War Crimes, Violations of Geneva Convention, Criminal american frauds Knew Their Game (War) Plan in Seeking "Immunity" (for their prospective crimes) Click

   Immunity from prosecution for war crimes is the rallying cry, not of the Serbs, or the Taliban, or Al Quaeda, but from the Good Old U. S. of A. Click here and here for why.

The method for their madness, click here and here .

And what about the dead (microbiologists) scientists in so short a period of time; why?

While I must say it is truly difficult to condemn the "royal family" (I'm no fan), ie., prince harry being the bastard son of hewitt, prince william - who knows?, with his love of sub saharan africa might bungalow bill c. have been his pappy in a stolen moment as ie., Danny Williams the son of a black prostitute and fathered by hillbilly clinton (himself the bastard son of a drunken whore), etc., the Di Di murder has clearly been swept under the rug (prince charles was not complicit and was most unfortunate to have chosen such as diana, with her self-ascribed 'brain the size of a pea', bullimic, mentally unstable, etc., the same claim of innocence cannot be shared by the "royal family, ministry, mi, etc.), the David Kelly and Iraq coverups should not be as easily forgiven.

Defending the indefensible (ie., Israel’s continued (and decades old) violations of international law, U.N. resolutions, etc.,  has become very popular fair. Indeed, “on any given sunday”, the “talk show circuit is replete with the “deep thinking American policy pundits” ie., Joe Biden (had part of his brain surgically removed); Arlen Spector (had his brain drained/bad case of water on the brain); the nothing jew from the nothing state of Connecticut and who stands for nothing, Joe Lieberman, who manages to be on all sides of all issues before toeing the party line but never deviates from the indefensible israeli position (and shares along with the negroes, the jewish “misery loves company” position which America is now experiencing (remember the cheers of the israeli operatives at the site of the WTC bombings) (Lieberman is also very much aware of the illegal acts of defendants Coan,Shiff,USA, etc.), Colin the brainless Powell, Connie the second token negroe Rice, etc.   

Toricelli from, in Frank Sinatra's own words, the sewer of a state, New Jersey (pervasively mob, corruption, and garbage driven, etc., click here and also here. Nor should one ignore the duplicitous, hypocritical, lightweight Boxer of CA, who literally hounded Bob Packwood from office for far less than the documented crimes, including rape, etc., of familial relation, Hillbilly Clinton, or the ties to communist China of Feinstein of CA (via husband Blum's businesses), etc.

     Cont w/Clintons accountability for crim acts they should be in jail, etc

Scorch the Torch

Toricelli is a mobster. A real revelation. It is oxymoronic to think how such could not be the case in the sewer state of new jersey (jewish mob, italian mob, irish mob, etc.). Indeed, jersey is merely a "microcosm" of what america has become; note the hillbilly clintons; ma,pa,jeb & dubya bush; dixie mob , ie., tyson/clinton/lasater cocaine trade , multi-ethnic mob criminals, etc.

The Torch Flames Out


The "outrage" over the failure of the jersey supreme court to follow what I understand to be the statutory mandate of 51 days [absent (un)constitutional challenge a legislative enactment is authoritative and precludes judicial revision, especially where reliance, crystallization and focus on the issues, and expenditures in said direction would substantially prejudice the innocent party, viz., Forrester, and reward the culpable mobster and his ilk, viz., Toricelli, Lautenberg] to place someone on the ballot. But, no problem. In new jersey the law is irrelevant, from my direct experience (but why complain, the same can be said of the U.S. in general, also from my direct experience. The former (jewish mobster) chief justice of the supreme court of nj, Robert Willentz (deceased) was so brazen in the pervasively corrupt state of new jersey (as in the u.s.) that he actually set up his local office in the satellite law office of his brother (willentz, goldman, and spitzer) for some "pay to play and win" action. What is glaring here is this absolute affront to the voters (who I must unfortuately and unequivocally state, based upon direct observation and experience, to be for the most part nefarious and corrupt themselves).