The proof is in; cia/dod caught red-handed trying to plant weapons of mass destruction in Iraq !

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To understand the last 14 pathetic years of america's steady and historic decline and fall, one must understand the bush/clinton/cia common bond in the illegal drug (also arms, murders, conflict, etc.) trade, through, ie., Mena, Arkansas particularly, etc. click here and here. Moreover, from the first gulf "war", to the "Lewinsky" bombings of Iraq just preceding the hearings concerning clinton's impeachable perjury/pathological lies (most of the other and even more serious crimes were covered up and the prosecution hindered), and the instant egregious war crimes against Iraq (among many other orchestrated as) these diversions from the glaring ineptitude and failings of the aforesaid american criminals. Indeed, Iraq was correct in asserting theat americans were using the U.N. inspections for spying activities toward the accomplished goal of securing targeting information for the the criminal american diversionary bombings of Iraq (and as well, to sabotage the inspection process). Moreover, prior to the U.N. Vote on Iraq, representatatives of key (civilized) nations (Russia, France, etc.) were illegally spied upon by the ucivilized criminal americans. Note the typical criminal amercan bribe/payoff (through Iraq contracts to husband blum's companies) for flipper feinstein's newfound enthusiasm and support for war criminal dubya's contrived, diversionary war (crimes). The illegal (unreported/"undetected") drug money, however, is particularly well suited to the criminal american bribes of fellow criminal americans (ie., judges, prosecutors, enforcement, etc.). Law and america is an oxymoronic notion. Dan Rather, a respected journalist for decades, actually had to travel to a foreign land for the media to "give light" to his astute observation of america's descent into totalitarianism. click here. I must also state that he seldom, if ever, condemned the brazened psychopath/criminal clinton whose numerous and murderous crimes have been all but overlooked, ie., click here

. The clintons and the bushes should at the very least, be in jail for their numerous crimes, including war crimes, along with (as bush himself alluded) the 'shadow government', click here .