Maqsoud and spying for Israel in the USA
Israel-USA, Politics, 9/1/2004

Former Director of the Arab League Bureau in Washington, Cloris Maqsoud, on
Tuesday stressed that the American administration's attempt to play down
the shock of the Israeli spying on the U.S. reflects the extent of the Zionist
lobby power on the American administration and the decision makers there.

In an article published in Kuwait-based "al-Ra'i al-Aam" daily, Maqsoud pointed out
that the American administration pretext that the case is a
mere "Documents Divulging" and not a spy operation forbids the American
people of their rights to account the spies at the expense of appeasing Israel.

He said the American administration seeks to protect Israel from international
sanctions and condemnation due to its continued violation of the
international resolutions.

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