Getting a handel on the Flaw    



When he speaks it sounds as if from time to time but with regularity that he has a saliva drain as used in a dentist’s office but in fact he is just a vicious Christ-killing jew dog foaming at the mouth.


His kfi ‘handel on the flaw’ is a total joke inasmuch as this incompetent typical bull s**t jew has never even practiced law and knows not of what he speaks, totally ignoring the reality of the corrupted american process where the law seldom dictates the result in the most meaningful sense.


Indeed, he chastised a caller for having referred to the clintons as criminals and then cut him off saying they hadn’t been convicted. Even california’s current Attorney General Jerry Brown referred to (took judicial notice of the fact that) the clintons as criminals back in their first run.


I only sample this typically intolerable obnoxious jew who like his hebrew ilk survive solely on b**l s**t, fraud, and zionist largess. The unpleasant presence of this talentless typically neurotic jew speaks volumes about the republican/israeli shill/propaganda station kfi. Some important topics discussed by this kike fraud include:


·        handel opines that excessive showering might have caused his baldness, offering as proof for his hypothesis-‘you never see bald homeless men’. Great point, jew man.

·        handel chastised a caller for having referred to the clintons as criminals and then cut the caller off saying they hadn’t been convicted, although jew man handel has made a lot of hay with unconvicted oj.


How do people tolerate this typically obnoxious and unpleasant jew? I cannot and can hardly bear listening to this mad dog.