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I have been immersed in RICO litigation as plaintiff for longer than I care to think about. Indeed, what should have been a very simple case involving drug-money laundering through the Trump casinos in Atlantic City, N.J., became a very complex and oftimes 'precarious' scenario which I was somewhat surprised to learn involved even federal employees at the highest levels of all three branches of the U.S. Government. Illicit funds, i.e., drug-money, etc., are a very potent incentive to those in a position to elicit them, particularly in a nation so pervasively corrupt and meaningfully lawless as America certainly is today. In addition to the currently filed pleadings/documents, I was asked by the FBI to forward to them a summary of the RICO litigation under penalty of perjury.

I came out to California where I had done business in the past only to find a state far removed from the California I had known, closer now to a banana republic as America is fast becoming itself. I'm sorry I came out here. That said, California is far better than the mob-infested state of New Jersey (if you've seen 'The Sopranos'-jersey mob family-you have a good idea of what jersey is about). I had moved to Connecticut where the RICO case is currently venued.

LATTC is for me an oasis in what I view has become an overrun wasteland, with little to recommend the state as it now stands. The exception is such as LATTC which is a great school that I'm sure is under-rated. While my collegiate education in New York City dates back to the days of punch card computing, time sharing, and computer languages now obsolete, I have found LATTC (and LACC) great for updating my skills [while programming was never my thing, linear algebra and management decision theory/the simplex algorithm came very easily to me] . From state of the art welding facility (trade and art), reknown culinary among other departments, particularly Physical Education, and I learned guitar from an accomplished musician, Eric Ray (adjunct) who has his own band; in contradistinction to the poison ivy league schools that have become mere vegetable gardens for the vegetables they're producing, i.e., bush (Yale,Harvard), clinton (Yale), etc., who talk great games (b.s. artists), but produce no measurably positive results, LATTC teaches usable skills of great utility.


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