Living proof that alcohol destroys brain cells:

Is there really, truly a doubt in anyone's mind that George Bush didn't actually choke while eating a pretzel, but rather blacked out while having "slipped/relapsed" and having drunk himself into a stupor. Anyone who has painfully listened to Dubya speak particularly in response to questions requiring a modicum of concentration and thought (ie., the recent press conference, etc.), and requiring coherent response, would have to concur that said neurological impairment evidenced thereby is consistent with that extent in any alcoholic.

Once a rummy, always a rummy; and this rummy "Dubya", is also a collossal dummy.

In fairness to "Dubya", if your own father was known to be a global criminal (though slightly less in magnitude than the sordid, perverted global criminal Clinton) involved in the drug trade and murders and other crimes consistent therewith, do you not think you might also be an alcoholic? Dubya's college background as a cheerleader (yes, a male cheerleader) has served him well in "post 9-11" America. (see also infra, material re: criminals Clinton/Bush Sr., Reagen's senility in office consistent with current state, etc.) Did you know that John F. Kennedy, (at the time preceding his assassination by U.S. operatives including mob, CIA, and southern U.S. "interests" -JFK had threatened to take LBJ off the "ticket" -) at the time that he was issuing orders for and had American operatives already committing assassinations of world leaders, was "main-lining" speed on a daily basis (in addition to his well documented dalliances and links to the mob)[It also is noteworthy that "Chappaquidick king of the Judiciary Committee" Ted Kennedy (remember Mary Jo Kopechne) is "choosing" federal judges; probably owing to his own experience with criminal "law"].

Inherent criminality coupled with a lack of intelligence and talent can lead to globally catastrophic events, precedents, and consequences. The "wag-the-dog" (cruise missile) bombings of aspirin factories by global criminal Clinton is now the apparent modus operandi of (son of and soon to be new global criminal) Bush. Click here. A real soldier saw this coming; click here, and here , here. Is the worst of history about to repeat itself? That is, has the world lost its mind not to see through this contrived, desperate act by global criminals who are counting upon the acquiescence of the collective equivalent of what will have morphed into "lemmings/sheep". here, here.

Did you know that Saddam Hussein(Iraq) (the U.S.' "client state" in the U.S. conflict against Iran - indeed, most of the so-called "weapons of mass destruction" were supplied to Iraq by the U.S.) got the "green light" to move against Kuwait (similar protocal as in incursions against Iran from same U.S. government channels/operatives ? As Colonel Butler aptly pointed out, Bush needed the same to divert attention from his Presidential ineptitude (as did criminal Clinton in squandering a hard fought cold war victory). While initially opposing the obvious (to any but the ignorant and propagandized - most Americans), I also indeed "rallied to the cause" for the sake of the American foot-soldier, and made clear my position for taking out Hussein at that time. That time has passed. Indeed, the provacateur/terrorist israelis, ie., Sharon, Netanyahu, have succeeded in making even the likes of Hussein a heroe in light of the israeli violations of international law, U.N. resolutions, etc., which militate against such action without prior proportionate action against the terrorist/provacative state of israel. Scott Ritter, a U.S. soldier and former weapons inspector in Iraq and in the know, has gone on the record in opposing this contrived military strike on Iraq.