December       , 2004

Stephen Cooley

District Attorney for the County of  Los Angeles

Criminal Courts Building

210 West Temple Street

Los Angeles, CA 90012


Re: Criminal Referral for Crime of Perjury

Dear Mr. Cooley:

   I totally empathize with and support your efforts to hold mexico accountable consistent

with reasonable norms of civilized behavior and meaningful law. Indeed, the mexican gang

member’s “right of passage” resulted, among many others, in the recent brazened murder

of a sheriff’s deputy and of course, equally uncivilized behavior toward the lay citizenry.

mexico is in fact a gateway to america for various nefarious criminals including terrorists,

and the open spicket of immigration, both “legal” and illegal, has defacto bankrupted

california and contributed to the defacto bankruptcy of america in a fashion that defies

credulity. Call that politically correct “politics as usual”.

  While mexico is notoriously uncivilized and corrupt and a third world country by any rational

standard, california has and america is fast “joining their club”. As low as mexico is, realize that

america is getting their worst, if that can even be fathomed.  Lest yours be crocodile tears

only, I do believe that addressing the problem begins “at home”, in your county, state, and

country, where lip service is at best the order of the day, and rather weak politically correct

rhetoric at that.

   This rather simple and well documented matter involves brazened perjury committed, and aided

and abetted by two hispanics/mexicans who have caused me injury/damage. Indeed, as purported

“officers of the court”, their crime for which charges are sought is particularly egregious. I have

annexed hereto copies of the simple proofs for which certified original copies can be readily

obtained from the court. If you mean what you say, and say what you mean, then charges will

follow forthwith. I am available for testimony, etc., and can be reached as follows:


Albert L. Peia

P.O. Box 862156

Los Angeles, CA 90086

Email: ; or .     

                                                                                        Sincerely Yours,


                                                                           Albert L. Peia

                                                                           611 E. 5th St., #404              

                                                                           Los Angeles, CA 90013