Ode To Hillbilly Bob Thornton

So ugly and unpleasant a visage to see
So strident and unpleasant a voice to hear
It just might be that hill billy bob thornton's entrance
into the world of film via roles as retards, hillbillies, and low lifes,
is indeed the advent of "reality film",
which just as so-called "reality-tv" has heralded
the demise of television as meaningful means of expression/education/communication/art form,
Film As The Rich Art Form/Medium It Is,
Is The Worst for the reality of hill billy bob's involvement in it.

hillbilly bob said: “I think Shakespeare’s overrated. It’s bulls**t. I’d never go and see a Shakespeare play. Who’d want to see me in Hamlet?

The answer to hillbilly bob's question, and this is the point, No One! Absolutely No One!

With Insight, Passion, Style, Intelligence, and Sense of History, William Shakespeare, Contrary To Hillbilly Bob's "Sour Grapes" and Unfounded Assertions, Remains The Unparalleled, Preeminent, Greatest Playwrite In All Of Recorded History On Planet Earth.