Let all the World know that criminal america is the great fraud that will defraud and fool this world no longer. A longstanding example of america's fraud on the world is that america(ns) never made it to nor walked on the moon. The radiation alone (among other unanswered problems beyond the current state of america's "technology") precludes such a journey even with the so-called "technology" (who's impressed?) of today, much less that of then. Have you ever wondered why they haven't "been back"? You know that the militant, war mongering criminal americans would have had a military/missile base/installation there in a new york minute if they could. The video was good but not even great by that day's standards, errors and all. The same was a cold war bluff and fraud on this and all nations. america hasn't been to and never will get to the moon (nor mars); hence, containment for criminal america to this solar system.
That is a universal good thing. More to come on these and related matters.

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