Pilot tells ABC reporter

Richard Threlkeld that Israel was his primary employer.

The armsfordrugs network is said to be led by Mike Harari,

Noriega's close aide and bodyguard, who was also a high officer

in the Israeli secret services and chief coordinator of Israel's

military and commercial business in Panama.

June 1988: Mubarak Awad, a Palestinian-American advocate

of nonviolence, is deported by Israel. The White House denounces

the action, saying, "We think it is unjustifiable to deny

Mr. Awad the right to stay and live in Jerusalem, where he was


June 1988: Amnesty International accuses Israel of throwing

deadly, U.S.-made gas canisters inside hospitals, mosques,

and private homes. The Pennsylvania manufacturer, a major

defense corporation, suspends future shipments of tear gas to


November 1989: According to the Israeli paper Ma?ariv, U.S.

officials claim Israel Aircraft Industries was involved in attempts

to smuggle U.S. missile navigation equipment to South

Africa in violation of U.S. law.

December 1989: While the U.S. was imposing economic

sanctions on Iran, Israel purchased $36 million of Iranian oil in

order to encourage Iran to help free three Israeli hostages in


March 1990: Israel requests more than $1 billion in loans,

gifts, and donations from American Jews and U.S. government

to pay for resettling Soviet Jews in occupied territories. President

Bush responds, My position is that the foreign policy of

the U.S. says we do not believe there should be new settlements

in the West Bank or East Jerusalem.

June 1990: Officials in the Bush administration and in Congress

say that Israel has emerged as leading supplier of advanced

military technology to China, despite U.S.'s expressed

opposition to Israeli-Chinese military cooperation.

September 1990: Israeli Foreign Minister David Levy asks the

Bush administration to forgive Israel's $4.5 billion military debt

and dramatically increase military aid. Israeli Defense Minister

Moshe Arens expresses concern over expected $20 billion in

U.S. arms sales to Saudi Arabia and asks for an additional $1

billion in military aid to Israel. Facing rising congressional opposition,

White House backs off from plan to sell Saudi Arabia

over $20 billion in military hardware. Bush administration

promises to deliver additional F-15 fighters and Patriot missiles

to Israel, but defers action on Israel's request for more than

$1 billion in new military aid. Arens questions U.S.'s commitment

to maintain Israel's military advantage in the Middle


October 1990: Aliya cabinet chair Ariel Sharon encourages

increase in settlement of Soviet Jews in East Jerusalem, despite

his government's assurances to the U.S. that it would not

do so. Bush sends personal letter to Prime Minister Shamir

urging Israel not to pursue East Jerusalem housing. Shamir

rejects appeal.

November 1990: In his new autobiography, former President

Reagan says Israel was the instigator and prime mover in the

Iran-Contra affair and that then-Prime Minister Shimon Peres

was behind the proposal.

January 1991: White House criticizes Israeli ambassador Zalman

Shoval for complaining that U.S. had not moved forward

on $400 million in loan guarantees and that Israel had not

received one cent in aid from allies to compensate for missile

damage (in Gulf War). U.S. says comments are outrageous

and outside the bounds of acceptable behavior.

February 1991: Hours after long-disputed $400 million loan

guarantees to Israel are approved, Israeli officials say the

amount is grossly insufficient. Next day, Israel formally requests

$1 billion in emergency military assistance to cover

costs stemming from the Gulf War.

March 1991: Israeli government rejects President Bush's call

for solution to Arab-Israeli conflict that includes trading land

for peace. In a report to Congress, U.S. State Department says

Soviet Jewish immigrants are settling in the occupied territories

at a higher rate than the Israeli government claims. During

tour of West Bank settlements, Housing Minister Sharon

says construction of 13,000 housing units in occupied territories

has been approved for next two years. Plans contradict

statement by Prime Minister Shamir, who told President Bush

that the Israeli government had not approved such plans.

April 1991: Prime Minister Shamir and several members of his

cabinet reject U.S. Secretary of State Baker's suggestion that

Israel curtail expansion of Jewish settlements in the occupied

territories as gesture for peace. U.S. calls new Jewish settlement

of Revava an obstacle to peace and questions Israel's

timing, with Secretary Baker due to arrive in Israel in two

days. Hours before Baker arrives, eight Israeli families complete

move to new settlement of Talmon Bet. U.S. ambassador

to Israel William Brown files an official protest with the Israeli

government about establishment and/or expansion of settlements

in the West Bank. Housing Minister Sharon says Israel

has no intention of meeting U.S. demands to slow or stop settlements.

Secretary Baker, in a news conference before leaving

Israel, says Israel failed to give responses he needed to put

together a peace conference.

May 1991: Israeli ambassador to U.S. Zalman Shoval says his

country will soon request $10 billion in loan guarantees from

Washington to aid in settling Soviet Jewish immigrants to Israel.

Secretary Baker calls continued building of Israeli settlements

?largest obstacle? to convening proposed Middle East

peace conference.

May 1991: President Bush unveils proposal for arms control in

Middle East. U.S. administration confirms that Israel, which

has not signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, has objected

to provision on nuclear weapons.

June 1991: Prime Minister Shamir rejects President Bush's

call for Israeli acceptance of a greater United Nations role in

proposed Arab-Israeli peace talks.

July 1991: Israeli Housing Minister Sharon inaugurates the

new Israeli settlement of Mevo Dotan in the West Bank one

day after President Bush describes Israeli settlements as


September 1991: President Bush asks Congress to delay

considering Israeli loan guarantee request for 120 days. Ignoring

pleas of U.S. administration, Israel formally submits its request.

Prime Minister Shamir says U.S. has a moral obligation

to provide Israel with loan guarantees, and that Israel

would continue to build settlements in the occupied territories.

October 1991: The Washington Post reports that President

Bush waived U.S.-mandated sanctions against Israel after U.S.

intelligence determined that Israel had exported missile components

to South Africa.

November 1991: Hours after concluding bilateral talks with

Syria, Israel inaugurates Qela, a new settlement in the Golan

Heights. Secretary of State Baker calls the action


February 1992: Secretary of State Baker says U.S. will not

provide loan guarantees to Israel unless it ceases its settlement

activity. President Bush threatens to veto any loan guarantees

to Israel without a freeze on Israel?s settlement activity.

March 1992: U.S. administration confirms it has begun investigating

intelligence reports that Israel supplied China with

technical data from U.S. Patriot missile system.

April 1992: State Department Inspector issues report that the

department has failed to heed intelligence reports that an important

U.S. ally widely understood to be Israel was making

unauthorized transfers of U.S. military technology to China,

South Africa, Chile, and Ethiopia.

May 1992: Wall Street Journal cites Israeli press reports that

U.S. officials have placed Israel on list of 20 nations carrying

out espionage against U.S. companies.

June 1992: U.S. Defense Department says Israel has rejected

a U.S. request to question former General Rami Dotan, who is

at center of arms procurement scandal involving U.S. contractors.

July 1992: General Electric Company pleads guilty to fraud

and corrupt business practices in connection with its sale of

military jet engines to Israel. A GE manager had conspired

with Israeli Gen. Rami Dotan to divert $27 million in U.S. military

aid with fraudulent vouchers. U.S. Justice and Defense

Departments do not believe that Dotan was acting in his own

interest, implying that the government of Israel may be implicated

in the fraud, which would constitute a default on Israel's

aid agreements with the U.S.

June 1993: U.S. House of Representatives passes bill authorizing

$80 million per year to Israel for refugee settlement; bill

passes despite $10 billion in U.S. loan guarantees to Israel and

against evidence from Israeli economists that Israel no longer

needs U.S. aid.

October 1993: CIA informs Senate Government Affairs Committee

that Israel has been providing China for over a decade

with several billion dollars worth of advanced military technology.

Israeli Prime Minister Rabin admits Israel has sold

arms to China.

November 1993: CIA Director James Woolsey makes first

public U.S. acknowledgement that Israel is generally regarded

as having some kind of nuclear capability.

December 1993: Time magazine reports convicted spy Jonathan

Pollard passed a National Security Agency listing of foreign

intelligence frequencies to Israel that later was received

by Soviets, ruining several billion dollars of work and compromising

lives of U.S. informants.

December 1994: Los Angeles Times reports Israel has given

China information on U.S. military technology to help in joint

Israeli-Chinese development of a fighter jet.

January 1995: When Egypt threatens not to sign the Nuclear

Non-Proliferation Treaty because Israel will not sign, the U.S.

says it will not pressure Israel to sign.

July 1995: U.S. Ambassador to Israel Martin Indyk demands

Israel abolish import barriers that discriminate against U.S.


November 1995: Israel grants citizenship to American spy

Jonathan Pollard.

April 1996: Using U.S.-supplied shells, Israel kills 106 unarmed

civilians who had taken refuge in a U.N. peace-keeping

compound in Qana, southern Lebanon. U.N. investigators,

Amnesty International, and Human Rights Watch condemn the

shelling as premeditated. The U.N. Security Council calls on

Israel to pay reparations. Resolution is vetoed by the United


June 1996: U.S. State Department hands Israeli defense officials

classified CIA report alleging Israel has given China U.S.

military avionics, including advanced radar-detection system

and electronic warfare equipment.

December 1996: Israeli cabinet reinstates large subsidies,

including tax breaks and business grants, for West Bank settlers.

U.S. says the move is troubling and clearly complicates

the peace process. Israeli government rejects President

Clinton's criticism of the settlements and vows to strengthen


February 1997: FBI announces that David Tenenbaum, a mechanical

engineer working for the U.S. army, has admitted that

for the past 10 years he has inadvertently passed on classified

military information to Israeli officials.

March 1997: U.S. presses Israel to delay building new settlement

of Har Homa near Bethlehem. Prime Minister Netanyahu

says international opposition ?will just strengthen my resolve.?

June 1997: U.S. investigators report that two Hasidic Jews

from New York, suspected of laundering huge quantities of

drug money for a Colombian drug cartel, recently purchased

millions of dollars worth of land near the settlements of

Mahseya and Zanoah.

September 1997: Jewish settlers in Hebron stone Palestinian

laborers working on a U.S.-financed project to renovate the

town?s main street. David Muirhead, the American overseeing

the project, says the Israeli police beat him, threw him into a

van, and detained him until the U.S. Consulate intervened.

U.S. State Department calls the incident ?simply unacceptable.?

September 1997: Secretary of State Albright says Israel?s

decision to expand Efrat settlement ?is not at all helpful? to the

peace process. Prime Minister Netanyahu says he will continue

to expand settlements.

May 1998: 13 years after denying he was not its spy, Israel

officially recognizes Pollard as its agent in hopes of negotiating

his release.

June 1998: Secretary of State Albright phones Prime Minister

Netanyahu to condemn his plan to extend Jerusalem?s municipal

boundaries and to move Jews into East Jerusalem, particularly

in the area adjacent to Bethlehem. Ignoring U.S. protests,

Israel?s cabinet unanimously approves plan to extend Jerusalem's

municipal authority.

August 1998: Secretary Albright tells Prime Minister

Netanyahu that the freeze in the peace process due to the settlement

policy is harming U.S. interests in the Middle East and

affecting the U.S.?s ability to forge a coalition against Iraq.

September 1998: Dutch newspaper NRC Handelsblad reports

that the Israeli airliner that crashed in Amsterdam in 1992 was

not carrying gifts and perfume, as the Israelis claimed, but

three of the four chemicals used to make sarin nerve gas. According

to the plane's cargo manifest, the chemicals were sent

from a U.S. factory in Pennsylvania to the top secret Israeli

Institute for Biological Research.

November 1998: Israeli Foreign Minister Sharon urges Jewish

settlers to grab West Bank land so it does not fall under Palestinian

control in any final peace settlement.

May 1999: U.S. denounces Israel's decision to annex more

land to the Ma'ale Adumim settlement.

June 1999: The Israeli company Orlil is reported to have stolen

U.S. night-vision equipment purchased for the Israeli Defense

Forces and to have sold it to Far Eastern countries.

April 2001: Prime Minister Sharon announces plans to build

708 new housing units in the Jewish settlements of Ma'ale Adumim

and Alfe Menashe. U.S. State Department criticizes the

move as provocative.

May 2001: The Mitchell Committee (headed by former U.S.

Senator George Mitchell) concludes that Jewish settlements

are a barrier to peace. Prime Minister Sharon vows to continue

expanding the settlements.

May 2001: U.S. is voted off the United Nations Commission

on Human Rights for the first time since the committee's establishment

in 1947. The Financial Times of London suggests

that Washington, by vetoing U.N. resolutions alleging Israeli

human rights abuses, showed its inability to work impartially in

the area of human rights. Secretary of State Colin Powell suggests

the vote was because we left a little blood on the floor

in votes involving the Palestinians.

September 2001: Six days after the 9/11 terrorist attacks on

America, Secretary of State Powell, when asked why America

is hated in the Arab and Muslim world, acknowledges that the

deep resentment and anger toward the United States is due to

the Palestinian crisis.

November 2001: Secretary of State Colin Powell calls on Israel

to halt all settlement building which he says cripples

chances for real peace and security. Benny Elon, a right-wing

minister in the Sharon government, says the settlers aren?t

worried. America has a special talent for seeing things in the

short term, he says, explaining that what Powell said he said

only to get Arab support for America?s anti-terrorism coalition

against Afghanistan.

March 2002: U.N. Sec. Gen. Kofi Annan calls for immediate

withdrawal of Israeli tanks from Palestinian refugee camps,

citing large numbers of Palestinians reported dead or injured.

U.S. State Dept. says the United States has contacted Israel to

urge that utmost restraint be exercised in order to avoid

harm to the civilian population.

April 2002: President Bush repeatedly demands an immediate

halt to Israel's military invasion of the West Bank. Prime Minister

Sharon rebuffs the President's withdrawal demands, saying

the United States and other nations should not put any pressure

upon us.

April 4, 2002: President Bush demands that Israel halt its

March 29 incursion into the West Bank, withdraw immediately,

and cease all settlement building. Three days later, Secretary

of State Powell says Bush's demand was a request.

June 10, 2002: Prime Minister Sharon visits White House.

When reporters ask about Israel's ongoing incursions into Palestinian

towns, President Bush says Israel has a right to defend


September 30, 2003: President Bush signs the Foreign Relations

Authorization Act, which identifies Jerusalem as Israel's


November 25, 2002. Israel asks the U.S. for $4-billion in

military aid to defray the costs of fighting terrorism, plus

$10-billion in loan guarantees to support its struggling economy.

May 29, 2003: Israel announces construction of a new Jewish

settlement of 230 housing units in East Jerusalem.

July 29, 2003: Sharon rejects President Bush's appeal to halt

construction of a separation wall that Israel is building on occupied

Palestinian land.

October 22, 2003: Former Navy lawyer Ward Boston, who

had helped lead the military investigation into Israel's 1967

attack on the USS Liberty, files a signed affidavit stating that

President Johnson and Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara

had ordered those heading the naval inquiry to conclude that

the attack was a case of mistaken identity, despite overwhelming

evidence to the contrary.

March 21, 2005: Prime Minister Sharon approves construction

of 3,500 new housing units in the Israeli settlement of

Ma?ale Adumin to link it to East Jerusalem. The U.S. State Department

has no comment.

May 2005: Newsweek reports that in the late 1990s, lobbyist

Jack Abramoff diverted more than $140,000 from charity contributions

by Indian tribes to the Israeli settlement of Beitar

Illit for sniper equipment and training of settler militias.

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The Reality Regarding Iraq War/Crimes Box (following the money/oil)

October 24, 2005 Issue
Copyright 2005 The American Conservative
Money for Nothing
Billions of dollars have disappeared, gone to bribe Iraqis and line contractors' pockets.
by Philip Giraldi When the final page is written on America's catastrophic imperial venture, one word will dominate the explanation of U.S. failure, corruption. Large-scale and pervasive corruption meant that available resources could not be used to stabilize and secure Iraq in the early days of the Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA), when it was still possible to do so. Continuing corruption meant that the reconstruction of infrastructure never got underway, giving the Iraqi people little incentive to co-operate with the occupation. Ongoing corruption in arms procurement and defense spending means that Baghdad will never control a viable army while the Shiite and Kurdish militias will grow stronger and produce a divided Iraq in which constitutional guarantees will be irrelevant.
The American-dominated Coalition Provisional Authority could well prove to be the most corrupt administration in history, almost certainly surpassing the widespread fraud of the much-maligned UN Oil for Food Program. At least $20 billion that belonged to the Iraqi people has been wasted, together with hundreds of millions of U.S. taxpayer dollars. Exactly how many billions of additional dollars were squandered, stolen, given away, or simply lost will never be known because the deliberate decision by the CPA not to meter oil exports means that no one will ever know how much revenue was generated during 2003 and 2004.
Some of the corruption grew out of the misguided neoconservative agenda for Iraq, which meant that a serious reconstruction effort came second to doling out the spoils to the war's most fervent supporters. The CPA brought in scores of bright, young true believers who were nearly universally unqualified. Many were recruited through the Heritage Foundation website, where they had posted their résµmé They were paid six-figure salaries out of Iraqi funds, and most served in 90-day rotations before returning home with their war stories. One such volunteer was Simone Ledeen, daughter of leading neoconservative Michael Ledeen. Unable to communicate in Arabic and with no relevant experience or appropriate educational training, she nevertheless became a senior advisor for northern Iraq at the Ministry of Finance in Baghdad. Another was former White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer's older brother Michael who, though utterly unqualified, was named director of private-sector development for all of Iraq.
The 15-month proconsulship of the CPA disbursed nearly $20 billion, two-thirds of it in cash, most of which came from the Development Fund for Iraq that had replaced the UN Oil for Food Program and from frozen and seized Iraqi assets. Most of the money was flown into Iraq on C-130s in huge plastic shrink-wrapped pallets holding 40 cashpaks, each cashpak having $1.6 million in $100 bills. Twelve billion dollars moved that way between May 2003 and June 2004, drawn from accounts administered by the New York Federal Reserve Bank. The $100 bills weighed an estimated 363 tons. Once in Iraq, there was virtually no accountability over how the money was spent. There was also considerable money off the books, including as much as $4 billion from illegal oil exports. The CPA and the Iraqi State Oil Marketing Board, which it controlled, made a deliberate decision not to record or ?meter? oil exports, an invitation to wholesale fraud and black marketeering. Thus the country was awash in unaccountable money. British sources report that the CPA contracts that were not handed out to cronies were sold to the highest bidder, with bribes as high as $300,000 being demanded for particularly lucrative reconstruction contracts. The contracts were especially attractive because no work or results were necessarily expected in return. It became popular to cancel contracts without penalty, claiming that security costs were making it too difficult to do the work. A $500 million power-plant contract was reportedly awarded to a bidder based on a proposal one page long. After a joint commission rejected the proposal, its members were replaced by the minister, and approval was duly obtained. But no plant has been built. Where contracts are actually performed, their nominal cost is inflated sufficiently to provide handsome bribes for everyone involved in the process. Bribes paid to government ministers reportedly exceed $10 million. Money also disappeared in truckloads and by helicopter. The CPA reportedly distributed funds to contractors in bags off the back of a truck. In one notorious incident in April 2004, $1.5 billion in cash that had just been delivered by three Blackhawk helicopters was handed over to a courier in Erbil, in the Kurdish region, never to be seen again. Afterwards, no one was able to recall the courier's name or provide a good description of him. Paul Bremer, meanwhile, had a slush fund in cash of more than $600 million in his office for which there was no paperwork. One U.S. contractor received $2 million in a duffel bag. Three-quarters of a million dollars was stolen from an office safe, and a U.S. official was given $7 million in cash in the waning days of the CPA and told to spend it ?before the Iraqis take over. Nearly $5 billion was shipped from New York in the last month of the CPA. Sources suggest that a deliberate attempt was being made to run down the balance and spend the money while the CPA still had authority and before an Iraqi government could be formed. The only certified public-accounting firm used by the CPA to monitor its spending was a company called North Star Consultants, located in San Diego, which was so small that it operated out of a private home. It was subsequently determined that North Star did not, in fact, perform any review of the CPA's internal spending controls. Today, no one can account for billions of those dollars or even suggest how the money was spent. And as the CPA no longer exists, there is also little interest in re-examining its transparency or accountability. Bremer escaped Baghdad by helicopter two days before his proconsulship expired to avoid a possible ambush on the road leading to the airport, which he had been unable to secure. He has recently been awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom, an honor he shares with ex-CIA Director George Slam-dunk Tenet. Considerable fraud has been alleged regarding American companies, much of which can never be addressed because the Bush administration does not regard contracts with the CPA as pertaining to the U.S. government, even though U.S. taxpayer dollars were involved in some transactions. Many of the contracts for work in Iraq were awarded on a cost-plus basis, in which an agreed-upon percentage of profit would be added to the actual costs of performing the contract. Such contracts are an invitation to fraud, and unscrupulous companies will make every effort to increase their costs so that the profits will also increase proportionally. Halliburton, Vice President Dick Cheney's former company, has a no-bid monopoly contract with the Army Corps of Engineers that is now estimated to be worth $10 billion. In June 2005, Pentagon contracting officer Bunny Greenhouse told a congressional committee that the agreement was the most blatant and improper contracting abuse that she had ever witnessed, a frank assessment that subsequently earned her a demotion. Halliburton has frequently been questioned over its poor record keeping, and critics claim that it has a history of overcharging for its services. In May 1967, a company called RMK/BRJ could not account for $120 million in materiel sent to Vietnam and was investigated several times for overcharging on fuel. RMK/BRJ is now known as KBR or Kellogg, Brown and Root, the Halliburton subsidiary that has been the focus of congressional, Department of Defense, and General Accountability Office investigations. Defense Contract Audit Agency auditors have questioned Halliburton's charges on a $1.6 billion fuel contract, claiming that the overcharges on the contract exceed $200 million. In one instance, the company charged the Army more than $27 million to transport $82,000 worth of fuel from Kuwait to Iraq. Halliburton has also been accused of billing the Army for 42,000 daily meals for soldiers, though it was only actually serving 14,000. In another operation, KBR purchased fleets of Mercedes trucks at $85,000 each to re-supply U.S. troops. The trucks carried no spare parts or even extra tires for the grueling high-speed run across the Kuwaiti and Iraqi deserts. When the trucks broke down on the highway, they were abandoned and destroyed rather than repaired. Responding to complaints, Halliburton refused to permit independent auditing and inspected itself using so-called Tiger Teams. One such team stayed at the five-star Kuwait Kempinski Hotel while it was doing its audit, running up a bill of more than $1 million that was passed on to U.S. taxpayers. Another U.S. firm well connected to the Bush White House, Custer Battles, has provided security services to the coalition, receiving $11 million in Iraqi funds including $4 million in cash in a sole-source contract to supply security at Baghdad International Airport. The company had never provided airport security before receiving the contract. It also received a $21 million no-bid contract to provide security for the exchange of Iraqi currency. It has been alleged that much of the currency replaced by Custer Battles has never been accounted for. The company also allegedly took over abandoned Iraqi-owned forklifts at the airport, repainted them, and then leased them back to the airport authority through a company set up in the Cayman Islands. Custer Battles reportedly set up a number of shell companies in offshore tax havens in Lebanon, Cyprus, and the Cayman Islands to handle the cash flow. Two former company managers turned whistleblowers have charged that the company defrauded the U.S. government of at least $50 million. The Bush administration?s Justice Department has only reluctantly, and under pressure from a Newsweek expos鬠supported the rights of the plaintiffs in the case. The White House has indicated that it is not interested in assisting other investigations of fraud in Iraqi contracting, preferring to regard the CPA as a multinational entity and thereby limiting its vulnerability in American courts. Another American contractor, CACI International, which was involved in the Abu Ghraib interrogations, was accused by the GAO in April 2004 of having failed to keep records on hours of work that it was billing for and of routinely upgrading employee job descriptions so that more could be charged per employee per hour. Both are apparently common practices among contractors in Iraq, and audits routinely determine that there is little in the way of paperwork to support billings. The GAO report also confirms that many private security contractors in Iraq have been charging the U.S. government exorbitant fees for their services, frequently because the contracts allow security costs to be rolled into the overall cost of the contract without being itemized. In one case, contract security guards were effectively being billed at $33,000 per guard per month while the average rate for a security specialist worked out to between $13,000 and $20,000 per month. The CPA also spread its largesse around the U.S. armed forces, distributing over $600 million in cash to four regional commanders to fund reconstruction projects as part of the Commanders? Emergency Response Program. An audit of one region disclosed that 80 percent of the funds could not be accounted for, and more that $7 million in cash was missing. It is widely believed that many of the contracting agents working under the regional commands literally stole the money. In one reported instance, an American contracting officer doubled the price of a multimillion-dollar contract and brazenly explained that the extra money would be for his retirement fund. Unfortunately, the corruption of the occupation outlived the departure of Paul Bremer and the demise of the CPA. A recent high-level investigation of the Iraqi interim government concluded that the corruption is now so pervasive as to be irreversible. One prominent businessman estimates that 95 percent of all business activity involves some form of bribery or kickback. The bureaucrats and fixers who live off of bribery are referred to by ordinary Iraqis as Ali Babas, named after the character in The Thousand and One Nights who was able to access riches from a treasure cave by saying open sesame. For the average Iraqi businessman, there was formerly only one hand out, that of Saddam's designated minion. Now every hand is out. The educated and entrepreneurial are leaving the country in droves, as is most of the beleaguered Christian minority. Huge government appropriations are approved by Iraqi lawmakers and then simply disappear. Meanwhile, life for the average Iraqi does not improve, and oil production, water supplies, and electricity generation are all at lower levels than they were when the U.S. took control in 2003. The only thing that everyone knows is that all the money is gone and daily life in Iraq is worse than it was under Saddam Hussein. The undocumented cash flow continued long after the CPA folded. Over $1.5 billion was disbursed to interim Iraqi ministries without any accounting, and more than $1 billion designated for provincial treasuries never made it out of Baghdad. More than $430 million in contracts issued by the Petroleum Ministry were unsupported by any documentation, and $8 billion were given to government ministries that had no financial controls in place. Nearly all of it disappeared, spent on payroll, wages for ghost employees in the Ministries of the Interior and Defense. In one case, an Army brigade receiving money to support 2,200 men was found to have fewer than 300 effectives. 602 actual guards at the Ministry of the Interior were billed as more than 8,200 for payroll purposes. Iraqi Airways carried 2,400 employees even though it had not operated for over a year and had no planes. The airline itself was sold to an unidentified buyer without any paperwork to show for how much it was sold and what assets were included. It has been alleged that the buyer might well have been Pentagon favorite Ahmad Chalabi. Nearly all payrolls in the national guard and national police were also inflated, leading to uncertainty over how large the security forces actually were still an open question. Absentees from the nominal rolls of police and soldiers provided by government ministries are believed to number in the tens of thousands, and as the United States Congress has figured out, frequently cited figures on available trained manpower are largely imaginary. Even the coalition of the willing partners have been quick to cash in. Polish helicopters purchased as part of a $300 million deal with arms maker Bumar Ltd. were found to be obsolete, largely unflyable, and were actually rejected by the Iraqis. Bullets purchased from Poland by the Defense Ministry cost three times the normal international price. Five Polish peacekeepers have been arrested for demanding $90,000 in bribes. Both British and American soldiers have also demanded bribes from shopkeepers and travelers. In yet another instance of take-it-while-you-can, a senior Interior Ministry official flew to Beirut in a helicopter accompanied by $10 million in newly printed Iraqi dinars. He has yet to return. Interim Iraqi President Iyad Allawi's Defense Minister Hazem Shaalan transferred $500 million to a bank account in Lebanon, allegedly to buy weapons, in a case that continues to be murky. Shaalan is reportedly vacationing abroad and has not returned to Iraq. A Bremer favorite at the Defense Ministry, Ziad Tareq Cattan, was responsible for a number of shady arms-procurement deals. A warrant has been issued for his arrest, an unusual occurrence, and he is avoiding detention by staying with family in Erbil in Kurdistan. Countless billions will never be accounted for, and the full cost of corruption has yet to be tallied. Sources report that much of the money that was designated for the development of a national army and police force is actually going to units that are exclusively Kurd or Shiite in expectation of a day of reckoning over the country's oil supplies. The Kurds have made no secret of their desire to continue their autonomy-bordering-on-independence and have stated that they regard Kirkuk as their own. The Shiites have possession of the oil-producing region to the south and are using their control of the Interior Ministry to fill police ranks with their own pro-Iranian Badr Brigade members as well as militiamen drawn from radical cleric Moqtada al-Sadr's Mehdi Army. The Sunnis are the odd men out, virtually guaranteeing that, far from becoming the model democracy the U.S. set out to build, Iraq will descend deeper into chaos aided in no small part by the culture of corruption we helped to fortify. 

NH: Pre-Election Polls Wildly Different Than Clinton/Obama Results January 9, 2008
Ten polls had Obama ahead of Clinton by double digits the day before NH primary:
The Spin: the “humane” connection with the (female) voters.
Reality: the contrived (there’s always a reason) coffee klatch, the crocodile tears (were real but for herself given lady macbeth’s perceived reality of loss), but not to fear (we’ll just have to win say criminal clintons again – which means america and the world loses again as has been so since bush/clinton/bush) and remember, the diebold voting machines are the bush/clinton friends. Indeed, in New Hampshire  approximately 45% of the vote is hand-counted (hard to rig) while 55% of the vote is diebold machine tallied (by tech manager/contractor with narcotics trafficking conviction, prospective clinton pardonee)…..You guessed it. Obama won the hand-counted vote and whoops, the pollsters were right, the criminal clintons won the machine tallied vote. Time to put the bushes/clintons in jail where they belong.  What a failed, corrupt, banana republic criminal america is.

Diebold Voting Machine Contractor Executive Has Criminal Background January 10, 2008
Company responsible for machines throughout New Hampshire directed by convicted drug dealer.
It has been revealed that a high ranking executive at the company that was contracted to program all of New Hampshire's Diebold voting machines has a criminal record and has previously defended the illegal act of "swapping out" memory cards for the machines during live elections.

Kucinich seeks NH Dem vote recount
Kucinich: Surprise Hillary Victory A "Mystery That Needs To Be Solved"
Friday January 11, 2008 The election integrity community is abuzz with news that candidate Dennis Kucinich will ask for a recount in New Hampshire, and Ron Paul fans have been pushing him to recount as well. Careful.
NEW HAMPSHIRE ELECTION INTEGRITY ADVOCATE NANCY TOBI IS CORRECT: "We have no control over the ballot chain of custody and we have learned the pain from the 2004 Nader recount, in which only 11 districts were counted, chosen by a highly questionable person, and then nothing showed up. Now all we hear is how the Nader recount validated the machines." As Tobi says, "A candidate asking for a recount may well be a tool used to 'prove' everything was okay and then that candidate will be further discredited." I'll go further than that. The only way a recount makes any sense at all in New Hampshire is AFTER an assessment is made of the chain of custody issues. If the chain of custody isn't intact the recount won't be worth a cup of warm spit…..

The answer to the question posed by Bev Harris is: YES.
The criminal clinton/bush team/operatives are seasoned professionals (criminals) with their lives, liberty (they should be in jail), and huge prospective amounts of money at stake. They are relentless, ruthless, and not entirely stupid; just lacking true inspired talent/ability, and hence, america’s unequivocal decline in their rein. For the same reason that the machines are the touchstones for the vote fraud, the answer is unequivocally: YES.


Clinton Speaks: He Did It Because He Could - There Are Serial Killers On Death Row Who Have Killed Fewer People Than Unconflicted, Pathological Liar/Perjurer, Rapist, and Murderer, Psychopath criminal american clinton

Remarkably similar threatening tactics have been directed at other women who, like Mrs. Browning, have personal knowledge of Clinton’s misconduct and were sought as witnesses in official proceedings against Clinton. See id. at ¶ 134. Plaintiffs referred in their Amended Complaint to the threats and retaliation by Clinton and his agents against Kathleen Willey and Linda Tripp when they were called to testify in the Jones case and the Independent Counsel’s investigation of the Lewinsky affair. Indeed, the number of women who have suffered from these "Clintonian" tactics is significant. On March 11, 1999, Investor’s Business Daily reported that at least nine (9) women have now charged that Clinton "personally assaulted them or, through his ‘agents’ or ‘people,’ threatened to do them or their families physical harm." The list includes Dolly Kyle Browning, Gennifer Flowers, Juanita Broaddrick, Paula Corbin Jones, Kathleen Willey, Monica Lewinsky, Linda Tripp, Sally Perdue, and Elizabeth Ward Gracen. "And all of them say they’re afraid for their safety so long as he remains in power."

Lewinsky, who told her own account of the affair in the 1999 book "Monica's Story," said she reluctantly spoke out about Clinton's tome "My Life" because he tried to rewrite history. "He says he was proud of the way that he defended the presidency, at my expense," she said. "In the process he destroyed me, and that was the way he was going to have to do that, to get through impeachment," Lewinsky added. "I was a young girl and to hear him saying some of the things he was saying today -- it's a shame."

John F. Kennedy Jr.
Potential Candidate for Senator from New York.
died: 7/16/99
Within days of an NBC Dateline story hinting at a possible run for the Senate seat currently assumed to be the property of Hillary Clinton, JFK Jr. and his wife and sister-in-law died when the Piper Saratoga II TC JFK Jr. was piloting crashed in to the ocean just short of Martha’s Vineyard. The NEWSWEEK issue for the following Monday, which NBC Dateline had reported would announce JFK Jr’s candidacy, was yanked from distributors and destroyed.

Even before the wreckage of the plane had been found, the media was saturated with news stories declaring the weather to have been very hazy (the weather was VFR conditions, and 8 mile visibility, plus weather radar and witnesses on Martha’s Vineyard all reported clear skies) making it impossible for JFK Jr. to know which way was up (he also had working instruments in the aircraft).

As was the case when TWA 800 was shot down, the United States Navy took control of the crash site, ordering an unprecidented 5 mile wide no-fly zone while the wreckage of the aircraft was recovered and taken to a military base.

Reporters Cindy Adams and Andrew Goldman have documented the planting of false information about JFK Jr. in the media in the days following his crash. The feeding of false information to the press proves there is a cover-up. The existance of a cover-up is why JFK Jr. gets an entry on the Dead Bodies List.

According to some reports, Mrs. Kennedy was pregnant.


By: Ether Zone Staff

Here is the latest body count that we have. All of these people have been connected with the Clintons in some form or another. We have not included any deaths that could not be verified or connected to the Clinton scandals. All deaths are listed chronologically by date. This list is current and accurate to the best of our knowledge as of January 13, 1999 August 1, 2000.

Susan Coleman: Rumors were circulating in Arkansas of an affair with Bill Clinton. She was found dead with a gunshot wound to the head at 7 1/2 months pregnant. Death was an apparent suicide.

Larry Guerrin: Was killed in February 1987 while investigating the INSLAW case.

Kevin Ives & Don Henry: Initial cause of death was reported to be the result of falling asleep on a railroad track in Arkansas on August 23, 1987. This ruling was reported by the State medical examiner Fahmy Malak. Later it was determined that Kevin died from a crushed skull prior to being placed on the tracks. Don had been stabbed in the back. Rumors indicate that they might have stumbled upon a Mena drug operation.

Keith Coney: Keith had information on the Ives/Henry deaths. Died in a motorcycle accident in July 1988 with unconfirmed reports of a high speed car chase.

Keith McKaskle: McKaskle has information on the Ives/Henry deaths. He was stabbed to death in November 1988.

Gregory Collins: Greg had information on the Ives/Henry deaths. He died from a gunshot wound to the face in January 1989.

Jeff Rhodes: He had information on the deaths of Ives, Henry & McKaskle. His burned body was found in a trash dump in April 1989. He died of a gunshot wound to the head and there was some body mutilation, leading to the probably speculation that he was tortured prior to being killed.

James Milam: Milam had information on the Ives & Henry deaths. He was decapitated. The state Medical examiner, Fahmy Malak, initially ruled death due to natural causes.

Richard Winters: Winters was a suspect in the deaths of Ives & Henry. He was killed in a "robbery" in July 1989 which was subsequently proven to be a setup.

Jordan Kettleson: Kettleson had information on the Ives & Henry deaths. He was found shot to death in the front seat of his pickup in June 1990.

Alan Standorf: An employee of the National Security Agency in electronic intelligence. Standorf was a source of information for Danny Casalaro who was investigating INSLAW, BCCI, etc. Standorf's body was found in the backseat of a car at Washington National Airport on Jan 31, 1991.

Dennis Eisman: An attorney with information on INSLAW. Eisman was found shot to death on April 5, 1991.

Danny Casalaro: Danny was a free-lance reporter and writer who was investigating the "October Surprise", INSLAW and BCCI. Danny was found dead in a bathtub in a Sheraton Hotel room in Martinsburg, West Virginia. Danny was staying at the hotel while keeping appointments in the DC area pertinent to his investigation. He was found with his wrists slashed. At least one, and possibly both of his wrists were cut 10 times. All of his research materials were missing and have never been recovered.

Victor Raiser: The National Finance Co-Chair for "Clinton for President." He died in a airplane crash on July 30, 1992.

R. Montgomery Raiser: Also involved in the Clinton presidential campaign. He died in the same plane crash as Victor.

Paul Tully: Tulley was on the Democratic National Committee. He was found dead of unknown causes in his hotel room on September 24, 1992. No autopsy was ever allowed.

Ian Spiro: Spiro had supporting documentation for grand jury proceedings on the INSLAW case. His wife and 3 children were found murdered on November 1, 1992 in their home. They all died of gunshot wounds to the head. Ian's body was found several days later in a parked car in the Borego Desert. Cause of death? The ingestion of cyanide. FBI report indicated that Ian had murdered his family and then committed suicide.

Paula Gober: A Clinton speech writer. She died in a car accident on December 9, 1992 with no known witnesses.

Jim Wilhite: Wilhite was an associate of Mack McClarty's former firm. Wilhite died in a skiing accident on December 21, 1992. He also had extensive ties to Clinton with whom he visited by telephone just hours before his death.

Steve Willis, Robert Williams, Todd McKeahan & Conway LeBleu:   Died Feburary 28, 1993 by gunfire at Waco. All four were examined by a pathologist and died from identical wounds to the left temple. All four had been body guards for Bill Clinton, three while campaigning for President and when he was Governor of Arkansas.They also were the ONLY 4 BATF agents killed at Waco.

Sgt. Brian Haney, Sgt. Tim Sabel, Maj. William Barkley, Capt. Scott Reynolds: Died: May 19, 1993 - All four men died when their helicopter crashed in the woods near Quantico, Va. - Reporters were barred from the site, and the head of the fire department responding to the crash described it by saying, "Security was tight," with "lots of Marines with guns." A videotape made by a firefighter was seized by the Marines. All four men had escorted Clinton on his flight to the carrier Roosevelt shortly before their deaths.

John Crawford: An attorney with information on INSLAW. He died from a heart attack in Tacoma in April of 1993.

John Wilson: Found dead from an apparent hanging suicide on May 18, 1993. He was a former Washington DC council member and claimed to have info on Whitewater.

Paul Wilcher: A lawyer who was investigating drug running out of Mena, Arkansas and who also sought to expose the "October Surprise", BCCI and INSLAW. He was found in his Washington DC apartment dead of unknown causes on June 22, 1993.

Vincent Foster: A White House deputy counsel and long-time personal friend of Bill and Hillary's. Found on July 20, 1993, dead of a gunshot wound to the mouth -- a death ruled suicide. Many different theories on this case! Readers are encouraged to read our report in Strange Deaths.

Jon Parnell Walker: An investigator for the RTC who was looking into the linkage between the Whitewater and Madison S&L bankruptcy. Walker "fell" from the top of the Lincoln Towers Building.

Stanley Heard & Steven Dickson: They were members of the Clinton health care advisory committee. They died in a plane crash on September 10, 1993.

Jerry Luther Parks: Parks was the Chief of Security for Clinton's national campaign headquarters in Little Rock. Gunned down in his car on September 26, 1993 near the intersection of Chenal Parkway and Highway 10 west of Little Rock. Parks was shot through the rear window of his car. The assailant then pulled around to the driver's side of Park's car and shot him three more times with a 9mm pistol. His family reported that shortly before his death, they were being followed by unknown persons, and their home had been broken into (despite a top quality alarm system). Parks had been compiling a dossier on Clinton's illicit activities. The dossier was stolen.

Ed Willey: A Clinton fundraiser. He died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound on November 30, 1993. His death came the same day his wife, Kathleen, was sexually assaulted in the White House by Bill Clinton.

Gandy Baugh: Baugh was Lasater's attorney and committed suicide on January 8, 1994. Baugh's partner committed suicide exactly one month later on February 8, 1994.

Herschell Friday: A member of the presidential campaign finance committee. He died in an airplane explosion on March 1, 1994.

Ronald Rogers: Rogers died on March 3, 1994 just prior to releasing sensitive information to a London newspaper. Cause of death? Undetermined.

Kathy Furguson: A 38 year old hospital worker whose ex-husband is a co- defendant in the Paula Jones sexual harassment law suit. She had information supporting Paula Jone's allegations. She died of an apparent suicide on May 11, 1994 from a gunshot wound to the head.

Bill Shelton: Shelton was an Arkansas police officer and was found dead as an apparent suicide on kathy Ferguson's grave (Kathy was his girl friend), on June 12, 1994. This "suicide" was the result of a gunshot wound to the back of the head.

Stanley Huggins: Huggins, 46, was a principal in a Memphis law firm which headed a 1987 investigation into the loan practices of Madison Guaranty S&L. Stanley died in Delaware in July 1994 -- reported cause of death was viral pneumonia.

Paul Olson: A Federal witness in investigations to drug money corruption in Chicago politics, Paul had just finished 2 days of FBI interviews when his plane ride home crashed, killing Paul and 130 others on Sept 8 1994. The Sept. 15, 1994 Tempe Tribune newspaper reported that the FBI suspected that a bomb had brought down the airplane.

Calvin Walraven: 24 year on Walraven was a key witness against Jocelyn Elder's son's drug case. Walraven was found dead in his apartment with a gunshot wound to the head. Tim Hover, a Little Rock police spokesman says no foul play is suspected.

Alan G. Whicher: Oversaw Clinton's Secret Service detail. In October 1994 Whicher was transferred to the Secret Service field office in the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City. Whatever warning was given to the BATF agents in that building did not reach Alan Whicher, who died in the bomb blast of April 19th 1995.

Duane Garrett: Died July 26, 1995-A lawyer and a talk show host for KGO-AM in San Fransisco, Duane was the campaign finance chairman for Diane Fienstien's run for the senate, and was a friend and fundraiser for Al Gore. Garrett was under investigation for defrauding investors in Garrett's failed sports memorabilia venture. There was talk of a deal to evade prosecution. On July 26th, Garrett canceled an afternoon meeting with his lawyer because he had to meet some people at the San Fransisco airport. Three hours later he was found floating in the bay under the Golden Gate Bridge.

Ron Brown:. The Commerce Secretary died on  April 3, 1996, in an Air Force jet carrying Brown and 34 others, including 14 business executives on a trade mission to Croatia, crashed into a mountainside. The Air Force, in a 22-volume report issued in June of 1996, confirmed its initial judgment that the crash resulted from pilot errors and faulty navigation equipment At the time of Brown's death, Independent Counsel Daniel Pearson was seeking to determine whether Brown had engaged in several sham financial transactions with longtime business partner Nolanda Hill shortly before he became secretary of commerce.

Charles Meissner: died: UNK - Following Ron Brown's death, John Huang was placed on a Commerce Department contract that allowed him to retain his security clearance
by Charles Meissner. Shortly thereafter, Meissner died in the crash of a small plane.   He was an Assistant Secretary of Commerce for International Economic Policy.

William Colby: Retired CIA director was found dead on May 6,1996 after his wife reported him missing on April 27,1996. Apparently, Colby decided to go on a impromptu canoeing excursion and never returned. Colby who had just started writing for Strategic Investment newsletter, worried many in the intelligent community. Colby's past history of divulging CIA secrets in the past were well known. Strategic Investor had covered the Vince Foster suicide and had hired handwriting experts to review Foster's suicide note.

Admiral Jeremy Boorda: Died on May 16,1996 after he went home for lunch and decided to shoot himself in the chest (by one report, twice) rather than be interviewed by Newsweek magazine that afternoon. Explanations for Boorda's suicide focused on a claim that he was embarrassed over two "Valor" pins he was not authorized to wear.

Lance Herndon: Herndon a 41 year old computer specialist and a  prominent entrepreneur who received a presidential appointment in 1995 died August 10, 1996 under suspicious circumstances. He   appeared to have died from a blow to the head. Police said no weapons were found at his  mansion, adding that Mr. Herndon had not been shot or stabbed and there was no evidence of forced entry or theft.

Neil Moody: Died -August 25, 1996 Following Vincent Foster's murder, Lisa Foster married James Moody, a judge in Arkansas, on Jan 1, 1996. Near the time Susan McDougal first went to jail for contempt, Judge Moor's son, Neil died in a car crash. There were other reports that Neil Moody had discovered something very unsettling among his stepmother's private papers and was threatening to go public with it just prior to the beginning of the Democratic National Convention. He was alleged to have been talking to Bob Woodward of the Washington Post about a blockbuster story. Witnesses said they saw Neil Moody sitting in his car arguing with another person just prior to His car suddenly speeding off out of control and hitting a brick wall.

Barbara Wise: Wise a 14-year Commerce Department employee found dead and partially naked in her office following a long weekend. She worked in the same section as John Huang. Officially, she is said to have died of natural causes.

Doug Adams: Died January 7, 1997- A lawyer in Arkansas who got involved trying to help the people who were being swindled out of their life savings. Adams was found in his vehicle with a gunshot wound to his head in a Springfield Mo. hospital parking lot.

Mary C. Mahoney: 25, murdered at the Georgetown Starbuck's coffee bar over the 4th of July '97 weekend. She was a former White House intern who worked with John Huang. Apparently she knew Monica Lewinsky and her sexual encounters with Bill Clinton. Although not verified, it has been said that Lewinsky told Linda Tripp that she did not want to end up like Mahoney.

Ronald Miller: Suddenly took ill on October 3rd,1997 and steadily worsened until his death 9 days later. (This pattern fits Ricin poisoning.) Owing to the strangeness of the illness, doctors at the Integris Baptist Medical Center referred the matter to the Oklahoma State Medical Examiner's Office. The Oklahoma State Medical Examiner's Office promptly ran tests on samples of Ron Miller's blood, but has refused to release the results or even to confirm that the tests were ever completed.

Had been investigated by authorities over the sale of his company, Gage Corp. to Dynamic Energy Resources, Inc. was the man who tape recorded Gene and Nora Lum and turned those tapes (and other records) over to congressional oversight investigators. The Lums were sentenced to prison for campaign finance violations, using "straw donors" to conceal the size of their contributions to various candidates. Indeed, Dynamic Energy Resources, Inc. had hired Ron Brown's son Michael solely for the purpose of funneling $60,000 through him to the Commerce Secretary, according to Nolanda Hill's testimony.

Sandy Hume: On Sunday, February 22nd, 1998, Sandy Hume, the 28 year old son of journalist Britt Hume, was reportedly found dead in his Arlington, Virginia home. Aside from the statement that this was an "apparent" suicide, there remains in place a total media blackout on this story, possibly out of concern that the actual facts will not withstand public scrutiny. Worked for Hill magazine, about Congress for Congress.

Jim McDougal: Bill and Hillary Clinton friend, banker, and political ally, sent to prison for  eighteen felony convictions. A key whitewater witness, dies of a heart attack on March, 8 1998. As of this writing allegations that he was given an injection of the diuretic lasix has not been denied or confirmed.
Died on March 8, 1998

Johnny Lawhon: 29, died March 29, 1998- The Arkansas transmission specialist who discovered a pile of Whitewater documents in the trunk of an abandoned car on his property and turned them over to Starr, was killed in a car wreck two weeks after the McDougal death.. Details of the "accident" have been sketchy -- even from the local Little Rock newspaper.

Charles Wilbourne Miller: 63, was found dead of a gunshot wound to the head on November 17, 1998  in a shallow pit about 300 yards from his ranch house near Little Rock. Police found a .410 gauge shotgun near Miller's body and a Ruger .357-caliber revolver submerged in water. Investigators concluded the Ruger was the weapon used by Miller to kill himself. Yet, two rounds in the handgun's cylinder had been spent.

He had long served as executive vice president and member of the board of directors for a company called Alltel and was deeply involved in his own software engineering company until the day he died. Alltel is the successor to Jackson Stephens' Systematics, the company that provided the software for the White House's "Big Brother" data base system and that was behind the administration's plan to develop the secret computer "Clipper" chip to bug every phone, fax and email transmission in America.

Carlos Ghigliotti: 42, was found dead in his home just outside of Washington D.C. on April 28, 2000. There was no sign of a break-in or struggle at the firm of Infrared Technology  where the badly decomposed body of Ghigliotti was found. Ghigliotti had not been seen for several weeks.

Ghigliotti, a thermal imaging analyst hired by the House Government Reform Committee to review tape of the siege, said he determined the FBI fired shots on April 19, 1993. The FBI has explained the light bursts on infrared footage as reflections of sun rays on shards of glass or other debris that littered the scene.

"I conclude this based on the groundview videotapes taken from several different angles simultaneously and based on the overhead thermal tape," Ghigliotti told The Washington Post last October. "The gunfire from the ground is there, without a doubt."

Ghigliotti said the tapes also confirm the Davidians fired repeatedly at FBI agents during the assault, which ended when flames raced through the compound. About 80 Branch Davidians perished that day, some from the fire, others from gunshot wounds.

Mark Corallo, a spokesman for the congressional committee chaired by Rep. Dan Burton, R-Ind., said that police found the business card of a committee investigator in Ghigliotti's office. Corallo said Ghigliotti's work for the committee ended some time ago.

Tony Moser: 41, was killed as he crossed a street in Pine Bluff, Ark on on June 10, 2000. Killed 10 days after being named a columnist for the Democrat-Gazette newspaper and two days after penning a stinging indictment of political corruption in Little Rock.

Police have concluded that no charges will be filed against the unnamed driver of a 1995 Chevrolet pickup, which hit Moser as he was walking alone in the middle of unlit Rhinehart Road about 10:10 p.m

Police say they have ruled out foul play and will file no charges against the driver because he was not intoxicated and there was no sign of excessive speed.


For Those Who Wonder About the bush-clinton-bush Stranglehold on the Nation, Realize That Their Criminal Cooperation Began With Their Lucrative Relationship Vis-a-vis What Was Known as the Mena, Arkansas Drug (cocaine from Central/South America) Run As Set Forth In This CIA Agent's Affidavit/Declaration Under Penalty of Perjury.

The Vietnam war was a painful time for America. Many young Americans were drafted and died thousands of miles from their loved ones. Young men of priviledge had a clear advantage - few of them went to Vietnam, securing positions in the National Guards of their respective states. George W. Bush was one of these men, securing a place in the Texas Air National Guard in spite of a waiting list of several hundred. However, he claims that he did not receive special consideration, which is clearly a lie.

Most of the young men lucky enough to get into the Guard fulfilled their obligations. George W. Bush did not. He was absent without leave, AWOL, for over a year. Not surprisingly, this got little attention from the corporate media.

There are no witnesses left to verify whether or not Bush fulfilled his Guard duty, and no witnesses left to verify that he did indeed receive special treatment. In spite of a substantial reward that has been posted, no one has come forward to claim that he fulfilled his commitment.

George W. Bush's legacy is crystal clear: he will be remembered as the man who hijacked the Presidency. There will be an asterisk * after his name in history books.

During the election debaucle in Florida, there were reports of voter intimidation. The Choice Point list of "felons" kept thousands of eligible voters off the rolls. There was furious litigation by the Bush campaign to stop the counting, at any cost.

History will not be kind to this Administration. Although the media has been compromised, and is now little more than a propaganda organ for the corporatist elite, you can still make sense of the lies if you're willing to search for the truth. The Internet has been our best defense against the propaganda, a place for all of us to gather and compare notes, and dissect the lies.

George W. Bush would like for all of us to think that he is tough on corporate crime, when in truth, he is one of the criminals.

Enron recently filed what was at the time, the largest bankruptcy in US history (since then, WorldCom has that distinction). Enron executives helped shape White House energy policy - a fact that Bush and Cheney tried diligently to keep secret.

Enron was Bush's and the GOP's largest campaign contributer. Over 50 high-level officials in the Bush Administration, including the White House, the Departments of the Treasury, Commerce, and State, the U.S. Trade Representative's office and EPA, had ties to Enron. Indeed, Bush is so tight with former CEO, Kenneth Lay, that he calls him, affectionately, "Kenny Boy".

The Bush Administration has tried to cover up their close ties with Enron, and while they have succeeded to some degree, at least with our major media, sites like The Daily Enron present the truth.

In November of 1986, the nation learned that Vice President George H.W. Bush, CIA Director William Casey, and Lt. Col. Oliver North had been the architects of a scheme to trade arms to Iran.

In October 1980, President Jimmy Carter was running a close race for President against Ronald Reagan. Carter was negotiating with Iranian officials for the release of 52 Americans held captive by extremists in Iran. The Reagan/Bush campaign knew that if Carter successfully negotiated the release of the hostages, he would be certain to win the Presidential election in November. The Reagan/Bush campaign referred to the possible release of the hostages under Carter as Carter's "October Surprise" and were determined that he would not succeed in gaining their release.

Iranian officials were approached by Reagan/Bush officials and offered a deal: use their influence on the militant Iranians holding the hostages, and delay the release until after the election. In return, the Iranians would receive arms for their war against Iraq. The deal was struck, and the hostages were kept prisoner until after the election, hours before Reagan's inauguration.

After the hostages' release, the arms shipments to Iran continued. Profits were funneled to another pet cause of the right wing - the Nicuaraguan terrorists known as "freedom fighters" or "Contras". Another Contra source of income was trafficking in narcotics, running cocaine into the United States, with the full knowledge and cooperation of Administration officials. In the 80's there was a huge increase in the flow of cheap crack cocaine into the inner cities of America and countless lives were destroyed.

A series of investigations led to the convictions of Oliver North and Vice Admiral John C. Poindexter, head of the National Security Council, on charges of obstructing Congress and unlawfully destroying documents, but both their convictions were later reversed. In 1992 President George H.W. Bush pardoned many of the top government officials who had been charged or convicted in the scheme. The main perpetrators of Iran/Contra and associated events remain free today, and many of them work in George W. Bush's Administration.

After the failed Bay of Pigs invasion, Kennedy was blamed by the CIA for refusing support to their plan to overthrow Fidel Castro. Were they angry enough to plot his assassination? There are many unanswered questions about Kennedy's murder to this day. We will probably never know the full truth.

George H. W. Bush supposedly became CIA Director without ever having served in the CIA, a questionable claim. In fact, a memo from the F.B.I. to the State Department a few days after the murder would seem to indicate otherwise. The memo stated that information about both pro-Castro and anti-Castro groups had been passed along to "George Bush of the Central Intelligence Agency".

It's evident to anyone who has seen him make a speech that George W. Bush is not the man in charge, despite numerous attempts by the spin-meisters to paint him as a strong leader. We are not fooled. Forty-three is merely a puppet, a stunt double for Forty-One, the man who lurks behind the scenes and is known affectionately as "Poppy," George Herbert Walker Bush.

The Bush campaign sought to reassure the public about Bush's intellectual shortcomings, pointing to "trusted advisors" as a sop to our concern. It doesn't surprise us that these advisors also held key positions in Bush the Elder's Administration.

According to Mother Jones, "he often calls National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice and Secretary of State Colin Powell to share his thoughts on foreign policy, which are relayed to the president. Since a large number of Bush Jr.'s aides worked in his father's administration, Bush Sr.'s calls are always answered and his ideas given unusual weight."

Of the three generations of Bush men mentioned on this site, the most evil and most dangerous by far is George Bush, Sr.

The Bush family came by their wealth on the backs of 11 million dead. Prescott Bush, along with partner E. Ronald Harriman, supplied financial aid and raw materials to Hitler's Third Reich.

In 1942, Bush/Harriman companies were seized under the Trading with the Enemy Act: the Union Banking Corporation, the Holland-American Trading Corporation, the Seamless Steel Equipment Corporation and Silesian-American Corporation.

After the war, the CIA recruited many former Nazis to work for them, escaping prosecution for war crimes. Klaus Barbie, infamous for ordering the murder of French children, was among them. He was, however, eventually caught and returned to France to stand trial.

It is a Bush family tradition to rub elbows with evil men. What do Hitler, Manuel Noriega, Saddam Hussein, Osama bin Laden, Pinochet and Iranian extremists have in common?

George W. Bush knew.

Bush claims that he had no inkling of what was going to happen in America on September 11, 2001, but this is clearly a lie. There were many warnings, even 2 intercepted by the NSA on the day before the tragedy that indicated an attack was imminent. Intelligence in Israel, Egypt, France, Jordan, Morocco, and England warned the Bush administration about pending hijackings and plans to attack American targets.

On September 10, the day before the tragedy, a group of Pentagon officials canceled their travel plans because of security concerns. Why?

Two of the hijackers were known terrorists to the CIA and the FBI at the time they were attending flight school. They informed their instructors that they were not interested in learning how to take off or to land, just how to maneuver the plane while it was in the air. They were known terrorists, and they were not arrested or detained and interrogated. Why?

Shortly before the 9/11 attacks, John Ashcroft stopped flying commercial and started flying on government-chartered planes. Why?

In fact, the George W. Bush received many warnings that he disregarded. Bush knew, and he did nothing. Why?

Oil, that's why. And a free rein to rape the Constitution.

The Bush Administration did not hesitate to take advantage of the aftermath of the World Trade Center tragedy. They began pushing their agenda immediately, including the Patriot Act, with a total disregard for rights guaranteed our citizens under the Constitution. He wanted billions for defense and he got it, especially after a series of anthrax-contaminated mail was sent to Democrats, killing postal workers in its route. The American people were frightened, and rightly so, but the one they should fear most is the one who calls himself their President.

Their voices are silenced only when OUR voices are silent.
David Blomstrom of The Invisible Republic

The Poop on the New Pope: The Former Joe Ratzinger, Now Pope Benedict Seems Very Comfortable With War Criminal Bush As He Should Be Expected To Be, Having Before Becoming Pope Headed That Part Of The Catholic Church Charged With Carrying Out the Inquisition (in years past) in Which His Policy On Priestial/Beastial (anal sex, etc.) Abuse of Children Was to Assert Jurisdiction and Refuse to Turn Over Information on Said Abominable Criminal Acts Until Ten Years After the Victimized Child Reached Majority (so statute of limitations defense could be asserted/obstruction of justice consumated). Shame and Disavowal are the Order of the Day.

While It Is Not For Me To Decide Who Burns In Hell, The Probabilities Are High That Ratzinger Will See bush At Least Once More For That Purpose Alone.

UFOetry: We Never Went To The Moon - The Award-Winning Documentary/Music/Video by John Lee [The $40 Billion Scam (More than $100 Billion in today's worthless dollars)]


In the Lands of Two-Eyed Men and Women
The Three-Eyed Man is King

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In the Land of the Blind
The One-Eyed Man is King

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