If you were viewing/observing the the "innerworkings" of a cell-block in a maximum security prison in which the most despicable, uncivilized, and (through long-time lifestyle, culture, and heritage) hardened criminals, you would approximate without the hypocrisy, what america truly is. Indeed, assuming crimes committed within the cell block by a member of the "ruling (as in the wildest of animals in the animal kingdom, there is always such a "structure") thug gangleaders" against hypothetically an innocent prison guard (ie., assault, theft, even murder) would you expect "jail-house-justice" consistent with a civilized, meaningful rule of law?

No reasonable, rational, civilized person (or nation) could honestly answer the aforesaid question affirmatively. Yet, that is exactly what the american criminals (redundant statement) have asked not only of the american citizenry, but also of the more civilized nations throughout the world.

Inasmuch as I will as previously stated be leaving the u.s. for the civilized European Union (mainland), while the aforesaid scenario of american criminality matters little to me (except how the same impacts on nations abroad), it should matter a lot to you ! [I was happy to see Austrian immigrant Arnold Schwarzenegger "kick some criminal american ass" - he will soon realize that a "balanced budget" in california is impossible without increased tax revenues (real property tax increases remain the area grossly disproportionately under-taxed compared with the rest of the nation, as alluded to by Warren Buffet, spending cuts are necessary but not surprisingly, will face opposition from the entrenched bureaucrats who created the california mess, etc. ) for reasons set forth supra and infra]. Indeed, each day with the typical election year lie/fraud cycle, the citizenry and as important, the more civilized nations throughout the world, like the prison guard(s) in the example above, should not expect anything even approaching civilized behavior much less that consistent with a meaningful rule of law in criminal america. The new stock-market fraud is as bad or worse (given the far worse economic scenario, appropriately placed global antipathy for uncivilized, criminal america, false/inflated election-year data to prime the markets, huge incurable deficits of every type, (ie. budget, trade, etc.) than the huge stock market fraud that preceded it. america, quite simply, is de facto , bankrupt. The social security fund in america is de facto, bankrupt. All american assets are grossly inflated given the reality of america's pathetic and fraudulent economic position.

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I feel fortunate to have been sufficiently well versed in the "law" (I know the law of RICO as well as anyone, and probably better than most including "judges") to have been able to prosecute my well founded, well documented from an evidentiary standpoint on the record, legal causes of action predicated upon presumed meaningful rules of law [it would have cost me millions to hire a l(iar)awyer who would have, as other lawyers corrupted the process (along with judicial corruption) and betrayed my interest], so as to learn the absolute, unequivocal truth; viz.,